10 Best Japanese Cake In Singapore

We can’t seem to get enough of Japanese cakes, pastries, and confectionery. Is it any surprise that we’re prepared to indulge in sweet delights in these Japanese bakery businesses in Singapore because Japanese patisseries insist on keeping consistently high standards and employing excellent ingredients (not to mention attractive packaging)?

It helps if you have a good appearance. The sweets at Japanese cake stores in Singapore are like miniature pieces of art, whether it’s a traditional matcha cake or a wibbly-wobbly Japanese soufflé pancake.

It used to be difficult to locate Japanese cake stores and well-known bakery brands. So here’s where you can discover unique Japanese cake treats that taste just like the ones you experienced in Japan. With a flourish, we present our picks for the greatest Japanese cake bakeries in Singapore.

Best Japanese Cake in Singapore


Food Fresh Pte. Ltd.

Food Fresh - Japanese Cake Singapore
Food Fresh – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese cake, Baking Products
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6950 1888
Address15 Senoko Dr, #06-01 Jtc Food Hub @ Senoko, Singapore 758202

Food Fresh Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that specializes in the production and distribution of ready-to-eat artisan pastry and bakery items. The homegrown company, founded in 2014 by a group of self-starting, enterprising individuals, has since established itself as Singapore’s top and finest B2B (business-to-business) wholesaler of pastry and bakery items.


  • Ready-To-Serve Artisan Pastry
  • Quality Assured
Customer Review

Good taste, the best quality, yummy! Melted. – Lekkily Lek



LeTAO - Japanese Cake Singapore
LeTAO – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese cake, Cheesecake
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8799 3551
Address2 Orchard Turn B1-K7 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Their storied history began in 1998 in the lovely canal city of Otaru, when their creator, Mr. Seigou Kawagoe, constructed a towering tower at Otaru’s main tourist attraction, which he christened LeTAO (La Tour Amitie Otaru) (The Amiable Tower of Otaru).

Mr. Kawagoe had the ambition to make Otaru the most popular destination in Japan and the world for Western-inspired confections. Since then, we’ve been creating fashionable and on-trend recipes for their consumers, Northern Sweets inspired to evoke a sense of nostalgia in them that will last a lifetime. As a result, they stick to the straightforward brand motto of Nostalgic Modern and Northern Sweets Manner.


  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Exceptional Taste
Customer Review

One of the best cheesecakes! Love their double Fromage! It literally melts in your mouth. Every bite is so good. If you’re buying a home to eat after 3-4 hours, you can get the frozen one. Good to get as a gift too! – Shy Eileen

Yummilicious cheesecake. Order by delivery which was really expensive almost $90 for a small round cake. Kept it in the freezer and had to defreeze a little before cutting. – Pauline Yoong

Very nice and it always tastes good. Ordered few times and I was never disappointed. – LKW Lee


Chef Yamashita

Chef Yamashita - Japanese Cake Singapore
Chef Yamashita – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese Cake
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6604 9709
Address#02-44 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Blk 1, Singapore 082001

Chef Yamashita Masataka received his training at Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, Japan, a well-known and regarded culinary institute. Before opening his own Patisserie in Nara, he worked in different patisseries throughout Japan. The patisserie swiftly rose to prominence in Nara. Chef Yamashita relocated to Singapore eight years later, seeking new challenges and a change of scenery, when he took over the kitchen at Glace & Flor Patisserie and transformed it into a paradise for delectable cakes and pastries.


  • Beautiful Cakes, Sweets & Pastries
  • Great Satisfaction
Customer Review

One of my favorite kome kome ring. sweet taste w a cup of coffee. – Jo Ainee

Delicious cakes that are not too sweet and have good moist texture. – Evangeline Neo

Nice place for sweet tooth people. The cake is too beautiful. Worth the amount spend for. – Adam Pang


Asanoya Boulangerie

Asanoya - Japanese Cake Singapore
Asanoya – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese cake, Signature Bread & Pastry, Seasonal Dessert
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6703 8703
Address15 Queen St, #01-03, Singapore 188537

Mr. Asano introduced European-style bread to the Japanese at a time when they were only beginning to appreciate the taste of bread. He established a legacy of great Japanese-European bread, which they are committed to continuing for the next century.


