The Finest Mee Rebus in Singapore

Mee Rebus stands out as a favored local delicacy among Singapore’s numerous culinary gems and is a vivid tapestry of flavors. This rich and savory meal is proof of the diverse influences that have created the cuisine of the city-state.

Mee Rebus, which in Malay means “boiled noodles,” is a hearty noodle dish that mixes smooth egg noodles with a flavorful sauce to create a sensory symphony that perfectly embodies the richness of Singaporean cuisine. Join us on a pleasant trip as we investigate the history, components, and endearing custom of Mee Rebus, a meal that has captivated the hearts and palates of both Lion City residents and visitors alike.

Best Mee Rebus in Singapore



ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 11:30 AM–8:30 PM
Address208B New Upper Changi Rd, #01-64, Singapore 462208

Since 1970, Inspirasi has been enthralling diners with its interpretation of mee rebus. Ikan bilis, chicken stock, sweet potatoes, and fermented bean paste are combined to create the foundation at the family-run Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, resulting in a thick, starchy stew that boldly clings to everything. Both of the stall’s signature dishes, mee soto and fried rice, are best served with their sour chili sauce.

Customer Reviews

I read about this legendary stall for close a decade but it was only recently that I am at Bedok during the day to try it…. & I am hooked! The mee rebus and mee soto has this old-school, simple yet delicious taste, and at $3, it is a steal! I don’t feel thirsty after slurping up most of the soup/gravy so they are light on seasoning/msg but rely on good ingredients, cooking techniques & lotsa love to prepare the items. – Caleb Lim


Yunos N Family

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 11 AM–7 PM
Address724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-01, Singapore 560724

Although the merchandise for sale on Yunos N Family’s Instagram page has a street art style, the shop has really been open for longer than it appears. The Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre, which was founded in 1965 by street vendor Haji Yunos Ahmad, is currently maintained by his son and family, who have modernized the appearance. There are several different types of mee rebus available here, with toppings including ribs, tripe (babak), and oxtail (ekor) all covered in the decadent savory sauce.

Customer Reviews

Friendliest order-taking experience at the hawker center! Good mee rebus with thick gravy and a generous amount of ingredients! Mee soto was also good as well! Satay was soft tender and well marinated, with charcoal aroma! Totally recommend to try! Best food in the hawker center! – Yun Yun


Queenstown Lontong

ServicesHawker Stall
AddressBlk 38A Margaret Dr, #01-27, Singapore 142038

Yatie, a third-generation proprietor whose grandmother founded Queenstown Lontong in the 1960s, is in charge of the company. While the Margaret Drive Hawker Centre stand specializes in lontong, their mee rebus, which features a sauce made exclusively from sweet potato, dried shrimp, and onion, and leans towards the sweeter end, is equally as nicely done. Consider the handmade sambal and begedil to be necessities rather than extras.

Customer Reviews

There’s so much publicity on this stall and the long queue is a testament of its food. First time eating the lontong and wow, it’s so delicious. I requested for fried tofu instead of the ketupat, it’s a wholesome bowl of savory goodness, from the light and milky coconut gravy, whole hard boil egg, assorted vege and a generous portion of crispy ikan bilis. Must request for additional chili paste for the enhanced taste. Will definitely come back to eat its other food. – Sam Liew


HJ Waliti HJ Mazuki

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursDaily: 6 AM–7 PM
Friday: Closed
Address14 Haig Rd, #01-18, Singapore 430014

HJ Waliti HJ Mazuki is an alternate for good mee rebus if the wait at Afandi is agonizingly lengthy. The Haig Road Market & Food Centre has been in business for more than 50 years. Their gravy is intensely concentrated with layers of spiciness, sourness, and sweetness, and is tempered with chewy noodles and crunchy beansprout. Don’t forget to include the sambal, which gives the meal a spicy, savory depth.

