The Finest Trainers for Dog Training Services in Singapore

The Finest Trainers for Dog Training Services in Singapore

Welcome to the world of canine companionship in the heart of Singapore, where the bond between humans and their furry friends takes center stage. In this dynamic city-state, dog training services play a crucial role in shaping well-behaved and happy pets. As we embark on a journey through the realm of Trainers for Dog Training Services in Singapore, we delve into the expertise, passion, and commitment that define the canine education landscape.

Our exploration unveils a diverse array of skilled trainers who understand that every dog is unique, and deserves personalized attention and guidance. From basic obedience commands to addressing specific behavioral challenges, these trainers are the unsung heroes in fostering a harmonious relationship between dogs and their owners.

Join us as we navigate through the world of dog training services in Singapore, where positive reinforcement, patience, and a deep understanding of canine psychology form the pillars of effective training. Whether you’re a new pet parent seeking guidance or a seasoned dog owner looking to enhance your furry friend’s skills, our guide introduces you to the dedicated trainers who make the journey of dog training an enriching experience.

In the paws and care of these trainers, discover the keys to unlocking your dog’s potential and fostering a lifelong connection built on trust and understanding. Welcome to the world where tails wag, bonds strengthen, and the expertise of Trainers for Dog Training Services in Singapore transforms the lives of both dogs and their human companions.

Best Trainers for Dog Training Services in Singapore


Dog Training Singapore

Reliable Dog Trainers
ServicesPuppy Training, Dog Training, Dog Behaviour Consultations
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9113 3323
Address5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #07-02, Singapore 567760

Roger has had experience with dogs at the tender age of 5 and has trained many types of dogs in both group and private settings. His personal belief when it comes to dogs is “a trained dog is a happy dog”.

Because of his love for dogs, Roger became a volunteer for non-profit dog organizations, Roger also conducts training sessions for the other volunteers and their shelter dogs as statistics have shown that human interaction and exercise help reduce stress levels and contribute to the shelter dogs overall wellbeing.

His belief in using positive training methods further enhanced when he started training under Master Trainer Dexter Sim WMACertified Agility Instructor.

His dog has appeared on stage at the PETAS Pet Show in 2015



ServicesPuppy Training, Dog Training, Dog Behaviour Consultations
Price Range
Contact Details+6582239340

Kevin is the Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer of Pawrus® Dog Training Academy.

Kevin is the Only Training & Behaviour Professional in Singapore to hold these United States Dog Training & Behaviour Credentials: CPDT-KA®, CBCC-KA®, KPA CTP and UW-AAB.

A Master of Science Student in Clinical Animal Behaviour Program at the University of Edinburgh, he is on track towards being Certificated by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour as an Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviorist. Thereafter, he intends to focus on his Training & Behaviour Philosophy – Shaping Confident Animals with Positive Science-Based Solutions™.

ServicesSupaw Good Citizen Program, Group Classes, Private Classes
Price RangeSupaw Good Citizen (Group) — $480, 8 session 1 hourly
Private Home Training (4 sessions)— $580, 1 hourly
Private Home Training (8 sessions)— $1080, 1 hourly
Consultation — $150 per hour
Contact Details+6588910863
Address141 Corporation Drive Singapore, Singapore 611140

Supaw Dog Training was founded with the goal to educate all dog parents on how to train and communicate with their dogs effectively. Through training, owners can better understand their dogs and as well as their needs. The teaching method adopted at Supaw is positive-based reward training. Positive-based training is stress-free, safe and scientifically proven to have a longer lasting effect as compared to punishment-based training.


Mutt Matters

ServicesBasic canine manners / obedience training
Puppy training
Body handling and cooperative care
Canine behavioural modificationReactivity barking, lunging, pulling on leash
Stranger danger issues
Jumping and other over-excitement behaviours
Dog bites and aggression, including resource guarding behaviours
Fearful and anxiety behaviours
And any other problem canine behaviours
Behavioural consults and assessment
Private 1-on-1 customised training and behavioural modification
Group classes (basic canine manners)
Approved trainer for Project ADORE for Singapore Specials (local street dogs)
Price Range
Contact Details+6583660720

Mutt Matters uses modern, science-based and force-free training techniques and only employs kind and humane methods to train your dogs. They customise training plans to specifically address your training goals and help you resolve your dog’s behavioural issues.

Its founder, Anna Koo holds several professional and independent certifications from the U.S. in dog training and canine behaviour modification.