  • No Preservatives
  • Key Ingredients from Japan
Customer Review

A very quiet place where you can chill and relax. They also offer free wifi for 1hr. Many varieties of Bread. Very friendly environment. – Luke Asher

Actual Japanese-style bakery in Singapore. The textures, flavors, and cute bakery options are very similar to Japan’s high-quality bakeries. – John A

A Japanese Style “Hans” cafe that serves a huge variety of fresh Japanese bread. Loved their simple breakfast and also the huge white dining space to enjoy your coffee, newspaper, work, etc in peace. – Anthony Lee



Nesuto - Japanese Cake Singapore
Nesuto – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese Cakes
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6980 5977
Address53 Tras St, #01-01, Singapore 078992

Nesuto Patisserie was created to be a brand that offers artisanal quality baked goods in a welcoming yet opulent setting. It’s supposed to be comfy, relaxing, and a place you’ll remember warmly and unconsciously want to return to! That’s why their patisserie is called Nesuto, which means “nest” in Japanese.


  • Artisanal Pastry
  • Delicacies of All Types
  • Premium Imported Ingredients
Customer Review

Beautiful dessert place. Good to bring your friends or loved ones here to have your sweet treats. Their Queen Ispahan is very pretty but also very sweet. – Yingying

Honestly, I’m not really a cafe person but this place has really nice desserts! Service personnel were friendly as well. Tbh, I can’t remember what I got but having a sparkling sake to pair off with these desserts was fantastic. Will definitely be back. – Frank Pua

Best tiramisu! Love the strong alcohol taste. Only downside is the price. – Chuber Loo

Finest Japanese Cake in Singapore

Oishi Pan Bakery

Oishi Pan - Japanese Cake Singapore
Oishi Pan – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese Cakes
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6254 5994
Address190 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #01-572, Singapore 310190

Oishi Pan Bakery, which opened in 2016, specialized in handcrafted Japanese baked foods. The entrepreneur, who started out as an artisanal bakery, now has three locations in Singapore, with the flagship store in Toa Payoh. Contact us if you’re seeking business treats, wedding favors, or even a baby’s first month’s gifts! We are confident that your visitors will like what they prepare as much as they enjoy preparing it for them.


  • Custom Orders
  • Signature Patisserie
  • Daily Loaves
  • Traditional Sponge Cake
  • Artisan Boulangerie
  • Catering & Wholesale Services
Customer Review

Good quality bakery with home delivery service. – 黃子娟

Very nice cozy bakery with extremely friendly service. The bread is one notch up compared to those in the neighborhood. – Cys Edi

Have always been patronizing this bakery since years ago. This humble bakery bakes really quality bread and cakes. Prices are also really reasonable! – Brian He


Provence Bakery

Provence Bakery - Japanese Cake Singapore
Provence Bakery – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese Cakes, Bread & Pastry
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6467 6966
Address118 Holland Ave, #01-04, Singapore 278997

In Singapore, Provence is a one-of-a-kind Japanese bakery and cafe. Every loaf of bread in Provence is lovingly handcrafted from scratch by our passionate bakers. Every bite bears witness to this. Many traditional bakeries in Singapore would buy mass-produced or factory-backed products to sell in their stores, while others would simply buy ready-mixed frozen dough from factories to bake in their stores. On the other hand, Provence has all of the essential baking equipment for in-house made-from-scratch items, ensuring that you only get the freshest bread straight from the oven.


  • Top Quality
  • Fine Creation
  • This Cafe Sets The Mood
Customer Review

Soft wassant! Prefer chocolate over cream! A good bread but prob won’t crave for it. – Huiwen

The breads are very fresh. I have ordered a Toast double hams sandwich and A brewed cappuccino .
. – Sze Man

Great quality breads. In particular, i love their orange wassants. So tasty and good. Highly recommended. – Athena T



Tsujiri - Japanese Cake Singapore
Tsujiri – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese Cake, Gelato
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6221 4282
Address6 Eu Tong Sen St, #01-74, Singapore 059817

TSUJIRI was created in 1860 by Riemon Tsuji, who was known for his “YUWA” spirit, which means “continue to innovate while maintaining tradition.” His contribution to the Japanese tea business was honored by a statue in Kyoto, Japan. Riemon perfected Gyokuro (the highest grade of Japanese green tea) cultivation, and his approach is still utilized today.

He is also the inventor of the tea box, which preserved the longevity and freshness of the tea leaves throughout transit a century ago, allowing fresh tea from Kyoto to be transported to other Japanese cities. CHAHO, which means “tea shop” in Japanese, was founded outside of Japan in 2010 to carry on its founder’s ethos and deliver fresh tea to our consumers all around the world.


