Night Safari: Explore Animals in the Night Safari

Welcome to the wonderful Night Safari, where you can go on a magical nighttime journey right in the middle of Singapore! Enter a world after nightfall and begin an unforgettable animal adventure.

Explore Animals in the Night Safari

The Night Safari is the first and best night animal park in the world, and it is situated in the beautiful rainforest of the Mandai district. You get the chance to see the wonders of the animal kingdom come to life here beneath the cover of the night sky.

The Night Safari comes to life as twilight falls, delivering an exciting tour through seven unique geographic zones, each meticulously created to mimic the natural homes of its residents. Explore the park’s thoughtfully designed walking pathways or catch the informative tram ride for a memorable experience.

Get ready to be fascinated as you come across a wide variety of nocturnal species from all around the world. View beautiful predators engaging in their normal habits while bathed in the soft moonlight, including the powerful Asian lion and the elusive clouded leopard. Watch giraffes, zebras, and other herbivores move gracefully as they are allowed to graze freely in their large enclosures.

The Night Safari offers interesting animal exhibits and interactive presentations that let you discover more about the park’s unique residents; it is not simply a passive viewing experience. You’ll get a greater knowledge of the creatures and their conservation requirements via fascinating educational workshops and exciting cultural performances.

Night Safari: Explore Animals in the Night Safari
Night Safari, Singapore

Join one of the famous Night Safari guided walking routes for an added thrill. Knowledgeable guides will accompany you through the night while sharing details on the special adaptations of nocturnal creatures. Experience the excitement of up-close encounters with creatures like the robust Malayan tiger, the quick-footed fisher cat, and the inquisitive binturong.

The Creatures of the Night Show, an amazing display of the park’s resident animals exhibiting their natural habits in an engaging performance, is a must-see to maximize your experience.

The Night Safari offers a variety of food and entertainment opportunities in addition to being a wildlife refuge. Enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the park’s themed eateries, or unwind with a cool drink at the bar of the Night Safari while taking in the atmosphere of the wild west. You may also browse the Night Safari’s gift shop to purchase one-of-a-kind keepsakes to remember your wonderful journey.

In conclusion, Singapore’s Night Safari offers a genuinely unique experience that enables you to discover the wonders of animal life in a whole new way. Come and experience the enchanting world of nocturnal wildlife while making treasured memories and learning about the beauties of the outdoors at night.

Night Safari: Explore Animals in the Night Safari
Night Safari, Singapore
Address80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
Contact+65 6269 3411
Opening HoursDaily: 7:15 PM–12 AM
Google Reviews

Excellent experience in the night Safari. Make sure you go by 7 pm and book the creatures of the night show which lasts about 30 minutes after which you can line up for the tram and travel in it for about 40 minutes which has speakers that self explains all the animals in the park. Few animals cannot be seen while going in the tram which you can walk in the trails. At the end of the tram journey, there is a restaurant and sitting area where you can enjoy good food of multiple cuisines. – Sriram V

Great ambiance. Creatures of the Night show is both entertaining and informative. The tram ride duration is just right although we would have asked for more (: Animals can be seen in the shadows and even prowling next to the tram in close proximity. Walking trails aren’t too taxing or exhaustive, very manageable even with kids. Strongly recommended as a place to visit for some night excitement! – Jarius Wong

Went in about 7 pm on a Thursday night. It was just in time for the tram ride. Perfect timing for the ride as it was right before sunset. After the ride, we went for walking trails and managed to see many nocturnal creatures in their habitat. There was a night show available for booking 2h before show time. The animals were well-trained with good interaction with the trainers. – M Ang

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