The Finest Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore

The Finest Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore

A dog’s life nowadays is really pleasant. Singapore has evolved into a canine-friendly playground for dog owners and their four-legged companions, and the day’s activities go far beyond playing catch. Dogs may now get their monthly check-ups at posh animal hospitals, thanks to a flourishing pet sector. They can also go shopping in luxury at specific pet boutiques and relax at doggy day spas.

For your next pampering spree, Singapore’s Finest has compiled a list of the top 11 best destinations for pet grooming services.


Fursclass Pet Grooming Salon

Ethical Pet Grooming Services by Fursclass

Ethical Pet Grooming Services by Fursclass

Pet grooming salons lace the streets of Singapore. Pet owners can easily located a salon from a stone’s throw away …
ServicesPet grooming services, Spa services to improve pet’s skin condition and overall well-being, Dental services, and sale of paraben and sulphate free products and natural-made pet treats
Price RangePet grooming services start from $70 onwards. The price list is transparent and listed on
Contact Details+65 9108 6896
Address122 Owen Rd, #01-02, Singapore 218926

Fursclass specialises in ethical pet grooming services that are stress-free and cruelty-free. The salon is filled with toys and space for pets to move around in. The pet groomers will first introduce play to the pet before pet grooming commences. During the pre-grooming play time, the pet will also get a chance to familiarise with the groomer’s touch. 

Fursclass Pet Grooming Salon is set behind glass panels where the entire grooming session visible to passerby and pet owners. The team also provides live media updates via instagram stories on the grooming process. In this way, pet owners can go about their daily routine without worrying about their pets being at a grooming salon.

Whether if an owner has adopted or purchased the pet, Fursclass believes that a positive environment makes a huge difference in the well-being of the pet. For this reason, Fursclass makes it a point to groom pets in the most sanitary and importantly, happy environment.

Reliable, fuss-free, Convenient and affordable pet and dog grooming with transport services in Singapore


Furkids Home

Every pet deserves a grooming
ServicesJust A Bath, Basic Grooming, Full Grooming, A-la-carte Services, A wide range of Spa and Treatment Services, Grooming Packages, Dog Day Care, Staycation, Pet Transportation
Price RangeJust A Bath from $15
Basic Grooming from $35
Full Grooming from $55
A-la-carte Services from $10
A wide range of Spa and Treatment Services from $18
Dog Day Care from $15
Staycation from $30
Pet Transportation from $10
Contact Details+65 6243 1008
AddressBlock 219 Bedok Central #01-136 Singapore 460219


Furkids Home groomers will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your furkid’s individual needs and make recommendations for the best grooming and services. Every furkid is unique, and even dogs of the same breed might have diverse forms and coat kinds. They want to make sure your pet’s look is tailored to his or her body type, coat type, and, of course, personality. They’re also a cage-free salon, and all of the furkids are hand-dried using the greatest drying equipment available.


Pet Pat Grooming

Professional Holistic Cat Grooming
ServicesSpecialised in Cats, Certified And Trained Groomers, Low stress grooming Environment with no cages or restraints, We do free grooming for community cats / rescued and strays
Price RangeStress-free Grooming Experience: pricing starts at $48
Contact Details+65 84343224
Address183 Jalan Pelikat The Promenade Mall #B1-62 Singapore 537643

Pet Pat strives to make your cats look their best while putting them through the least amount of stress possible! They don’t keep cats in cages or confine them in any way. They understand your cats since they are cat owners too, and they treat them as if they were their own. This is a cat-only salon, therefore they use top-of-the-line cat shampoo. Their Cat Stylists are all certified, and they only use the finest for your furkids, ensuring a pleasurable and relaxing cat grooming service.