  • Serving Authentic Japanese Products
Customer Review

Strongly recommend it’s Hojicha Parfait. The deep roasted flavour of the green tea together with the jelly and crisp corn flakes like thingy is pure bliss. A little exaggeration here, but you should definitely try this. – Leslie Lau

Managed to catch a visit off-peak. My favourite would be the Oita-Yuzu ice blend with Matcha soft serve! Quality of the drinks and desserts are good, the authentic Japanese taste of the matcha and hojicha ice creams brought a smile to our faces. – Xian You Lim

Tried the Yame Houjicha today – the fragrance of the tea surged through my system on the first sip, instantly fell in love with it. – YY Wong


Fruit Paradise

Fruit Paradise - Japanese Cake Singapore
Fruit Paradise – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese Cakes
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6219 4938
Address111 Somerset Rd, #01-05, Singapore 238164

Fruit tarts made with mildly sweetened cream and fresh fruits are available at Fruit Paradise. Only the freshest and most delicious fruits are used in their fruit tarts, which are hand-picked by their Japanese Patissiers every day. They feel that as easy as it may appear, it is the ideal method for you to experience all of the fruits’ natural deliciousness while avoiding harmful additives and preservatives.


  • Freshest and Most Delicious Fruits
  • Free of Unhealthy Additives and Preservatives
Customer Review

If you are ordering a whole cake to celebrate your special occasion, do give them a heads-up earlier so they can freshly prepare it in time for your collection. We will be back! – Ashley Liew

Nice place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee with cake. They had a promo for a tea break with 50% discount on beverages for every cake purchase. – Trotting Horse

Really the best fruit tart ever! – Brenda Lim


Tampopo Dulcet & Studio

Tampopo Dulcet & Studio - Japanese Cake Singapore
Tampopo Dulcet & Studio – Japanese Cake Singapore
ProductsJapanese Cakes, Sweet Treats
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6980 6568
Address168 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-03, Connection, One Tower 1, Singapore 150168

They believe in using the freshest products imported straight from Japan and quality suppliers from all over the world and have been in Singapore for 15 years. One of the reasons we were voted “Greatest Japanese Restaurant in Singapore” by AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2016 is their passion and dedication to providing the best service to their clients.


  • Perfect Dining Experience
  • Authentic Flavours and Culture of Japan
  • Authentic Japanese Cuisine
Customer Review

Nice cake selection with interesting flavors. The roll cake is really yummy. Scoop Cake and Black Sesame Cake are pretty nice too! The ambiance isn’t super but the quality of the bake makes up for that. – Candis Yeo

Can get nice, soft-as-cloud pandan chiffon cake. They have it in cream rolls too. Very good service as they provide me ice pack for my cream roll. – Lil’BlackDoge

Pandan cake, chiffon and cream puffs are really some of the best – just the right amount of sweetness and so flavorful! – Serene Soon

You have it now! The top Japanese cake stores in Singapore, per our advice. Before you leave, just another few pointers! Always confirm that the cakes you want to purchase from these cake stores are still in stock. Some flavors must go from abroad, which might require a few days. It is crucial to verify online if your goods will incur an extra delivery price. You must also put your purchase in advance if you want personalization. If you’re on a diet or a diabetic patient, make sure the components used to make your cake won’t alter your blood sugar level or add additional calories to it.

Do check out our list of Birthday Cakes and have it on your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Japanese cakes?

Anko-Filled Cakes and Pastries (Taiyaki, Dorayaki, Imagawayaki) Anko (sweetened red bean paste)-filled cakes and pastries are quite popular in Japan. Taiyaki, a red bean-filled dessert fashioned like a red snapper fish and said to bring good luck in Japan, is one example.

What makes Japanese cake different?

When compared to the famed New York Cheesecake, Japanese cheesecakes are significantly lighter and softer in texture (even though both are super delicious). They contain less sugar, making them an excellent alternative for individuals who are conscious of their sugar and calorie consumption. You might perceive the Japanese cake as a trend right now.

What does Japanese cheesecake taste like?

What is the flavor of Japanese cotton cheesecake? Cotton cheesecakes in Japan have a melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s sweet, acidic, and rich like a traditional cheesecake, but also light and fluffy, like spongecakes and airy soufflé.

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