Jia Le Hokkien Hits Concert 2023

The Jia Le Hokkien Hits Concert 2023 is an unparalleled musical spectacular. Settle in for awe-inspiring performances of the best hits by Hong Rong Hong, Cai Qiu Feng, Xu Fu Kai, Wang Rui Xia, Li Ming Yang, and Ye Ai Ling as they showcase their extraordinary vocal ranges.

At the Jia Le Hokkien Singles concert, renowned Taiwanese singers will come together to display their incredible skill and perform their top-charting singles. Join us for this extraordinary musical spectacle.

In a friendly fight for the title of best ensemble, male and female vocalists will square off during the show. The audience will make the final determination of the winner. This battle of the sexes, which will be hosted by Zhang Xiu Qing, who represents the female singers, and Shen Wen Chen, who represents the male singers, will be exciting to see on stage.

Be prepared to be astounded by the outstanding vocals of Ye Ai Ling, Cai Qiu Feng, Wang Rui Xia, Xu Fu Kai, and Hong Rong Hong. These well-known performers will compete with one another by showcasing their distinctive stage presences and performing their best songs. Each performer will give everything they have to make the audience’s experience at the performance an unforgettable one, which promises to be a fantastic showcase of talent.

So put the dates on your calendars and get ready for an evening of the best Hokkien music, laughing, and joy. Meet these extraordinary singers up close and personal, and be ready to sing along and be mesmerized by the power of their songs. Jia Le Hokkien Hits Concert ensures that you will have an amazing evening that will leave you wanting more.

Date18 Nov 2023, Saturday
AddressSingapore Indoor Stadium
2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691
PriceS$88- S$178
Opening Hours8 PM Approx. 120mins

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