The Finest Pet Stores in Singapore

The Finest Pet Stores in Singapore

Making sure our fur kids are well cared for is an important part of being a fur parent. This means not just ensuring that they receive adequate veterinary treatment, but also ensuring that all of their needs—from food to toys—are met.

There are several pet supply stores where you may get everything you need for your pets. But we listed down the best pet store in Singapore where you can find the finest and high-quality food and treat for our paw babies.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Pet Store

You may purchase pet accessories as well as food from the pet store. When selecting a pet store, there are several factors to consider. You’ll only go to the pet store that offers the supplies you require. When it comes to picking a pet store, you should consider convenience as well. Not to mention, the pet’s items must be of great quality. You will only want the finest for your pet because it is your partner. Finding the appropriate pet store might be difficult because there are so many. When looking for a decent pet store, take into account the characteristics discussed in this article.

The first thing you must consider is where you will locate the pet store. There are two types of pet stores: physical and online. The advantage of shopping at a physical store is that you can view the goods before you buy them. Another advantage of visiting an actual pet store is that you may inspect traits that you would not see in a photograph. However, when the business is located far away, this is not a suitable option. You will then have to pay extra for transportation.

As a result, there’s an online pet store. You may order pet accessories from the convenience of your own home. It will not influence your purchase if you order a pet product.

The availability of work is the reason why you may not be able to make it to the real store to get the pet product. When you go to an online pet store, you will have a large selection to pick from.

You should also think about how much the pet product costs. In as much as you have the choice of going to a pet store, the price they charge to sell pet supplies will set them apart. The cost of purchasing a pet product in a store should be within your financial means. You’ll need to conduct internet research on the goods you want to purchase in order to locate the greatest pricing. You should be sure that the cheaper pricing does not detract from the product’s quality.

Other folks will enjoy a decent pet store as well. You will only receive suggestions if the individuals you are looking for have used the pet store’s services. For example, if you want to buy a high-quality dog leash, you might ask others who have dogs where they got theirs, and family and friends are the finest referrals.


Happy Town Pets

Happy Town Pets – Healthy Pets, Happy Planet

Happy Town Pets – Healthy Pets, Happy Planet

Happy Town Pets is a local online pet store headquartered in Singapore. They supply Asia with healthy, …
ServicesPet Store providing: Pet food, toys, treats & supplies
Price Range
Contact Details+65 84887876

They offer low-cost, high-quality, nutritional, and environmentally responsible pet food, treats, and supplies for a healthier, happier pet and earth. They only sell things that are excellent for both your pet and the environment (no plastics, for example), and all of their deliveries are carbon neutral.

They are a local online pet shop with headquarters in Singapore. They provide Asia with pet foods and supplies that are both nutritional and ecologically sustainable. They handpick things from Australia, Europe, England, and the United States according to their core values, ensuring that your dog or cat receives only the best.

As fellow pet owners, their main priority is the health and happiness of their dogs.

All of the goods are designed with this in mind. They are likewise concerned about our planet’s future. They ensure that everything they offer is ecologically sustainable, from recyclable packaging to carbon offset freight. They want their canines to share their enthusiasm for the environment.



ServicesPet Store providing: Dog Food, Cat Food, Treats, Health, Grooming, Pet Tech
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8511 1605
Address39 Woodlands Cl, Singapore 737856

Welcome to, a pet store that values visitors’ time on the site, and the fact that you’re reading this part indicates that you enjoy what you’ve seen thus far.

They believe that all pets deserve the best (and a game of fetch every now and then! ), so they’ve compiled a list of the top pet items available and developed a site where you can see them. Like-minded pet owners may discover hand-selected, high-quality items, a simple purchasing and shipping process, and kind and knowledgeable service right here.

They offer to make caring for your pet as pleasurable and simple as possible.


Pet Lovers Centre

Pet Lovers Centre: SEA’s Leading Pet Care Retail Chain

Pet Lovers Centre: SEA’s Leading Pet Care Retail Chain

Established in 1973, Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) aims to translate love and passion for pets into true value. We do …
ServicesPet Store providing: Pet Care Consultant, Grooming Centres, Pet Boarding, Pet Movers, Pet Taxi, Dog Training, Dog Bakery, Veterinary Clinic
Price Range
Contact DetailsWhatsApp
1800 738 3663
AddressVarious locations

Founded in 1973, Pet Lovers Centre continues to delight pet parents and pets and has become a household name today. Shopping at PLC means having the widest and freshest range of products for all sorts of pets ranging from dogs to reptiles. It’s a shopping experience that provides value and quality that keeps getting better and better.

Other than selling pet products, PLC also provides grooming services, pet boarding, pet taxi and moving services. They also have partners for dog training and a dog bakery for your pup. It’s no wonder PLC is the leading pet care retail chain in Southeast Asia. To learn more about pet care, check out their blog.



