Welcome to LEGOLAND Malaysia, where the magic of LEGO® comes to life in a vibrant and whimsical world of adventure! Nestled in the heart of Johor Bahru, this family-friendly theme park is a captivating playground for visitors of all ages.

Dive into a realm of creativity as you explore themed zones featuring iconic LEGO® structures, thrilling rides, and interactive attractions. From the excitement of LEGO® Ninjago World to the enchantment of LEGO® Kingdoms, each area offers a unique and immersive experience that sparks the imagination.

Witness the spectacular Miniland, where famous landmarks are meticulously recreated in LEGO® bricks, showcasing the artistry and attention to detail that defines this beloved toy. Feel the rush on exhilarating rides like The Dragon and LEGO® Technic Twister, or catch a live show that brings LEGO® characters to life in a colorful spectacle.

For those craving hands-on fun, LEGO® City invites visitors to build, play, and create to their heart’s content. The Water Park adds a refreshing dimension with splash-worthy attractions, ensuring a perfect balance of excitement and relaxation.

LEGOLAND Malaysia isn’t just a theme park; it’s a celebration of creativity, family bonding, and the timeless joy of LEGO®. Whether you’re a master builder or just looking for a day of laughter and adventure, LEGOLAND Malaysia promises an unforgettable experience where every moment is a brick-filled delight. Embark on a journey where imagination knows no bounds – LEGOLAND Malaysia awaits, ready to make your LEGO® dreams come true!

Attractions in LEGOLAND Malaysia

Address7, Persiaran Medini Utara 3, 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia
Contact+60 7-597 8888
Opening Hours10 AM–6 PM Closed every Wednesday
Google Reviews

5/5! Excellent park! All rides open! It’s not boring to go there as an adult! I love the racing coaster and the dragon! full fay spent! Recommend going on separate days with the water park! So you have a whole day to explore. The water log flume ride should be taken as the last ride as it’ll really soak you up. The machine driers don’t really work so ya the tower ride can be taken during sunset for a superb view of the whole area! Good day for kids and adults alike! – John Lee

Definitely worth a visit to Legoland with family. My 3-year-old son really enjoys his visit as there are a lot of games suitable for his age. At the same time, there are many available Lego stations where kids can express their creativity. However, I do recommend any parents with kids, to make sure the minimum age is 4 years old just to make sure your ticket is worth the price paid. Just make sure you fill your tummy prior to entering to Legoland. The food is like 5 times more expensive than the typical price you can get out there. Overall, really a nice experience. – Muhammad Azizi

100% experience for children! From the moment you enter, you will be greeted by huge play structures and Lego play areas in the lobby, and on its side, a little stage where the awesome crew and Lego characters will host (very well-received) performances for children multiple times a day. – Kai Yun Tan

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