Customer Reviews

Chanced upon this stall that sells a variety of Malay delicacies. I decided to go for Soto Ayam today as I was deciding between Lontong in another stall and Mee Soto here – this is a perfect marriage of both. The broth is rich and yet not salty, with a generous amount of shredded chicken and beansprout. I will be back for their Mee Rebus which seems to be their signature dish. – CP

The Finest Mee Rebus in Singapore

Rahim Muslim Food

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 12:30–7 PM
Contact Details+65 9786 7362
Address453A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-01, Singapore 561453

Rahim Muslim Food makes a great deal out of its mee rebus variations. The third-generation proprietor of Chong Boon Market & Food Centre, which has been open since 1957, makes his gravy by combining sweet potato, ikan bilis, dried shrimp, chicken stock, and fish curry paste. He then adds a dab of satay sauce to the finished dish. Regular includes an egg, while Power also includes chicken chunks. The Extra exceptional, which includes a sizable chicken drumstick, is recommended for those who are feeling very exceptional.

Customer Reviews

This is probably one of the best mee rebus I’ve ever eaten. I ordered Mee Rebus Power, it includes slices of chicken and top with thick satay sauce only for $5. And for the satay, it’s better than at Lau Pa Sat or Lagoon. As you can see the meat is so chunky and it’s not too chewy. Plus the satay sauce was thick and delicious. Will try their Mee Soto on my next visit. – Zuhilmi Zulkifli


Afandi Hawa & Family Mee Rebus

ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursDaily: 10:30 AM–8 PM
Wednesday: Closed
Address14 Haig Rd, #01-21, Singapore 430014

Afandi Ahmad established this stand, which debuted in 1967 at Paya Lebar Airport. His son Ahmad Tarmidzi maintains his father’s tradition by preparing the gravy using dried shrimp, mutton scraps, and flower crab. This produces a rich, sweet-savory soup that covers the noodles in a thick, silky glaze. The restaurant is now a part of Haig Road Market & Food Centre. Along with crispy fresh green chili and fried shallot, the dish also includes prawn, egg, and begedil.

Customer Reviews

If you like Mee Rebus/Mee Soto, just like myself, you can try this stall in Haig Road Hawker Center. Mee Rebus here is drenched in a thick & delightful gravy, Mee soto served in a rich/savory broth with chunks of chicken. prices start fr $3.50, don’t forget about their bergedil, recommended! – Vinz Beans



ServicesHawker Stall
Operating HoursDaily: 6 AM–3:30 PM
Sunday & Tuesday: Closed
Contact Details+65 9873 1707
Address69 Geylang Bahru, #01-74, Singapore 339682

Suhaime’s, located inside Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre, continues to serve the well-known Geylang Lorong 1 Mee Rebus. Compared to other sauces on this list, it is a little bit lighter, but it still totally envelops the egg, tau pok, and springy noodles with a sweet and spicy flavor. Try the flavorful nasi lemak as well.

Customer Reviews

Signature mee rebus was delicious. The noodle was soft with a firm bite and the broth was thick, consistent and flavourful. Not very spicy. Lontong was excellent. There were a lot of flavors in this dish; sour, sweet, savory, and spicy. The ingredients were very fresh. The rice cake was soft but firm. It melted in the mouth. The chilli was especially special. It was sweet and sour, and pleasantly spicy. The best long I have ever eaten. Will be back for more and to try the other dishes. – Almeo Tan

Finally, Mee Rebus is more than just a simple noodle meal; it is a culinary masterpiece that showcases the diverse cultural heritage of Singapore. It is a beloved staple of the neighborhood’s culinary scene because to its mouthwatering combination of tastes, luring locals and visitors alike to get a taste of Singapore’s rich past. Be sure to enjoy a bowl of Mee Rebus the next time you’re in this energetic city to taste the essence of Singaporean cuisine.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is mee rebus in Singapore?

The standard Mee Rebus (S$3.50) includes an egg and a nutty, crispy satay sauce. Mee Rebus Extra Special ($6.50) and Mee Rebus Power ($5) are two of its other packages that include chicken, with the latter presenting a drumstick chicken on top of the mee rebus!

What is rebus Malay?

Mee rebus is a Malay word that meaning “blanched noodles” since rebus in English means “to blanch”. After being blanched, yellow egg noodles are flavored with a rich sauce. The gravy, which is popularly known as kuah, is a thick soup made with grago (tiny shrimp), flour, sugar, and salt.

How do you pronounce mee rebus?

Mee Rebus (/r-buus, /rbs/) [Mal. boiling in and with water (as opposed to immersion in boiling water)] A Malay meal made of noodles served with a rich brown sauce and other ingredients such bean sprouts, Lontong, etc.

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