ServicesPet Store providing: Food, Treats, Healthcare, Accessories and Toys, Singpet Club
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6509 4625
Address8D Dempsey Rd, #01-01, Singapore 249672

Singpet is a unique pet supply store that focuses on quality and carefully picked items at affordable pricing. It was founded in 2009. Our staff takes care in selecting goods that will provide you and your pet with the most joy and satisfaction. You may also acquire these items at wholesale pricing, saving 20% to 50% off the retail price, if you join the Singpet club on an annual basis. Don’t spend a fortune spoiling your pets!

Singpet’s mission is to be the finest pet resource center in the world, providing everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.



ServicesPet Store providing: Puppies for sale, Dog Breeds Puppies for sale
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8877 6368
Address608 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01-2783, Singapore 560608

TIAN CHAI PETSHOP specializes in selling adorable and healthy pups to new parents, ranging in size from little HDB-approved breeds to medium-sized ones. It is open by appointment from 130pm to accommodate individuals or family groups. Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and other breeds are available.

They have a solid Facebook presence and customer reviews (Facebook: Puppies Sale at AMK Petshop), which reflects our relationship and confidence with both existing and new consumers. Our address is Blk 608 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01-2783 Singapore 560608. Our corporate motto is “Dog is Family,” and we think that each puppy is unique in the eyes of its owner.

Their goal is to make sure that every puppy has a strong bond with his best owner and all of his loving family members. They believe that everyone in the human family will treat him kindly and comfortably as if he were a member of the family in the house or new home. Along his dog’s trip, he should be loved, cuddled, groomed, and punished with the proper commands and instruction. Humans should always consider him to be their best family, friend, sibling, companion, guardian, and furkid in the house. Because he makes a person’s life entire and complete, and because he is always a man’s best friend in this universe.


Benji Pet Kennel

ServicesPet Store providing: Nutrition, Treats, Health Care, Grooming, Toys
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6342 3383
+65 6342 3393
Address212/214 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 427923

Benji Pet Kennel was one of the first companies in the pet care business to focus completely on the needs of animals. Benji Pet Kennel first opened its doors in 1984, and since then, they have expanded greatly to increase their commitment to this industry.

Currently, they are located in the East in a light-filled environment that allows their clients to browse and purchase while being greeted by Germie, Kitt, and Happy, who are extremely devoted and delightful.

Finest Pet Stores in Singapore

Good Dog People

ServicesPet Store providing: Nutrition, Health, Hygiene, Style & Living
Price Range
Contact Details+65 3129 2266
Address240 MacPherson Road Appointments only, no walk-ins, Singapore 348574

Good Dog PeopleTM believes there is a better way to live with dogs: ethically produced, socially responsible, and ecologically sustainable dog and human goods.

In the food they offer their pets, they’ve been sold a lot of fluff and mediocrity. They created Good Dog PeopleTM to promote responsible and ethical dog ownership. Starting in Singapore, they are on a mission to produce ethical items that improve and strengthen the lives of dogs and humans. For the Excellent Dog PeopleTM, there will be no nonsense, simply good and honest information.


My Pet Store

ServicesPet Store providing: Dog Food, Cat Food, Doggy Gym Equipment, Healthcare, Grooming & Services, Accessories,
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8115 4811
Address29 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 599002

WELCOME! Since 2003, the same pleasant people who pamper your dogs with amazing grooming services have given you My Pet Store! They aren’t your typical internet superstore that sells everything for the lowest price.

Instead, they provide a wonderful range of reasonably priced, high-quality items that they have carefully picked for your cherished dogs, together with genuine customer service.

They are a family-owned business that intends to be with you for the long run.



ServicesPet Store providing: Food, Treats, Supplements, Grooming, Accessories, Beds, Toys, Apparel
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8784 7920
Address314B Punggol Way, By appt only, Singapore 822314

Hello! The owners are Sarah and Lionel, who have an eight-year-old Westie named Latte. Despite her skin troubles, she is their ideal dog! They wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing today if it weren’t for her. Latte was bred in an unethical manner. She was shy, filthy, and covered in tear stains when they brought her home. She has luxating patella as well.

They frightened a lot as a first-time dog parent and looked to Google for solutions. However, they discovered that most of the material available on the Internet was not tailored to individuals on this side of the globe.

As a result, they founded to share their own experiences and learnings as pet parents in Singapore. It turns out that individuals from other countries were seeking for comparable information from the perspective of pet parents as well!

It’s been seven years, and you can rely on them to find the greatest pet-friendly hangouts, high-quality items, and trustworthy health and wellness advice. Readers have asked them queries like “What pet shampoo should I buy?” “What treats are suitable for my dog?” and “What vitamins does my dog require?” over the years.

