7 Best Egg Tart In Singapore

The tastiest egg tarts in Singapore are hard to come by. As one of Singapore’s most popular dim sum meals, we’ve developed a highly discriminating palette for it, and only the best quality dim sum will make the cut.

There are two varieties of egg tarts for the uninitiated: the Hong Kong egg tart and the Portuguese egg tart. The custard filling of Hong Kong egg tarts is smooth and equally yellow, whereas the filling of Portuguese egg tarts is slightly caramelized and has puffed-up, blackened patches.

The cookie crust, which is solid like a pumpkin pie crust, and the flaky crust, which is layered and crumbly, are both available for Hong Kong egg tarts. Portuguese egg tarts, on the other hand, feature a thick flaky crust that resembles the outer layers of a croissant.

To help you locate the pastries that will transport you back to your vacations in Hong Kong and Macau, Singapore’s Finest has compiled a list of the finest egg tarts in Singapore that you should try:

Best Egg Tart In Singapore


Madeleine’s Original Egg Tart Pte Ltd

Best Egg Tart In Singapore
Madeleine’s Original Egg Tart Pte Ltd – Egg Tart Singapore
ProductsEgg Tart
Price RangeOriginal Portuguese Egg Tarts
1 tart = $2
6 tart in a box = $11
Mini Portuguese Egg Tarts
Contact Details+65 6247 9363
Address198 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 436997

Madeleine’s Original Portuguese Egg Tarts entered the fray in early 1998 at the height of the craze. Madeleine’s opened the first modest franchise outlet in Singapore at Holland Village and as soon as the doors of this shop opened, snake-like queues began forming outside for a taste of this original Portuguese egg tart. Expectedly, dozens of egg tart shops began to sprout around Singapore. Madeleine’s had outlets at Far East Plaza, Tanjong Katong, Ang Mo Kio Central, and Peace Centre. Among the dozen copy versions that opened in Singapore, only three sold the original Macau product. 


  • Free Delivery
Customer Review

Loved it! Just the right pastry crust texture and generous egg custard in the middle. Its less sweet so no guilt in indulging in a few. – Adelina Pillai

Flavourful, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Love the eggs! Worth going. – Kelvin Cheng

Very crispy skin which is hard to find in SG. Love the flaky skin. The filling is smooth. It tastes nice even after a day in the fridge. – Maya Nastasya



Best Egg Tart In Singapore
QINDE EGG TART & PASTRIES – Egg Tart Singapore
ProductsEgg Tarts
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9058 7398
AddressBlk 90 Whampoa Dr, #01-42, Singapore 320090

Portuguese egg tarts made by a Singaporean

Despite the fact that they sells Portuguese egg tarts, Robbie claims that he just sells generic egg tarts. “I’m not going to declare my tarts are Portuguese.” they might irritate Portuguese people! (Laughs) they didn’t even taste any Macau or Portuguese egg tarts. My wife gave me the recipe, and I think it’s delicious, so I started selling it. “It’s as simple as that”. “There is no such thing as genuineness.” As long as it’s pleasant! ”


  • Traditional and Handmade
  • Awesome Taste
Customer Review

Do not leave Whampoa market without trying these amazing tarts. The inside is similar to the consistency of crème brûlée but with a perfect amount of sugar. The crust is baked to perfection and the layers break wonderfully in your mouth. – Juan David Rueda Pinzon

Found a great deal on Shopee and bought 2 boxes to try. These delicious and freshly baked Portuguese egg tarts did satisfy my cravings. – Ng Jeslyn

One of my favourite egg tarts. I like the sweet (but not too sweet), soft egg filling. Freshly made. Very thin crust. Value for money. Still taste good after 1-2 days. – Tulip Jin


Mother-In-Law Egg Tart

Best Egg Tart In Singapore
Mother-In-Law Egg Tart – Egg Tart Singapore
ProductsEgg Tarts, Takeaway concept / wholesale / weddings / island wide delivery. Bestselling products include Yam & Purple Potato, 256 Crispy Layers Coffee, Valrhona Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Price Range$2 – $3.80 /pc
Contact Details+65 8383 8460
Address2 Havelock Road, Havelock 2, #B1-24, Singapore 059763

I adore egg tarts of all kinds, whether they’re flaky Portuguese tarts with a silky smooth egg custard inside and blistered cap, or sweeter cookie-crusted varieties. This palm-sized delicacy is the ideal pick-me-up for me because it’s small enough that indulging in one, or two, doesn’t feel too bad.

That’s why they were so excited to come across Mother-In-Law Egg Tart at last year’s Circuit Breaker. The family-run firm used to be a tiny home-based operation that produced Portuguese tarts in a limited number of flavors. They’ve now opened a real store at Havelock 2 in Clarke Quay, with more than seven unique tastes to choose from. The Portuguese egg tarts are prepared fresh every day in the specialized store’s back kitchen, which also acts as a convenient pick-up location for online pre-orders.


