10 Best Tarts in Singapore

Are you seeking Singapore’s top tarts? Tarts are a delectable delicacy that is suitable for any time of the day. Take a look at the top tarts in Singapore for dessert or tea time!

Tarts come in a wide variety of flavors and varieties. None, however, are nearly as mouthwatering as those in Singapore. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top tart bakers in the nation. These bakeries provide everything, from sweet and sour cherry tarts to savory beef and onion.

Singapore is a little nation with a sizable populace. This indicates that a large number of individuals would want to sample the delectable tarts Singapore has to offer.

Why Should You Eat Tarts in Singapore?

Pastries called tarts are a common ingredient in many international cuisines. You may make the pastry with or without a filling. The dough often has a crumbly texture and is sweetened. Depending on how they are made, tarts can either be consumed as a dessert or as a snack.

Best Tarts in Singapore


Luna Singapore

10 Best Tarts in Singapore
Luna Singapore – Tarts Singapore
ServicesCompact cafe showcasing decorative cakes & desserts amid laid-back surroundings
Address53 Amoy Street, Singapore
Contact Detailshello@luna.sg

The delicious pieces of art at Luna are delicious in addition to being stunning to look at. Two items on the menu with a Japanese influence are Hojicha-Kh and Goma x PB. Other show-stoppers include yuzu meringue cheese, wild strawberry Earl Grey, and sea salt noir dark chocolate.


  • Sophisticated sweets
  • Tailored to local tastes
  • Inspired by natural flavors
Customer Reviews

Yes of course. I love their signature Orh Nee Cake, Oh wow not so sweet and tastes good. A nice cozy environment and friendly staff. I also tried their Mango Passion. Very delicious. – Carol Lim


Rachelrax Cakes

10 Best Tarts in Singapore
Rachelrax Cakes – Tarts Singapore
ServicesDessert Shop
Address12 Lim Tua Tow Road, Singapore 547735
Contact Details+65 6988 0536

For her takeaway café, young baker Rachel Ng makes delicious tarts with ondeh inspirations like cupcakes and macarons. Small, coin-sized tart shells with contents of smooth yam paste, rose-scented panna cotta, pandan custard with gula Melaka coconut flakes, and other flavors were made by the hobby baker. The dinner also comes with a special tart cake that is appropriate for any celebration.


  • Takeaway dessert shop
  • Delicious menu
  • Perfect for every occasion
Customer Reviews

The mini tarts should be a staple at parties! The size is perfectly tiny & the variety of flavors is intriguing. my personal fav is lemon meringue and speculoos so far. – Denise Tmr


Patisserie Clé

10 Best Tarts in Singapore
Patisserie Cle – Tarts Singapore
Address29 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Office, Center, 01-01, Singapore 409005
Contact Details+65 8127 3925

The key to Germaine Li and Joy Chiam’s pastry approach to French desserts is to use seasonal ingredients and flavors. The tarts, which use regional fruits, are a clear example of it. With the addition of passion sesame, bourdaloue, and cognac caramel chocolate, the flavors are strong and vibrant. The tart box, which has eight different flavors in one package, is a good choice for a more individualized gift experience.


  • Tart gift box
  • Unpretentious flavors and fresh ingredients
  • Simple indulgences
Customer Reviews

The pastries are very nice! Not overpriced too! They have interesting flavors that are different from other shops. Will come back again! – Andy Cheng


The Durian Bakery

10 Best Tarts in Singapore
The Durian Bakery – Tarts Singapore
ServicesTarts, Birthday Cakes, Cakes Delivery, Durian Cakes, Durian Pastries
AddressThe Commerze @ Irving, #02-26, Singapore 369546
Contact Details+65 8875 1069

The Durian Bakery is a popular place to get birthday cakes and pastries since they take delight in every cake and pastry that they send out. In addition to being expertly made by hand and tastefully designed, each product also comes with birthday cake accessories.


  • Life-changing Durian Eating Experience
  • Premium Durian Handmade Cakes and Pastries
  • Best Mao Shan Wang Cake Delivery in Singapore
Customer Reviews

My entire family loved the cake. It was delicious and the best durian cake l have ever had. Great customer service and quick response. We will pass the word on. We will definitely make purchases from The Durian Bakery. Thank you so much. – Joyce Hansen


Drips Bakery Café

10 Best Tarts in Singapore
Drips Bakery Cafe – Tarts Singapore
ServicesBakery Cafe
Address#01-05, 82 Tiong Poh Road Singapore, Singapore 160082
Contact Details+65 6222 0400

In the Tiong Bahru neighborhood of Singapore, Drips Bakery Café is a well-known cafe and brand where conversations are sparked and enduring relationships are created. The proprietors of this bakery cafe take consistency and quality very seriously, and as a result, their tarts have earned a reputation as among Singapore’s best. They deliver to one destination on the island and charge a set fee of $18 for each additional location. The minimum wait period is two days, and slots determine availability. Be sure to prepare in advance.


