Happy Town Pets – Healthy Pets, Happy Planet

Happy Town Pets – Healthy Pets, Happy Planet

Happy Town Pets is a local online pet store headquartered in Singapore. They supply Asia with healthy, environmentally friendly pet snacks and supplies like Gatchews, McAdams, Beco and are always in the process of introducing new brands. According to their fundamental beliefs, they handpick items from Australia, Europe, England, and the United States, so you can be confident your dog or cat is getting the best.

The health and happiness of your dogs is their top priority as fellow pet owners.

This is taken into account in the design of all items. They are also concerned about the future of our world. From recyclable packaging to carbon offset freight, they ensure that everything they sell is environmentally friendly. They want your pets to be as enthusiastic about the environment as you are.

They are passionate about what they do, and they adore your dogs. They don’t cut corners on range or quality in the name of profit and offer a price match guarantee. They also donate 1% of their total revenues to local and international charities.

They also have programs like Great Taste Guarantee, Happy Earth Program, and Pet Perks, which rewards you for all purchases. Also, click & collect from their warehouse.

They strive to ensure that Happy Town Pets’ ideas and activities make our globe more eco-friendly. As part of the Happy Earth Program, they are improving the environmental impact of their packaging, business operations, and factories and ensure they meet the planet’s needs. Their packaging is entirely recyclable or manufactured from recycled materials, and it is all environmentally friendly. After all, buying eco-friendly products do not have to cost the earth. 

Purchasing environmentally responsible pet items does not have to be expensive. Happy Town Pets is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and their Happy Earth Program’s objective is connected with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Their Great Taste Guarantee program wants you to feel completely at ease while purchasing their food and treats. Simply contact them within 30 days of receiving your order if your dog does not love their tasty chews, treats, or food.

Products should be returned to Happy Town Pets, and a full refund will be issued upon receipt. Try their eco-friendly, healthful assortment of food, snacks, and chews without the risk of not getting value for money.

Happy Town Pets take pride in providing high-quality, nutritional, and environmentally responsible pet food, treats, and supplies for a happier, healthier pet and healthier earth.

Their reach is limited, but their impact is significant. And they genuinely believe in quality loyalty and not brand loyalty.

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