You may now get them at Vanillapup. Everything in their online pet store is based on what they believe will help your pet have a healthy and, most importantly, happy life. Their items are chosen based on criteria that support their opinion that their dogs deserve high-quality materials and substances that are free of toxins.



Where Pets are Family
ServicesPet Store providing: Food, Treats, Heaths and Supplements, Grooming Needs, Accessories, Beds, Cushion and Furniture, Cage, Fence and Play Pens, Pee and Poo needs, Toys, Apparel
Price RangeFrom $9.99 – $199.99
Contact Details+65 6219 3394
AddressBlk 109 Clementi Street 11 #01-27/29 Singapore 120109

Mr. Polypet was founded in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. Loo. They’re a pet store in the heart of Sunset Way that provides food and supplies for cats, dogs, small animals including guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, birds, and fish, as well as birds and fish. They have a vast selection of low-cost things and deliver to your home anywhere on the island./p>

Polypet is a pet-obsessed household. They enjoy pets and consider them to be family members. They assist them in becoming better people. They do not sell or encourage the sale of live animals. They advocate for their rehoming and adoption instead.

They started the ‘Save The Strays’ project as a way to give back to their pet community by working with different animal shelters and welfare groups to raise awareness about stray and abandoned animal rescue and adoption. They created a website to gather pet food and supplies and deliver them to the proper shelters and groups to help them with their causes.



ServicesPet Store providing: Grooming and Dental, Puppies
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8123 3296
Address20 Jln Selaseh, Singapore 808442

They love Pets and throughout their lives, they have been surrounded by them as they grow. They can’t imagine life without them – Although they will not be in their whole life, but they make their lives whole.

Through their journey, they came to realize that there is a huge community of pet parents who started with little knowledge, struggled with what to use, faced difficulty in what or where to buy from and not knowing what our pet friends really need.

At 2FUR7 P.E.T Store, their aim is centered from the principle of providing what their pet friends really needs. They believe in revolutionizing the pet market to another level, where keeping pets will be made easy, comfortable and most importantly, bringing endless smiles to you and your pet friend.
As pet owners ourselves, they believe in the importance of quality, convenience and ease when shopping for them.

Their love for pets is the reason for their passion in this line. They strive to be a place where quality products are readily available and their ultimate goal is to prioritize their customers, community and their team.

P.E.T – “Pets Everything Today” their corporation’s name, derived as Pet’s Everything today, and also Pet is Everything Today. It is amazing how much love and laughter pets can bring into their lives.



ServicesPet Store providing: Pet food, toys, treats & supplies
Price RangeClick here for accurate pricing.
Contact Details+65 3138 3007
Address15 Changi South Street 2 Singapore 486068

Perromart is Singapore’s top online pet store for dogs, offering the lowest pricing and quickest delivery. Perromart has a large selection of items, all of which are just a few clicks away. No more lugging big bags up the stairs; instead, have your groceries delivered to your home anywhere in Singapore.

Top-of-the-line food, snacks, toys, and even dog-friendly accessories are available at Perromart to meet your furkids’ specific needs. Allow your dog’s tails to wag while you pamper him.


Meow Merchants

ServicesPet Store providing: First Vintage & Retro Style Cat Food & Supplies Store with Monthly Themed Sales
Price Range

Meow Merchants serves as a local online cat-focused food and supplies store in sunny Singapore. Humbly founded by a pair of cat owner sisters in early 2020 who believe in chasing dreams of owning a family-owned & women-owned cat supplies store. In hopes to bring a fun and unique experience for consumers, the business focuses on the concept that it is being run by six cats who are digitally painted: Queen of Broth, Treat Trafficker, Jester, Physician, King of Kibbles, and Artisan de Accessories. There are monthly themed sales with a variety of gifts that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best pet food?

This appears to be a simple question, yet it is one of the most difficult to answer honestly. However, the fact is that there is no such thing as the “best” meal. Some dogs thrive on a diet consisting of whole or raw foods, while others require a diet consisting of a blend of canned and dry foods. A good pet store clerk will take the time to learn about your animal and ask you questions o assist you in determining what food is best for your pet, consider their health history, your preferences, and your budget.

What is the best pet treat or toy?

Whether your dog is a strong chewer or your cat is finicky, today’s pet specialty stores provide a multitude of excellent toys and goodies. Read labels carefully and choose chew toys or treats that are appropriate for your pet’s size, life stage, and chewing or play habits. Employees at pet stores frequently have their own pets and may tell you what treats and toys their pets have loved.

What are the benefits of spaying or neutering?

Your female pet will live longer and be in better health. Uterine infections and breast tumors, which are aggressive or cancerous in roughly half of dogs and 90% of cats, can be prevented by spaying.
Testicular cancer and some prostate issues can be avoided by neutering your male partner.

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