10 Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre in Singapore

HarbourFront Centre, a shopping center and ferry terminal in Singapore was formerly known as the World Trade Center and opened for business in 1977. The Top 10 Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre are a great place to refuel before boarding a ferry or cruise. Along with the abundance of choices, you can avoid the Vivocity crowds.

Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre


Shi Li Fang

10 Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre in Singapore
Shi Li Fang – Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre Singapore
ServicesChinese Cuisine, Steamboat
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6870 8884
+65 6870 8888
Address1 Maritime Square 01-12/13/14, Harbourfront Centre Singapore, Singapore 099235

Since its founding, the restaurant chain Shi Li Fang has grown to 15 locations. They have devoted themselves to creating different soup bases and dipping sauces, and through time, they have developed their own distinct hot pot taste. They meticulously choose the food’s ingredients to reflect Singapore’s diverse ethnic makeup. They serve the freshest and most authentic food possible to everyone while adhering to the healthy philosophy of no steaming, no boiling, and no frying so that patrons of all ethnic backgrounds can enjoy their own ingredients.

They combine fashion and health to the greatest extent possible to satisfy the needs of various groups, ranging from one person, and one pot to a four-frame hot pot. You can find the kind of hot pot you desire with ease, whether you’re an office worker or hosting a family reunion. They will keep growing their restaurant operations so that more patrons can experience Shi Li Fang’s unique flavors.

Customer Reviews

The ingredients are fresh but some portions are a little small. Free-flow drinks, a huge range of sauces, and fruits for a nominal sum make it even more value for money. – FoodFactory


Ramen Hitoyoshi

10 Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre in Singapore
Ramen Hitoyoshi – Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre Singapore
ServicesJapanese Cuisine, Sushi, Ramen, Udon, Sashimi
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6250 8518
Address1 Maritime Square, #01-99 Harbourfront Centre Singapore, Singapore 099253

The major focus of Ramen Hitoyoshi is Tonkotsu ramen. A combination of bones and meat is used to season the broth, which is then simmered for 8 to 12 hours to produce a thick, flavorful broth that is incredibly delicious. The world’s most well-known Tonkotsu ramen is made with this genuine Japanese broth, homemade Chashu, Ajitama (flavorful egg), and other fresh ingredients.

They provide some of the best Japanese cuisine and a tempting selection of dishes perfect for sharing with friends, family, and large groups.

Customer Reviews

I’ve enjoyed the various noodle options so far and I’m glad to share it really doesn’t disappoint. Service is good and efficient too. Will be back again if I’m around there. – Leon T



10 Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre in Singapore
elemen – Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre Singapore
ServicesSushi, Courses set meal
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6904 9568
Address1, Maritime Square Harbourfront Centre, #02-85
Singapore 099253

Elemen is a fusion restaurant that focuses on the customers’ well-being by using natural ingredients and recipes to prepare wholesome and meatless cuisines. Elemen is committed to enhancing customers’ well-being through wholesome and nourishing recipes. A more peaceful and sustainable environment is promoted by the dining idea, improving living conditions for coming generations.

Customer Reviews

This is vegetarian food done right! Recommended by a vegetarian friend & the resto did not disappoint at all. Super innovative & creative. Their staff is also very attentive & friendly. – Vanessa Tan


Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

10 Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre in Singapore
Song Fa – Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre Singapore
ServicesPork Ribs Soup, Braised Sides Platter
Price Range 
Contact Detailscontact@songfa.com.sg
Address1 Maritime Square, 02-74/75 Singapore 099253

Johor Road, Singapore, 1969: Their Legacy He provided the tables gathered by his pushcart with bowl after bowl of sizzling hot Bak Kut Teh for hours in the scorching sun. He believed that the bak kut was running low. It was time to replenish the meat supply in the fridge at his friend’s nearby booze store.

These were Song Fa Bak Kut Teh’s modest beginnings. From just one street vendor selling meals, they have come a long way. However, our pushcart logo serves as a constant reminder of what we stand for: a unique Bak Kut Teh experience with tender, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs, hot, flavorful, spicy-peppery soup, and a retro dining atmosphere from the 1960s.

Customer Reviews

We ordered one portion of loin bakutteh soup and ribs. Both are perfectly cooked. The meat was so tender. Service is quick and responsive. Recommended! – Aldi Wijaya Hutani


Tuk Tuk Cha

10 Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre in Singapore
Tuk Tuk Cha – Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre Singapore
ServicesThai Cuisine, Milk Tea, Tom Yam
Price Range 
Contact Detailshello@tuktukcha.com
Address80 Middle road #M01-K1 Bugis Junction Singapore, Singapore 529536

Why not let them bring your favorite milk tea to you instead of making the long trip to Thailand? New Thai café Tuk Tuk Cha offers daily freshly prepared Thai tea and coffee, with rates starting at $1.60. The first Tuk Tuk Cha location opened at Suntec City in June 2015, and Harbourfront is now home to our thirteenth location. They also serve classic Thai dishes such as tom yum noodles, Thai beef noodles, green curry, and desserts in addition to coffee, tea, and sweets.

