The Finest Tattoo Artists and Studios in Singapore

The Finest Tattoo Artists and Studios in Singapore

Getting a tattoo is an important decision as it will be with you forever unless you want to deal with the process and the pain of having it removed. It is in ultimate importance to engage a reliable tattoo artist or studio to do your tattoo to prevent disasters like skin infection, spelling mistake, and irresponsible approach to tattooing and so on.

Here in Singapore, there are many artists and studios that provides exceptional service, design, and consultation. For some, they even provide body piercing. This list is composed of the highly rated, trustworthy, reliable, and credible tattoo artists in Singapore.

Check out our list of the best tattoo artists and studios in Singapore below.



BMF Ink. Singapore’s Awesomest Tattoo Studio

BMF Ink. Singapore’s Awesomest Tattoo Studio

BMF Ink was set up in 2019 by Nina. BMF Ink prides itself on professionalism, quality work, and attention …
ServicesBody tattoo, Piercing
Price RangeTattoo pricing from $100
For bigger, more complex pieces, it will either be charge an hourly rate of $200 or quote by piece.
Contact Details+65 94239655
Address865 Mountbatten Road Katong Shopping Centre #01-93

Be Myself & Free.

Art is an outlet for you to explore your thoughts and be free. Come and share your thoughts and ideas with us for your next tattoo. We will work with you to turn your thoughts into ink on your skin. – Nina, founder of BMF Ink

Located in the heart of East Coast, Singapore, BMF Ink was established by Nina when she decided to strike out on her own. BMF Ink prides itself on professionalism, ethics, and above all else, awesome pieces of art and tattoos for the world to see.


Charlotte Tattoo

Charlotte Tattoo – Best Ink With Affordable Price

Charlotte Tattoo – Best Ink With Affordable Price

Charlotte Tattoo. Makeup. Hair is a professional tattoo and hair studio that has been established since 2007. Being …
ServicesCustom Tattoo, Hairline tattoo(embroidery), Eyebrow micro-blading, Scalp micro-pigmentation.
Price RangeTattoo From: $100 onwards
Hairline tattoo: $800
Scalp micropigmentation: $1500
Contact Details+659652 2546
Address1 West Coast Drive #01-K16 Singapore 128020

Established in 2008, we open our doors to create colourful mobile canvases who walk the earth with pride. We are the very first studio in Singapore which provides both tattoo and hair services under one roof. Our motto being ‘Dedicated to Artistic Perfection’, we aim to achieve the highest standard in art-form on the human skin so that only satisfied customers will be walking out of our studio.

Studio is named after our daughter ‘Charlotte’ because she is the spark that brightens everything. Resident artist Nick Lim has been in the tattoo industry for 24 years. Holding a diploma in graphic design and a degree in applied arts come in useful when designing the perfect skin art on every individual.

We are strict adherers of hygiene and health. Our studio is equipped with hospital-grade sterilizers and sanitizers to provide our customers with a safe and sterile environment. We provide tattoo aftercare and we carry pharmaceutical-grade numbing agents for those who wish to sit through a tattoo session more comfortably.


8 Volts Tattoo

8 Volts Tattoo: Established in 2007 by Joe Wang

8 Volts Tattoo: Established in 2007 by Joe Wang

8 Volts Tattoo was founded by Joe Wang in 2007, and it is a top rated tattoo studio in Singapore by the public. …
ServicesBody tattoo, Piercing
Price RangePrice range vary from design, size, complexity of work.
Contact Details+65 67377948
Address150 Orchard Road #03-12 Orchard Plaza Singapore 238841

8 Volts Tattoo Studio is founded by Joe Wang in 2007. He is a highly motivated, avid and passionate tattooer who won several awards from various international tattoo conventions in Europe. Joe loves to exchange ideas and is capable of delivering quality work to every individual client, while readily giving professional advice regarding tattoos.