  • Great as Gifts
  • Wide Range of Sweet and Savoury Flavours
Customer Review

MIL Egg Tart is really taking eggtarts to the next level. Tried the ham and mushroom, mango and traditional flavour. They were all very different but amazing in their own way. – Fan Chong

Best tasting egg tarts. Not too sweet. Very flavourful as well the service staff patiently explained the various options to me. Do check it out – K V

Lots of exciting flavors for egg tarts. Not only do they look good but they taste great too. – YY

Best Egg Tart In Singapore

Tai Cheong Bakery

Best Egg Tart In Singapore
Tai Cheong Bakery – Egg Tart Singapore
ProductsEgg Tarts
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6226 3588
Address38 Sago Street Singapore, Singapore 059028

They’re traditional Cantonese confections have been made with only the finest ingredients for generations. Their mooncakes are well-known for their authentic taste of the past. They’re one of the few bakeries in Singapore to make their fresh lotus paste by hand with 100 percent pure lotus seeds and no preservatives, and they use it to fill mooncakes made in the same traditional wooden molds that they’re used more than 80 years ago at the original Sago Street bakery in Chinatown. Their mooncakes are still sold in stringed brown paper bags, exactly like their forefathers did in pre-war Singapore.


  • For Special Occasions
  • Gift Sets
Customer Review

No Reviews Yet as of this writing


Tong Heng

Best Egg Tart In Singapore
Tong Heng – Egg Tart Singapore
ProductsEgg Tarts
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6223 3649
+65 6794 6292
+65 8199 9206
Address1 Jurong West Central 2, B1-10 Singapore 648886
285 South Bridge Road Singapore 058833

Since 1935, they’ve been bringing you joy in a bite for every occasion.


  • Handmade Pastries
  • Freshly Baked
Customer Review

One of the better egg tarts around. There’s always a queue so that keeps the ingredients fresh and tarts freshly served. – Paul Toh

One of the best Chinese bakery with wide selection of sweet and savory pastries. Love the Lotus Pastry and the Egg Tart. The Chinese Cake makes me nostalgic of my childhood. – Saifu Angto

Bought their traditional all time favourite egg tarts (diamond shaped). Still the best. Yummy. – Mark Yeo


Legendary Hong Kong

Best Egg Tart In Singapore
Legendary Hong Kong – Egg Tart Singapore
ProductsEgg Tarts
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6794 1335
+65 9297 3511
Address63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-80 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648331

Legendary Hong Kong is a one-of-a-kind 4-in-1 themed Hong Kong restaurant and café in Singapore, run by 8 expert chefs from Hong Kong who have elevated the bar for other Hong Kong cafes in Singapore. Roasted Duck and Meat, Noodle & Congee, Dim Sum, and Bing Sut — the ‘predecessor’ of cha chaan teng – are the four main ideas found at Jurong Point.


  • Islandwide Delivery
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Cosy Atmosphere
Customer Review

First eat… So delicious, so authentic! The experience made me miss HK even more. – Astro Scirocco

Love the food here. So authentically HK. – Vicky Chen

Authentic Hong Kong food, great taste, fast service. Must try. Will confirm go back again. – Choong Guo Wei


Joy Luck Teahouse

Best Egg Tart In Singapore
Joy Luck Teahouse – Egg Tart Singapore
ProductsEgg Tarts
Price Range
Contact Detailsenquiries@joyluckteahouse.com
Address200 Victoria Street #B1-K25 Singapore 188021

JOY LUCK TEAHOUSE (JLT) is a miniature Hong Kong-style cafe (Cha Chaan Teng) noted for offering a diverse range of inexpensive snacks to customers of all ages. It brings together some of Hong Kong’s most well-known food brands. The three famous Hong Kong culinary treasures — egg tarts, pineapple buns, and milk tea — are all on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong. The teahouse is famed TV producer Robert Chua’s latest F&B endeavor, after introducing Tim Ho Wan and Kam’s Roast Goose (known as Kam’s Roast in Singapore) to our shores.


  • Affordable Snacks
  • Best Drinks and Delicacies
Customer Review

Friendly customer service! I love their sugar-free Hong Kong-style milk tea! Of course, we definitely will buy their egg tarts! – Sing Song Chin

Authentic Hongkong delights with unique egg tarts with nostalgic old Hongkong style and taste baked in Aluminium foil. Love the Hong Kong Milk Tea too. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking and warm services. – H 2

Recommend getting their egg tarts. Excellent service from the outlet. Attention to detail and honesty in giving their best to customers. – Shiqi Ang

Egg tarts are a delicious and well-liked dessert that both residents and tourists love in Singapore. These delicious pastries have an exquisite combination of flaky crust and creamy, egg-rich interior that makes every bite a joy. Egg tarts in Singapore are a delectable sample of the city’s culinary diversity, making them a must-try dessert for anybody visiting this dynamic food culture, whether from a neighborhood bakery or a hawker center.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are egg tarts called?

Custard tarts, egg tarts, flans pâtissiers, and egg custard tarts are all names for a pastry that consists of an exterior pastry crust filled with egg custard and baked. This dessert is made differently in Portugal, England, and France, using various spices, ingredients, and/or different types of dough.

What is the difference between Portuguese and Macau egg tart?

Although the phrases Portuguese Custard Tarts and Macau Egg Tarts are sometimes used interchangeably, there are major distinctions. Pasteis de Nata (or pastel de Nata) are sweeter, less eggy, and occasionally sprinkled with cinnamon than American custard tarts.

Is egg tart sweet or Savoury?

The custard tart appears to establish itself as a sweet dish with cream, eggs, milk, and sugar. Nutmeg becomes quite fashionable in England [around that time], and you’ll see a little nutmeg scraped on top of everything from then on.

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