Customer Reviews

One of our favorites with 2 options nonspicy. Soft and tasty, our baby also likes it. They are having a 10% discount for takeaway 1 set, and 15% for 2 sets. – Hue Tran

Best Restaurants in Harbourfront Centre in Singapore


ServicesIce cream, Pasta, Snacks & Finger Food, Cake
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 69800442
Address1 Maritime Square, #01-04, Harbourfront Centre, Singapore 099253

In order to satisfy the growing demands of Singaporeans who love food but are too busy to prepare a fancy meal for themselves, Melvados was founded in 2004. Their love of food inspired them to open a gourmet marketplace with a variety of frozen ready-to-eat meals and delectable sweets ideal for busy schoolchildren between classes, dinner parties, potlucks, and even BBQs. There is something for every member of the family among the more than 150 goods, which include brownies, cheesecakes, ice creams, brittles, cookies, lava cakes, lasagnas, wraps, soups, pies, pestos, and more.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to my ex-colleague who sent me a gift pack from Melvados. Since then I have been returning for 3rd time to stock up on my fridge. My family loves the cake sampler, wraps, quiche, ice cream, and pasta items. – Don Yap


Seoul Garden

ServicesKorean Cuisine, Seafood, Barbeque
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6710 6339
Address1 Maritime Square #01-65/66 HarbourFront Centre S(099253)

You can get our renowned Korean marinated meats for the grill and fresh ingredients for our hotpot stocks in “buffet” sizes at Seoul Garden. Whether you’re searching for culinary inspiration or something special to do. Everyone can find something to eat, and it’s all great!

Customer Reviews

Very good service. The staff was very accommodating. The regular buffet menu is already excellent without the need of addons. – SQ


The Soup Spoon

ServicesSoups, Stocks & Sauces, Meats & Seafood, Pasta & Pizza, Salad Base
Price Range 
Contact Detailscustomer@thesoupspoon.com
AddressHarbourFront Centre #01-01/02/03

The Soup Spoon promotes healthy eating and being creative in the kitchen. They favor returning to the simple, natural methods of using ingredients with no added preservatives and sustainable sources in order to build a balanced approach to food. In addition to their traditional soups like Roasted Pumpkin Soup and Beef Goulash Soup, The Soup Spoon also draws inspiration from the world’s cuisines, carefully guarded family recipes, and travel-related personal experiences to create distinctive Souper Inspirations soups and healthful meals. The food on the menu is more than just a “place to sip soup,” and you’ll find it to be hearty, wholesome, homey, and quite delicious.

Customer Reviews

Nice Halal Food. Laksa soup is good, but clam chowder is not so good. Unfortunately, they don’t serve white rice. – Ruli R


Simply Wrapps

ServicesBest Salads and Wraps, Chef Creations, Make Your Own, Beverages
Price Range 
Contact Details+65 6271 0686
Address1 Maritime Square#01-51/52 Harbourfront Centre Singapore, Singapore 099253

Your body and mind will be nourished by the delicious and healthy wraps, salads, cold press juices, and hot organic beverages that Simply Wrapps offers. Diners will have an unlimited number of healthy and enticing options for a Healthy every day with more than 50 nutritious toppings rich in fiber and vitamins, more than 18 delectable low-fat dressings prepared fresh on a daily basis for your mix and match, more than 15 different Chef Creations to choose from, and many choices of healthy cold-pressed juices and hot organic beverages.

Each of their cafés has a wonderful setting and a welcoming atmosphere. This enables our guests to enjoy our fantastic food in an extremely cozy setting. We provide everyone with delicious, healthy food and drinks in a welcoming café setting at a very reasonable price.

Customer Reviews

Guilt-free salad bowls and wraps are offered here at this salad shop. I tried the mango chicken bowl and it was filling and hearty. Will want to try other items on the menu as there are quite a lot of options available. Sauces can be on the side if you request it and the options for sauces are a long list that includes mayo, yogurt, Caesar, sweet onion, wasabi mayo, and many more. – Shaun Chen

When visiting Harbourfront, you won’t go without food. There are many delectable selections to choose from, whether you’re craving comfort cuisine or cafe fare. Look into these Korean BBQ Restaurant’s treasures for more delicious meals.

Frequently Asked Question


Which part of Singapore is HarbourFront?

Located along Singapore’s southern coast, HarbourFront is one of Singapore’s many gateways to the sea.

What region is HarbourFront?

HarbourFront is a waterfront district situated in southern Singapore. Whilst HarbourFront’s boundaries are ambiguous, its location is roughly represented on the URA’s Master Plan as a subzone called Maritime Square, located within the Bukit Merah Planning Area.

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