Grooming Studio

ServicesPet Care (Grooming)
Price RangeDogs
Full grooming packages:– XS breed ($60-$65)
– S breed ($70-$75)
– M breed ($80-$90)
– L breed ($120-$140)
– XL breed (From $150 onwards) -* Mobile services will be from $90 onwards regardless of breed sizes
* Additional surcharge for badly matted fur, ear mites, ingrown nails, aggressive and not cooperative dogs from $15
* Additional transport cost for pickup & send back services or mobile services @ $30
Full grooming packages:– Long coat cat (Full scissoring from $140-$180)
(Shave down from $120-$130)- Short coat cat (Full scissoring from $120-$140)
(Shave down $120-$130)* Additional surcharge for badly matted fur, ear mites, ingrown nails, aggressive and not cooperative dogs from $30
* Additional transport cost for pickup & send back services or mobile services @ $30
Other Speciality
– Spa services (Organic Green Tea Spa, Ayurveda from Japan) : From $45-$150
– Cashido Ozone Water Heater from Taiwan
– Pet Taxi (Contact us for enquiry @ 8414 1441)
– Pet Grooming Workshop (Contact us for enquiry @ 8414 1441)
Contact Details+65 8414 1441
Address Block 414, Jurong West Street 42, #01-801, Singapore 640414

They are a Singapore-based professional pet grooming studio that has been in operation since 2018.

The majority of pet owners feel secure leaving their beloved dogs in their studio because they treat them the same way they treat themselves.

They have a staff of experienced and certified pet groomers who are not only trained in grooming but also know how to calm down your cherished dogs if they become overly enthusiastic.

They are concerned about the well-being of your cherished pets. Allow their groomers to transform your cherished dogs into show-stoppers.


The Precious Pets

ServicesMobile Pet Grooming Services (Dog, Cat, Rabbit & Guinea pig)
Price Range$80-$230
Contact Details+65 9697 3337

They are a Certified Professional All-Breed Pet Groomer in Singapore who offers Mobile Pet Grooming Services. They also provide a variety of additional pet-related services in the comfort of your own home. Animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and Guinea pigs are welcome!

Cat Grooming, Dog Grooming, Rabbit Grooming, Guinea Pig Grooming, Pet Bath, and Oral Care are among their Mobile Pet Grooming services.

When pets suffer from separation anxiety when away from their usual digs, Mobile Pet Grooming is the ideal answer. As a result, mobile grooming is a considerably more favorable experience since the animal receives the mobile groomer’s undivided, sole focus of attention without any other distractions. They understand how precious these pets are to you, and never take that responsibility lightly.

Finest Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore

Loving Pets

Where Pets are Showered with Love
ServicesBath for dogs and cats., Basic grooming for dogs and cats, Full grooming for dogs and cats., Individual grooming services for dogs and cats, Spa for dogs, Transportation for dogs and cats
Price RangeBath from $15.
Basic grooming from $30.
Full grooming from $50.
Individual grooming services from $5.
Spa from $40.
Transportation from $6
Contact Details+65 6346 1286
Address168 East Coast Road Singapore 428874

Their facility, which opened in 2003, offers cheap grooming by compassionate, properly trained groomers. They have over 20 years of expertise, and one of our groomers received “Best Groomed” in a cat show in 2006!

They look beyond your pet’s appearance and are aware of any ailments that your pet may be experiencing. They provide information and recommendations on how to handle certain circumstances.

They guarantee high-quality grooming and utilize high-quality products. Every day, their equipment and spaces are sterilized. The salon is encased in glass, allowing customers to feel safe that their dogs would not be harmed.


Pawpy Kisses

ServicesBasic pet grooming, Full pet grooming, Spa treatments for dogs and cats, Non anesthetic dental dog teeth cleaning, Pet grooming transport service
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9060 6501
Address238 Balestier Road #01-01, #01-02, #01-03 Singapore 329701

They are a group of highly trained pet groomers that are animal lovers at heart!

Each of their pet groomers is well-versed in pet grooming and has a specialty in grooming a particular dog or cat species.

When your dog or cat grooms with us in a clean, stress-free, and pleasant atmosphere, they focus on offering expert style as well as addressing your dog or cat’s safety.