She is one of the few dog trainers in Singapore who have been independently certified as a Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) by CCPDT. She is also the FIRST dog trainer in Singapore and currently one of only three in Singapore (as of April 2021) to be independently certified as a Canine Behaviour Consultant (CBCC-KA) by the international independent dog trainer certifying body, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). Anna is also the only Pat Miller Certified Trainer (PMCT) in Singapore and had spent an intensive 6 months in the U.S. as an apprentice with internationally-acclaimed dog trainer, speaker, author and past President of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), Pat Miller who specialises in dog aggression. Anna is also currently one of only two dog trainers in Singapore (as of April 2021) accredited as a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG), an international association for force-free pet professionals.


Hope for Dogs

ServicesFree behavioural assessment, Kindergarten puppy training, Basic obedience training, Behavioural modification, Board and train
Price Range$60 – $120 (per session)
Contact Details+6582228376

Jacky is a certified dog trainer with Dog Trainers Australia (DTA)and also a certified canine behaviour practitioner with the International School of Canine Psychology & Behaviour, UK (ISCP). He had spent two months honing his dog training skills in Melbourne, Australia.

Dog training is not just about teaching obedience commands like sit or stay, but it is also about understanding canine from their world of view through their natural instincts. By understanding and fulfilling their needs, the animal will, in turn, fulfil yours.

At Hopefordogs, we provide a great option for training and to correct problems that are causing you or the furkid, trouble

The Finest Trainers for Dog Training Services in Singapore


ServicesBasic obedience training, Behavior Training
Price RangeFrom: $690 – $975
Contact Details+6585880034 +6590281389

Woofie aims to help as many troubled dogs as possible.We believe that all dogs are trainable and will do our very best for every dogs as we are a responsible and a reliable company.We value your trust highly and will promise to provide your furkids with the best care and advise.Making sure your furkids are safe and happy is our top priority!


PUPS Dogs Training School

ServicesDog Training Services:
Obedience Training Class
Lifeskills Obedlence
Private 121 Home training
Dog Sports
Dog Agility
Dog Frisbee
Doggie Dancing
Scent Work
Behavioural Modification Course
– Aggressive
– Separation Anxiety
– Reactivity
Price RangeDog Training Services:
Obedience Training Class
Lifeskills Obedlence Level 1 & 2 (Basic) -$500
Lifeskills Obedience Level 3 & 3 (Advance) – $600
Private 121 Home training – 6 private + 2 group – $980
Dog Sports
Dog Agility (Basic) – $600
Dog Frisbee (Basic) – $600
Doggie Dancing (Basic) – $600
Scent Work (Basic) – $600
Behavioural Modification Course – Call to Quote
– Aggressive
– Separation Anxiety
– Reactivity
Contact Details+6587740168
Address50 Canberra Dr, Singapore 768438

We are Certified Positive Dog Trainers experience in training dogs for Basic Obedience, Competitive Obedience, Disc Dogging (Frisbee), Nose Work, Doggy Dancing, Flyball, Flygility and Dog Agility.

PUPS Dog Training is a fully certified business, and we also regularly consult with local veterinarians, international trainers to make sure that our methods and nutritional and medical advice are 100% up to date and correct.

We take your dog’s health and well being as seriously as humanly possible! PUPS Dog Training believes that owning a dog is an amazing and rewarding experience, but also a responsibility, not a luxury. Training your dog properly will lead you to a greater understanding of the animal, and we firmly believe in the owner-dog relationship being one of mutual understanding and respect.


Pawsitive Furkids

ServicesObedience Training – Basic obedience commands.
Behaviour Modification – Eliminate dog’s bad habits.
Puppy Kindergarten – Learn essential life skills.
Canine Conditioning Fitness – Build and develop dog’s fitness.
Trick Training – Build bonds with fun challenges.
Customised Private Classes
1 to 1 Consultation
Price RangeGroup Class (Basic Obedience/Puppy Kindergarten): $500 – $800
Group Enrichment (Tricks for Treats/Canine Conditioning Fitness): $300 – $600
Private 1 to 1 (Behaviour Modification/Customized Class): $150 – $300
Contact Details+6590276873
Address11 Chai Chee Rd, Singapore 460011

Pawsitive Furkids Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-registered dog training academy founded by lifelong dog devotees and accredited trainers, Patrick Koh and Veronica Tan. In 2012, their devotion and boundless love for their furkids inspired them to seek out better methods of pet training. Pawsitive Furkids’ mission is to transform pet training into a Pawsitive experience for both furkids and humans alike. We are ardent advocates of positive reinforcement pet training methods as it creates a safe, stress-free, and happy environment conducive to learning.


