Trinity Employment – A Better Choice to Serve You

Trinity Employment – A Better Choice to Serve You

With our promise to provide employers with the most suitable domestic helpers in the world at no additional hidden costs, along with our 18 years of experience in the employment industry, it is hard to deny that we always do whatever it takes to make every person happy. In addition, Trinity Employment Pvt. Ltd. offers up to six months of unlimited replacements.

Our online platform allows us to rattle traditional agency fees and charges, allowing for easy access and seamless transfers not only for employers but also for their new domestic helpers. We are also passionate about not participating in any unfair or unethical recruitment practices concerning the people we do business with. As an employer, you can easily browse through our list of domestic helpers’ profiles and choose someone who would align with your lifestyle. If you are a domestic helper, you will soon realize that getting matched with the right employers has never been easier.

Our Services

Integrating both employers and helpers into a wonderful working relationship has always been our primary goal. However, in order for us to reach this goal, it is crucial to get off on the right foot from the beginning itself.


We know that most employers are busy with their careers, so managing even the most basic household chores can be pretty challenging for them. In order for them to live a more organised and healthy life, they need to hire a maid. Here at Trinity Employment Ptv. Ltd., we understand just that and ensure we find a hardworking and reliable maid to cater to your requirements.


We take all the measures to help employers eliminate their fears and concerns about managing their new maids through orientation and step-by-step guidance.


Our team will guide you through the process of finding a suitable helper for your particular needs, as every individual has different needs and expectations.

Candidate Suitability

Before the official agreement takes place, we will interview the selected candidates again to ensure they are fully aware of everything they need to do.


When it comes to hiring a maid, many things need to be taken care of, along with a lot of paperwork. We will take care of all of this and more for you.

Smooth Transition

To ensure that the transition between the employer and their new maid goes smoothly, we will follow up on multiple events.


We also take care of all the domestic helpers employed by us. We provide a safe environment for them through activities and our mentorship program.

Counselling and Problem-solving

We are always available for the employers and the helpers. You can connect with us anytime if there is an issue, and we promise to provide counselling and solutions to tackle them.

We are also known for providing our customers with different types of services, which include:

  • Household Chores: We all know just how good it feels just to lay down and relax after spending a long, hard day at work. All of our maids are carefully screened, which means they know what they are doing when it comes to keeping your home clean. Our helpers will provide you with room and kitchen dusting/cleaning, toilet washing, floor vacuuming and mopping, clothes ironing, interior wiping, and refrigerator cleaning services.
  • Elderly Care: We offer one of the best elderly care services in Singapore. Our professionals know that many people only have so much time when it comes to taking care of their families’ health due to their everyday commitments. That being said, you can rest assured that we will take good care of your parents with our elderly care services. Our helpers could assist your parents with their daily activities, including walking, feeding, bathing, and more. In addition, each one of our professionals could act as your parent’s close companion by helping them maintain good hygiene, keep track of their medications, and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Childcare: It is important to note that we always provide our customers with professional, dedicated, and trustworthy services. Our maids possess the necessary knowledge to take care of your children not only in your presence but also in your absence. They can take care of children on a full-time basis while both parents are at work. Our maids are also well-experienced in creating daily schedules. They will ensure your kids are engaged in different activities throughout the day to help them grow in every possible way.
  • Infant Care: Very often, parents have to return to work within a few months of having a baby. We understand leaving your little ones with helpers can be a tough decision to make. But with us by your side, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Our helpers are well-trained and experienced in taking care of babies right from day one. Hire the best to ensure you have the proper support during your baby’s developmentally rich years of life.
  • Special Needs Care: Taking care of a family member with special needs, either old or young, definitely requires more helping hands. But it becomes immensely challenging to find a caregiver who understands your needs. To give your loved ones and yourself a better quality of life, you should hire a qualified maid who is compassionate and flexible. We have professionals with the appropriate credentials and hands-on experience who can manage your family member’s specific needs. 

Trinity Employment Pvt. Ltd. features a group of passionate and experienced sales agents who always do their best to provide our customers with our best services. With this in mind, our team constantly provides our customers with the following things:

  • Work Permit Management – We can help you manage all work permit-related tasks from applying, renewing, and cancelling. 
  • Passport Renewal – If your helper’s passport is expiring, we can assist you with getting it renewed. We can liaison with the right embassy to manage all the formalities for the same. 
  • Arrange for the Arrival or Repatriation of the Helpers – Our team can help you purchase air tickets, arrange for local conveyance as well as provide lodging to your helper both when they are in the process of moving in or out of Singapore. 
  • Manage all the Government Formalities – We will take care of all the government formalities like medical check-up and insurance before your helper joins you. You can also leverage our services to get their 6-monthly medical check-ups done. Also, in the case of a direct hire, we can assist you in getting the required insurance.
  • Other services – We provide additional services like in-house counselling to the employers and the helpers and prepare the required documentation and submit the home leave application.

Through a professional and close partnership with our experienced team of professionals, there is absolutely no doubt that we will be able to integrate and create an incredible working relationship between employers and helpers. In addition, we will take care of all the paperwork and all the medical, passport, and insurance-related processes for you. What this means is that your home will always be safe with our professional helpers. After all, it is our mission to match you with the best professional maids available – and it all becomes even easier when you use our online platform. So, don’t hesitate, sign up, and start finding a maid that would be best suited for your needs.

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