Singapore Botanic Gardens: Singapore’s Oldest Garden

Thank you for visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens! The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a charming refuge where nature thrives amidst the urban environment, tucked away in the center of the thriving city-state. This legendary botanical treasure welcomes people from all over the world to immerse themselves in a tapestry of lush greenery and calm. It is renowned for its great biodiversity, magnificent vistas, and historical significance.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens, which were first established in 1859, are not only the oldest garden in the city but also one of the most renowned worldwide. Its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site demonstrates Singapore’s dedication to upholding environmental protection and safeguarding the country’s natural heritage.

The gardens, which cover an area of over 82 hectares, provide a wide range of enthralling sights and activities for everyone to enjoy. Visit the National Orchid Garden, where you may admire an amazing collection of more than 1,000 orchid species and hybrids, including the country’s flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim. Visit the Healing Garden to learn about the therapeutic benefits of medicinal plants or the Evolution Garden to travel through time as the evolution of plants is revealed to you.

The tranquil Symphony Lake offers the ideal environment for a picnic or a leisurely boat trip for people looking for relief from the tropical heat. Admire the gorgeous Swan Lake, where lovely white swans soar across the sparkling waters with ease. Explore the diverse landscapes of the Rain Forest, where towering trees and colorful foliage create a mesmerizing canopy, or be mesmerized by the vivid hues of the Ginger Garden.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens also act as a hub for research and education, promoting a better understanding of plant sustainability and conservation. The Tanglin Core, which includes colonial-era structures and renowned landmarks like the Bandstand, preserves its rich legacy and lends this amazing sanctuary a nostalgic air.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens promise an amazing experience, whether you are a nature lover, a history nerd, or simply looking for a moment of peace in the middle of a busy city. Come and see the beautiful fusion of nature and culture while traveling through Singapore’s botanical gem.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Address1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569
Contact+65 6471 7138
Opening HoursDaily: 5 AM–12 AM
Google Reviews

Singapore Botanic Garden is an awesome place for tree lovers and people of all ages. It’s a wonderful place for bringing kids and friends. It’s also a great place for walking and running. It’ll be wise to wear light and white or light color clothes to seek comfort in humid and high-temperature weather. There are a sufficient number of seating arrangements. Along with a large variety of plants, you’ll also be able to see turtles, fishes, and birds. – Saiful Islam

What a park! Lots of plants are seen there. The attractive things are that the plants are maintained properly and classified based on their medicinal properties. Even the name of the specific site is different. It was really a very charming and recommended place. If you have time please go there and enjoy the beauty of nature. – Shahin Alam

Absolutely fantastic and we couldn’t recommend it more highly if you love a garden and wildlife!!! Just the Singapore weather you need to negotiate! The gardens are huge. We visited for a few hours each for a couple of days! Free entry (but have to pay for the Orchid Gardens if you want to go there), public toilets and also a nice place to eat and a lovely gift shop. Ideally situated on Hop on Hop off the bus, yellow line too! – Nicola Jacques

In summary, the Botanic Gardens in Singapore are a peaceful place to enjoy nature away from the busy city. It’s a beautiful spot with gardens and history that’s great for families and nature lovers. As a tip, you might also want to look at our list of the best prawning places in Singapore if you’re interested in some outdoor fun after your garden visit. These places offer a different kind of nature experience where you can have a day of fun by the water and try to catch some prawns. So, after your visit to the Botanic Gardens, think about giving prawning a go at one of these nice spots.

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