BMF Ink. Singapore’s Awesomest Tattoo Studio

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BMF Ink was set up in 2019 by Nina. BMF Ink prides itself on professionalism, quality work, and attention to detail.

As the highest rated and one of the most reviewed tattoo studios on Google, BMF Ink is highly client-centric. Clients appreciate our friendliness, professionalism and awesome quality of work that we consistently produce.


Having her own studio was one of Nina’s dreams. After 5 years of tattooing in various studios, she finally decided it was time to make that dream happen. She wanted tattooing as an art form to be approachable, appreciated and admired in conservative Singapore. Many studios tend to be dark and intimidating, especially for first timers. Nina wanted BMF Ink to break that stereotype. With a bright, clean environment and an all-glass, visible storefront, BMF Ink presents itself as an approachable, calming and almost zen place.

Why BMF Ink?

Skill and artistry

You want a trustworthy and skilled artist. You want a studio that is creative, approachable and open to ideas. BMF Ink has all these qualities in spades. Our artists are dedicated to their craft and constant improvement. With a 5-star rating on Google and over 100 reviews, BMF Ink has been consistently awesome and is only going to get better.

Professional and ethical

We are honest and frank with what can and cannot be tattooed. Not everything can or should be tattooed. We’ve turned away clients before who wanted pieces that will not turn out to be a good tattoo (e.g., a highly detailed piece on the hands will fade very quickly and look like an ink blot before long). We’ve also turned away underage clients. To us, our principles and integrity are just as important as producing a good quality piece of work.

We are also upfront with our pricing. There are no hidden charges. We make sure that our clients are comfortable with everything before we ever start putting needles to skin.

Friendly and approachable artists

Tattooing can be an intimidating and painful process (for the one getting the tattooed, that is. Our artists love tattooing 🙂 ). Our artists are aware of this, and we do our best to lighten the mood.

In conclusion

With a comfortable environment, approachable, professional, principled and talented artists, and openness with our processes, we feel that anyone looking to get inked can feel confident that they’re making the right choice coming to BMF Ink.

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BMF Ink. Singapore’s Awesomest Tattoo Studio
BMF Ink. Singapore’s Awesomest Tattoo Studio

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