Currently 8 Volts Tattoo has four skilled and friendly artists whom are Alize Low, Nue, Moo including Joe Wang. Our portfolio has a wide array of amazing designs specially curated for clients. We are a highly rated tattoo studio with many years of experiences.

8 Volts Tattoo Studio is situated in a tranquil mall Orchard Plaza along Orchard Road, a bustling shopping street in the heart of Singapore City. We are an appointment-based shop, walk-ins are always welcome though subject to availability. Check out on our social media platforms for regular updates and more current information.


Inkvasion Tattoo Studio

ServicesCustom Tattoos, Blacklight Uv Tattoos, Coverup Tattoos, Feminine floral tattoos, Fineline letterings, Polynesian Maori sleeves to intricate Japanese oriental pieces, you name it, we do it.
Price RangePrices start from $100. Please WhatsApp +65 8127 5371 with the design, design references if any, placement & estimated size in cm/inch for a free quotation.
Contact Details+65 8127 5371
Address545 Orchard Road #06-15 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882

Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo collector or a fearful first-timer, our friendly and approachable tattoo artists at Inkvasion Tattoo Studio are committed to providing tattoos that will fulfill all our client’s expectations and will do their best to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Our studio is easily accessible, just minutes walk from Orchard MRT, located at Far East Shopping Centre in the heart of Singapore’s renowned Orchard road shopping district. The tattooists at Inkvasion are proficient in a wide-range of tattoo styles such as Japanese oriental, traditional American, tribal Polynesian, words & scripts, dot work, black & grey, pet portraits, fine line tattoos & many more head over to @inkvasionsg on Instagram to view our work.


Gurkha Tattoo Family

ServicesPiercing Services and Jewellery Changing Services.
Tattoo Services., Selling Aftercare Products for Tattoos & Piercings, Piercing Jewellery Products.
Price RangePrice Range for Tattoos – $60 >
The price range for Piercings – $ 35 -$150
Contact Details+65 68340558
AddressFar East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd #04-11 & #04-103 Singapore 228213

Gurkha Tattoos & Piercings is a three-generation family-run business established in 1942. The late Tattoo Master Indra Bahadur founded our humble family tradecraft, famously known for his two thumbs on his right tattoo hand. Our family is of Nepalese origin and is Singapore’s Pioneer Tattoo Family.

We specialize in both tattoos and piercings services. We offer our clients a choice of either male or female tattoo artists or female pierces. We offer a wide selection of piercing jewelry and tattoo and piercing aftercare products. Exotic Tattoos & Piercings is a Gurkha Tattoo Family Owned Establishment.

Finest Tattoo Artists and Studios in Singapore

Melvin Tattoo

ServicesBody tattoo
Price RangePrices are based on design, size, and amount of time
Contact Details+65 8660 0070
Address2 Sembawang Walk, Singapore 757616

Based in Singapore, MELVIN TATTOO SG (SINGAPORE), He has been tattooing since 2004 and started travelling tattoo around the world since 2006. He has taken part in numbers of conventions, including those across Asia & Europe. True to his culture he specializes in tattoos such as Chinese Painting, Calligraphy and Oriental Abstract, but always open for new tattoo ideas for sure. His body is the canvas of his life – where experiences are hidden under the lines and shadings on his arms, legs, shoulders and backs. “Like everyone else, He was born naked and crying, waiting for his life to be painted freely on his Skin


Lovesick Tattoo

ServicesBody tattoo
Price RangeFrom $60 for small tattoos (eg. word tattoos, infinity signs)
Louis charges $400 per hour for bigger tattoos (eg. full back tattoos, sleeve tattoos)
Kian and Mh are at $150 per hour
Contact Details+65 8163 0700
loAddress37b Boat Quay (Level 3) Singapore 049826

LOVESICK TATTOO studio (Singapore), established in 2012. Founded by tattoo artist Louis Tham who has been in this profession for a decade. Alongside Louis, Lovesick Tattoo Singapore has two professional resident tattooist M.H and Kian Tan. All three artist has different unique styles. Louis specializes in Black and Grey realism tattoos while Kian has created his own unique style by infusing Japanese art with dot works.