K9 Matters

ServicesPrivate Training: 1-1 behavioural correction/ basic obedience training at the location of your choice
Group Training: Enrol for an existing class of handlers, or even form your own group of dog lovers to learn together and allow your dogs to socialise and have fun at the same time!

Dog Walking: K9Matters also provides individual walks as well as pack walks for your pooch to have more fun during their exercise time!
Nose Work: Scent detection is also something that K9Matters takes pride in, ensuring that you and your “partner” both acquire the skills of a working dog handler and a working dog!
Price RangePrivate Basic Obedience Course (BOC): S$900 ($150/hour/session, for 6 sessions)
Behavioral Correction: From S$180/hour/session
Day Training: S$100/hour/session
Group Basic Obedience Course (BOC): S$630 (S$90/1.5 hours/session, 7 sessions)
Individual Walks: Starts from S$50/hour/session (depending on size)
Pack Walks: Starts from S$80/hour/session (depending on size)
Nose Work: Contact us for a quote!
Contact Details+6592329385

With more than a decade worth of training experience with working dogs in SCDF’s prestigious DART (Disaster Assistance Rescue Team) K9 Search Platoon, Glen Chew was the Trainer in Charge for Fire Investigation, Post Blast, and Urban Search and Rescue Dogs. Glen was deployed for 3 overseas missions overseas (Operation Lionheart), to locations such as Indonesia, New Zealand and Japan to help out during the natural disaster with Search & Rescue.

He formed K9Matters in 2019 to pursue his true passion of training dogs and educating fellow dog owners to be better dog handlers, leaving behind the adrenaline rushing chapter of his life and embarking on the K9Matters journey; “Just Like Our Own”.


Paw Go School

ServicesPuppy training, Obedience training for new adult dog, Pet reiki
Price Range
Contact Details+6594598858
Address299B Tampines Street 22, Singapore 522299

Our trainer has been working in the pet industry for the past 28 years. She began as a nurse in a veterinary hospital and became a home care giver and trainer for 50 beagles, from puppies to adults. She has worked for a dog breeder, assisted in a pet shop, and helped in some dog training centers. She is qualified as trainer and has been conducting courses in a variety of PA community centers. She is also a Pets & Animals Reiki Master.


Canine Cities

ServicesBasic Obedience Training, Competitive Obedience Training, Public Acceptance Dog Certification, Private Lesson
Price Range
Contact Details+6598461107
Address210C Punggol Pl, Singapore 823210

Canine Cities is a dog training school started by Louis Ng that advocates dog civilization and responsible ownership to the public. Dog training is important as it teaches the owners how to handle and train their dogs well and by doing this we would have fewer dogs in the shelters.

Our goal is to make our country a dog-loving place by making dogs a pleasure to be with. We understand that for people to accept dogs, we need to educate dog owners and train dogs to adapt to every human environment.

As we wrap up our exploration into the world of Trainers for Dog Training Services in Singapore, the echoes of barks and the wagging of tails linger, testaments to the transformative impact these dedicated professionals have on our canine companions. In this dynamic city-state, the bond between dogs and their trainers becomes a symphony of understanding, patience, and skill, crafting a harmonious relationship that goes beyond basic obedience.

Our journey through the diverse landscape of dog training services has revealed a cadre of trainers who are not just educators but compassionate guides in the journey of pet parenting. From addressing behavioral challenges to instilling essential commands, these trainers employ positive reinforcement and a deep understanding of canine behavior to create well-mannered and happy dogs.

For pet owners seeking guidance and support, and for those looking to enhance their dogs’ skills, Singapore’s dog trainers stand as pillars of expertise. The commitment to fostering a positive and trusting relationship between dogs and their human companions is evident in every interaction, making the training process not just effective but also enriching for both parties.

In the capable hands of these trainers, dogs of all breeds and backgrounds find the guidance they need to thrive. As we bid farewell to this exploration, let the lessons learned from the trainers for dog training services in Singapore resonate – that patience, positive reinforcement, and understanding are the cornerstones of a strong and joyful bond between humans and their four-legged friends.

Here’s to the trainers who tirelessly work to bring out the best in our dogs, creating a community where tails wag in harmony, and the journey of canine companionship becomes a lifelong adventure filled with joy and shared moments.

Do check out our list of WSQ Courses and have time to try their services.

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