  • Multiple locations
  • Specializes in pastries
  • Well-known bakery cafe
Customer Reviews

Tarts are very yummy esp the fruit tarts. also, the local beer tastes good as well. – Lena Koo

10 Best Tarts in Singapore

Elijah Pies

Address803 King George’s Ave, #02-216, Singapore 200803
Contact Details+65 9855 9480

You might mistake the delicious pastries from Elijah Pies for pieces of art. A fantastic example is the Instagram-friendly wild berry lavender pie, which features entrancing swirls of fresh yogurt and fruit. Their chrysanthemum honey pie has calming flowery notes. The bakery is particularly well-known for its Nutella masterpiece which is layered with dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts and studded with dark chocolate. Pies are not distributed individually; rather, they are served as a method to bring people together while they share a sweet treat. However, you wouldn’t be faulted if you wanted to keep the entire pie to yourself.


  • Work of art
  • Floral designs
  • Pies are sold as a whole
Customer Reviews

Was searching for a birthday cake for a friend and came across Elijah Pie. I thought why not since it’s near my place and also quite sick of eating cake for most of the birthday celebrations. Really no regrets! Freshly baked, not too sweet, and best eaten when chilled! All my friends love it too! – J Chen


Fredo’s Baker

AddressBlock 109, Clementi St 11, 01-05, Singapore 120109
Contact Details+65 6776 0400

Beautiful pastries loaded with fresh fruit are available at Fredo’s Baker, which is situated underneath an HDB building. There are wonderful mascarpone cheese white chocolate avocado tarts as well as the usual suspects like lemon meringue and chocolate tart alternatives. Don’t forget to greet the tarts’ owner and pastry chef, Alfred Chan, who is equally as kind.


  • Bringing quality bakes with love
  • Friendly owner
  • Every menu is conceptualized uniquely
Customer Reviews

My favorite bakery. Good bread and cakes. The berries tart is highly recommended. Our family always buys one for any occasion or excuse. – Tony Makarome



ServicesHome-baked goodies
Contact Details+65 8233 3029

The treats from Pelynoobakes are great for stocking up on. In addition to Nutella Tarts, the bakery also sells Goldflakes, Chouquettes, and oatmeal cookies. It’s like a cookie base with pure Nutella on top, and the buttery, light flavor is very addicting. The crunchy, melty “sand” cookie-style crust with a generous dose of salt complements the richness and creaminess of the filling. The tart is manageable and not too brittle, yet every delicious chew melts in your mouth!


  • Home-baked pastries
  • Tarte with Nutella
  • Melts in your mouth
Customer Reviews

No Reviews


Tarte by Cheryl Koh

ServicesPastry shop
Address1 Scotts Road #02-05, Shaw Centre, Singapore, Singapore
Contact Details+65 6235 3225

Delicious tarts are made at this pastry store by award-winning pastry chef Cheryl Koh using ingredients from all over the world. Each beauty exudes a particular kind of skill and finesse. You do not want to eat them because they are so delicious! You can pick from options including raspberry jam, Roussillon apricots, passion fruit meringue, cheese-cherry crumble, and dark chocolate.


  • Award-winning pastry chef Cheryl Koh
  • Baked from scratch every morning
  • There is truly something for every occasion
Customer Reviews

Food Art. Friendly Staff. Souffle is worth the wait. Recommend starting the Plated Desserts earlier rather than at 6.15 pm and after. – Lynn Chua


Lola’s Cafe

ServicesTarts, burgers, pasta & breakfast dishes with a modern, gourmet twist offered in a laid-back atmosphere
Address5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893
Contact Details+65 6284 0349

Although Lola’s Cafe is well known for its robust breakfast dishes of croissants stuffed with scrambled eggs and linguine with truffle mushrooms, its sweet selections are definitely worth reserving a room in your stomach for. Two flavors that have endured the test of time are sea salt chocolate and lemon meringue; one is rich and scrumptious, and the other is vibrant and energizing. The black sesame pie, which has a crumbled Japanese matcha biscuit on top and a creamy black sesame interior, is another worthwhile try.


  • Neighborhood cafe
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Delicious baked treats
Customer Reviews

Cozy atmosphere with great food and coffee for all occasions! – Choo Wan Ee

You now have our ranking of Singapore’s top tarts. Please let us know if you know of any more fantastic tart stores that you think need to be included on our list.

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