Ink by Finch Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Servicestattoos, body piercings
Price RangePrices starts from $45 for piercings/ and $80 for tattoos
Contact Details+65 96234477
Address3 Coleman Street , Peninsula Shopping Centre, #02-30 Singapore 179804

Ink By Finch Tattoo Studio was founded in 2003. We provide custom tattoo that our customers love, at the highest quality!

We are a professional studio with a welcoming laid back atmosphere. Our artists and staff provide a professional and friendly atmosphere so come in and talk to us about the tattoo & body piercing you’d love to have


Shadow Show

ServicesBody Tattoo, Tattoo Sleeves, Tattoo Lessons, Tattoo for men and women, Tattoo Removal, Bespoke Tattoo
Price RangeTattoo Pricing starts from $100.
Current promotion:
Full arm/leg tattoo from $600
Big leg/big arm from $700
Full arm/ chest – big arm from $1,200
Full leg/ full back tattoo from $1,500
Contact Details+65 9772 9704
Address244 Geylang Road, Singapore 389303

Shadow Show Tattoo was started by tattoo artist Helen Li in 2004. She founded this institution because of the her fanatical pursuits in the art of tattooing and tattoo designs. Her team has been developing on tattoo ideas and in 2010, a new branch of tattoo shop officially began operations in Singapore. Over the years, Shadow Show Tattoo artists have been loving tattoos, experimenting with tattoos, with the highest, most stringent industry regulation to impose strict demands on themselves to continuously improve. The tattoo artists beliefs are to persevere when going through challenging times, to seek a breakthrough in exploration and grow through continuous practice.

To Shadow Show Tattoo, tattoos is a unique art. With our years of industry experience, we’ll like to remind all prospective customers that having a tattoo should not be an impulsive decision as the results are usually permanent. Please do not select a tattoo shop only because it is cheap, as you may be paying a high price should the results not turn out well.


Memory Lane Tattoo Studio

ServicesBody tattoo, Watercolour tattoo, Coverup tattoo, Scar coverup, Calligraphy tattoo, Soundwave tattoo, Body piercing, Temporary tattoo
Price RangeTattoo pricing from $100
A4 size from $500
Full sleeve from $1500
Full back from $3000
Tattoo pricing vary depending on design, size, complexity
Contact Details+65 8720 9852
Address19 Haji Lane #02-01 Singapore 189212

Memory Lane is a highly regarded Tattoo Studio – both within and outside the tattooing industry, as we have developed a strong reputation as a reliable and trustworthy establishment.

We are not here just for the money, as our reputation is our most valuable asset, and we want all our clients to enjoy the best possible experience through our quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Every art piece produced at Memory Lane enjoys the highest quality and standards available in the industry. If clients are not 100% satisfied with our work, we provide free touch-up services to ensure satisfaction. We may not be the cheapest around, but our quality is assured, and our excellent customer experience is second to none.

We assure every client that each art piece is unique and fully customized. There will and can only be that one piece in the world (unless you come in with a ready design to ink). If you’re looking for a unique piece of art to call your very own, there can only be one choice. Memory Lane is your destination!

Frequently Asked Questions


How much do tattoos cost in Singapore?

The average prices in Singapore starts around $60 for a tiny, simple tattoo and can go up to to hundreds to even thousands depending on the size and complexity of design.

Is tattoo illegal in Singapore?

There are some studios in Singapore that have their own regulations stating that persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. However, there is no law prohibiting that minors can’t get a tattoo in Singapore.

How painful is tattoo?

As tattoo involves repeatedly piercing your skin’s top layer with a sharp needle covered with pigment, it is generally always painful, though people may experience different level of pain.

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