The Finest Thosai in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore’s thriving culinary scene, where a tapestry of flavors reflecting the country’s rich cultural variety is woven together from delicacies from all over the world. Thosai stands out among the many delectable delicacies that delight the hawker booths and restaurants.

The vibrant food scene in Singapore has welcomed this South Indian-inspired culinary treasure, which offers a delicious fusion of tradition and innovation on every plate. Join us as we take you on a savory tour through Singapore’s streets as we learn about the preparation, history, and allure of Thosai. You won’t want to miss the gastronomic journey that is Thosai in Singapore, from its humble roots to its contemporary variations.

Best Thosai in Singapore


Komala Vilas

ServicesIndian Restaurant
Operating HoursMon – Sun 7:00 – 22:30
Contact Details+65 62936980
Address76 – 78 Serangoon Road Singapore 217981

4 Upper Dickson Road Singapore 207464

Since 1947, the inexpensive yet functional Komala Vilas has been operating, with locations on Race Course, Buffalo, and Serangoon Roads. Beyond its filling set dinners, Komala Vilas is recommended for its enormous variety of thosai and its modifications. This includes well-known selections like the basic ($2.80) and masala ($4) thosais as well as lesser-known choices like the ghee ($5.30) and rawa ($3.10) thosai made from semolina. Consider ordering the Mysore masala thosai ($5.50), which we recommend due to the spicy red chutney filling’s bite.

Customer Reviews

Went on a Saturday afternoon and there was a long queue to enter (moves pretty fast) however the wait was worth it. The food was amazing and very fast service by their team. A must-have each time we visit Singapore. – Niwasini Kumar



ServicesHalal Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6296 5545
Address76, Race Course Road, Singapore-218575

Anjappar, which was founded in Chennai more than 50 years ago, is the place to go for delectable and genuine Chettinad food. The kal thosai ($5), which is difficult to get in Singapore, is worth trying among the many South Indian crepes and breads that are offered here. This variant, which is made with parboiled rice and urad dahl, is softer and thicker than most (and can handle lengthy trips in a tiffin carrier).

Customer Reviews

Great place for South Indian food. Clean and suitable of a larger group of people as well. Just had a popular thali and it was on point and reasonably priced. All the curries were delicious and the portions were really good. Loved every bite. Will definitely drop by again when I am in town and try some other dishes. – Sudeep Mohan



ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursTue-Sun 6 AM-1 PM
Contact Details+65 9451 4415
Address20 Ghim Moh Rd, #01-26, Singapore 270020

The delicious appam at Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre’s Heaven’s Indian Curry is the restaurant’s claim to fame, but many patrons also order the masala thosai ($2.50). With a faintly crisp outside and a soft, fluffy inside and, of course, the subtle tang we usually look out for in a well-fermented batter, it has a more rustic appearance than most. Heaven’s thosai is just on the cusp of being comfortable and familiar.

Customer Reviews

I usually have masala thosai here, but I like appom and putu mayam just as much. The dips are wonderful and everything is freshly made except Putin mayam which I understand from the stall holder they just don’t have the space to make it themselves. – cy 胡 (Spring swallow)

The Finest Thosai in Singapore

MTR Singapore

ServicesVegetarian Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 8:30 AM–3:30 PM, 5:30–10 PM
Monday: Closed
Contact Details+65 6296 5800
Address438 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218133

The Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR), a Bangalore institution, has a location in Singapore where they offer what is undoubtedly the tastiest thosai on the island. The fermented rice and black lentil griddle prepared in the Karnataka way is excellent and costs $5 for plain. The 60-year-old recipe doesn’t require any changes. It is served with sambhar and chutney and is hearty, craveable, and ghee-laden. Asking for additional ghee is not a problem; the restaurant will be pleased to oblige.

Customer Reviews

Our consistent go-to for a wider variety of Indian vegetarian food in Singapore. Daily specials, good prices, good portions, lesser spotted dishes from the normal selection, and above all, tastes lovely. As ever we chatted to a few regulars for advice on what they recommended or were eating. As ever some asked if we needed help. Always enjoy how enthusiastic and friendly customers tend to be in these restaurants. Handy for buses up from behind Bencoolen Street, and handy for MRT Farrer Park. – Alan R


Nagercoil Arya Bhavan

ServicesIndian Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 8:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6293 6835
+65 8404 5276
+65 9101 7675
Address18 Verdun Rd 01-01 CRU Center Opp. Mustafa Jewellery Singapore 207280

The well-lit eatery on the corner of Verdun Road is frequently crowded with regulars enjoying fluffy uttapam and crunchy dosai. Arya Bhavan is one of the most genuine restaurants in town for South Indian vegetarian food. The ghee rava masala dosai, which is crunchy (and remains crispy! ), brittle, spicy, and savory, is the audience favorite.

Customer Reviews

Definitely the best south indian outlet in Singapore now. I really liked everything. Will definitely go again (already went several times). Quick service, tasty food, friendly staff. We love this place. – Dr G


Madras New Woodlands Restaurant

ServicesIndian Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily 7.30 AM-11 PM
Contact Details+65 6297 1594
Address14 Upper Dickson Rd, Singapore 207474
WebsiteClick Here

The food at Madras New Woodlands is primarily South Indian and milder than the typical fried prata. Popular here is the paper thosai, which is lighter, crispier, and thinner than your typical thosai. It keeps its crunch even after being covered with sambar. According to rumors, both Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife approve of this establishment.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Appam set served before 10 AM masala tea pretty decent though a bit more than the average compared to similar local restaurants. Nice people. Follow up – Appams are also served up until 9:30 pm in the evening though not sure when the start point is. – Alan R

Finally, Singapore’s Thosai is more than simply a meal; it is a symbol of the country’s culinary variety and its capacity to incorporate and enhance cuisines from all over the world. Thosai has developed into a cherished and iconic element of Singapore’s culinary tradition because to its crispy edges, soft middle, and an assortment of mouthwatering fillings. Thosai continues to captivate the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike, whether it is consumed as a fast snack from a hawker stall or savored in a fine-dining environment, making it a perennial favorite in Singapore’s constantly changing culinary scene.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is dosa called in Singapore?

The savory pancake known as thoosai (sometimes spelled dosa) is eaten with a variety of hot dipping sauces. Thosai are inexpensive, delectable, and entirely vegetarian, like a lot of the Indian food served at hawker centers in Singapore.

What are the different types of thosai in Singapore?

There are several types of thosai, including as plain, masala (a spicy potato stuffing), and onion. It is frequently served with sambar, a lentil-based vegetable soup, and a variety of delectable chutneys.

What kind of Indian food do they eat in Singapore?

These include a variety of sweets including jalebi, halva, laddu, paayasam, and gulab jamun as well as appam, bhatura, chutney, sambar, idli, muruku, putu mayam, samosa, tandoori, thosai, and upma.

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