Awesome Pawsome

Stress Free Dog / Cat Grooming in you Home
ServicesWe provide quality dog & cat grooming services, conducted right in your home as a premium and personalized services for your pets in its own familiar and comfortable environment, away from hazards and stress-inducing factors.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 91171087
AddressBukit Batok Singapore 669847

Awesome Pawsome is a pet grooming company that provides professional and premium mobile house-call pet grooming services around Singapore.

Mobile dog and cat grooming has never been more popular in Singapore than it is in the West. Awesome Pawsome was founded in response to the rising demand for home pet grooming, with the premise that their clients’ pets’ needs are of the highest significance.

They provide high-quality dog and cat grooming services at your house as a premium and personalized service for your pets in their own familiar and comfortable setting, free of risks and stressors.


Happy Pets Singapore

Premier Pet Grooming Services And A Total Wellness Concept
ServicesDog grooming, Cat grooming, Rabbit grooming, Pet Hotel, Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9877 1852 

Happy Pet Singapore is a Singapore-based company with a team of professional, experienced and highly qualified pet groomers. They provide high quality mobile pet grooming service, where:

  • Our pet groomers will visit and perform the service at your premises; OR
  • Our pet groomers will pick-up your pets from your premises, perform the service at our workshop, and return the well-groomed pets back to your premises.

All these services will be performed according to your request and at the convenience of your time. They are confident that you will be happy with their services as they also offer a 2-days 100% money back guarantee.

With this assurance, they have many happy repeat customers.


Bubbly Petz

ServicesProfessional Dog Grooming services, Basic Pet Care & Grooming Essentials workshops
Price Range
Contact Details+6596563786
AddressDog Grooming: Bubbly Petz 266 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427520
Cat Grooming: Hey Good Cat 290R Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427548

Grooming is an essential part of a pet’s life and what’s worse than having a bad, fearful grooming experience? That’s why the groomers at Bubbly Petz are dedicated to provide happy, quality and positive grooming experiences for their furry friends. Their exclusive pet grooming service enables you to watch your pet get groomed in the comfort of their open-concept studio while you take away useful pet care tips from the professionals.

Not forgetting, their team is made up of fellow pet guardians and animal lovers who are committed to place the comfort and safety of their animal friends as priorities; expect the best care from their groomers!


Doggylicious Studio

ServicesProfessional Dog Grooming services
Price Range
Contact Details+65 94771804
AddressBlk 330 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01 – 1831 Singapore 560330

Team Doggylicious is proud to announce that we are Singapore’s Top 10 Pet Grooming / Dog Grooming Salon with transport services providing seamless and reliable pick up and drop off services while keeping their doors open for walk in clients. Well known to their clients as clean, hygienic and qualified to provide the best dog grooming services to your furkids!


Likeable Pets

ServicesDog grooming, cat grooming, rabbit grooming
Price Range$100+
Contact Details+65 86852360

Mobile Pet Grooming Company in Singapore. They provide grooming for dogs, cats and rabbits at the comfort of their own home. They are certified pet groomer that provides mobile or house call grooming service for your pets. As a mobile groomer, they bring all their equipment to your home to groom your pets so you can save time on travelling to pet salons.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does basic grooming include?

The basic dog grooming services will include:
Shaving of paw pads.
Plunking of inner ear fur.
Shaving of anal fur.
Shaving of the underbelly.
Nails clipping and filling.
Clearing of anal glands.
Deep cleaning of ears.
Bubbly shower.

How long does a dog take to groom?

The short answer is that grooming your dog will take around an hour on average. You may be done in as little as 20 minutes if he has a short, low-maintenance coat. Grooming a big breed or a breed with a more tough coat might take up to two hours.

Can I get my dog groomed every 2 weeks?

A short cut can last two to three months on a dog, but if your groomer leaves more than an inch of fur on your dog after a cut, you should groom your dog every four to six weeks to avoid matting.

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