The Finest Filled and Chewy Donuts in Singapore

In the heart of Singapore, welcome to the delicious world of filled and chewy donuts! Get ready to set off on a delectable voyage that will titillate your taste senses and leave you wanting more. Our stuffed and chewy doughnuts stand out as a must-try treat in Singapore’s diversified culinary scene, which is recognized for its wide range of culinary offerings.

These exquisite treats are likely to captivate your senses and leave you with a greater respect for the art of doughnut creation, whether you’re a local food fan or an inquisitive tourist. Come along with us as we discover the lovely world of filled and chewy donuts in Singapore, where every mouthful is a delightful surprise just waiting to be relished.

Best Filled and Chewy Donuts in Singapore


Doughter Bakery

The Finest Filled and Chewy Donuts in Singapore
Doughter Bakery – Filled and Chewy Donuts Singapore
ServicesFilled and Chewy Donuts
Operating HoursDaily: 10 AM–7 PM
Sunday and Monday: Closed
Contact Details+65 9880 5721
Address127 Lor L Telok Kurau, Singapore 425562

This renowned online bakery, run by a skilled mother-daughter team, has won fans over with its mouthwatering selection of mochi muffins, cookies, and, of course, irresistible mochi donuts. Enjoy the pure extravagance of these sweets, which are topped with lovely garnishes like crumbled caramel, opulent Ferrero Rocher with fine gold flakes, and even delicate dried flower petals. They only use the best Belgian chocolate to produce a unique sensory experience, and every mouthful of these baked treats is a tribute to their dedication to excellence.

Customer Reviews

Love their service and were very quick in terms of responding and delivering the dessert! Highly recommend their mochi cake which has a soft and chewy texture internally yet a fluffy and flavourful exterior! Cookies are baked with the right amount of sweetness and it’s delightful! – Gan Cheng Yee

Amazing baked goods from this humble local bakery! Especially love the unique mochi cakes that have a nice crunch on the outside but soft and fluffy inside. The sweetness is just right and it’s really hard to stop at one. You have to try the kaya coconut flavor if you are a big fan of kaya. The owner is very friendly and prompt in her response. It’s a good place to buy nice treats for yourself and your loved ones! – Debi Seah

Many places do mochi bakes but Doughter is consistently the best. Bought their chocolate mochi muffins 3 times already! – PH


Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery

The Finest Filled and Chewy Donuts in Singapore
Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery – Filled and Chewy Donuts Singapore
ServicesFilled and Chewy Donuts
Operating HoursDaily: 10:30 AM–5:30 PM
Monday: Close
Contact Details+65 9847 0203
Address9 Penang Rd, #02-03, Singapore 238459

The innovative Singaporean bakery whose handcrafted sourdough bomboloni has completely transformed the doughnut industry. Leading this bakery is the skilled Genevieve Lee, who finished second in the first season of MasterChef Singapore in 2018. Each delicious creation offers a wide variety of possibilities and is a light and airy burst of flavors.

Enjoy the Classic Cinnabombe, a delectable sourdough and bomboloni mixture coated with cinnamon and sugar. Discover the OG Sourbombe, which exudes the acidic aromas and full splendor of sourdough. Enjoy the Kahla Coffee Pistachio for a special twist. It’s a seductive blend of coffee Kahla custard, alcoholic mousse, and liberally packed caramelized pistachios for the ideal harmony of sweet and salty flavors. These taste bombs, which reinvent the doughnut experience, will wow you.

Customer Reviews

Tried the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline, Basque Burned Cheesecake & Milo Sourbombes recommended by the friendly staff Hakim & it was amazing!!! The dough was light & it was filled with velvety/creamy fillings. Great service & tasty pastries. Would definitely be back for more! – Zakiyah Bari

If you follow their reheating instructions closely, you will be handsomely rewarded with sourdough pillows of a most fabulous texture. The fillings for each of the bombe are creative and very well-calibrated in terms of flavor. My favorites would be the Blueberry with Lemon Thyme, and the savoury Basque Burnt Cheesecake! – Veronica Phua

A great treat that is as pleasing to the tastebuds as it is to the eyes!!! Love the tangy sourdough base! – Charlottemei


Puffs And Peaks Bakery

The Finest Filled and Chewy Donuts in Singapore
Puffs And Peaks Bakery – Filled and Chewy Donuts Singapore
ServicesFilled and Chewy Donuts
Operating HoursDaily: 10:30 AM–5 PM
Monday – Wednesday: Closed
Address866A Tampines Street 83, #03-03 Central Community Complex, Singapore 521866

Enjoy a delicious selection of delicacies from this adorable bakery, which is beautifully made by a creative mother-daughter team. Enjoy their delicious cookies, fudgy brownies, and delectable pieces of banana bread. Additionally, they provide a variety of doughnut selections to sate your appetites.

Choose the traditional cinnamon or try one of the interesting varieties, like Mango and pomelo, where zesty mango custard and bittersweet pomelo flesh are the ideal complements. Their Kopi Siew Dai, which uses condensed milk as an infusion for a well-rounded, less sweet, and deliciously bitter flavor, is back by popular demand. For those in need of a savory delicacy, they offer a Sour Cream & Chives doughnut that has fresh chives mixed in with creamy cheese.

Customer Reviews

They so kindly did a customized no-sugar dusting exterior and freshly piped their National Day seasonal flavor of Pulut Hitam for me!! It was even specially indicated as (less sweet) and indeed it was less sweet!!
Donuts feel just like the solid lovely old-school twisted donut style. But with NICE CREAM OF pulut hitam that had such a nice consistency. Makes such a lovely treat
. – Tabitha

Very small hand-made bakery for take-out orders only. Can probably fit max 2-3 customers at a time. – Kelvin Wee

As a person who loves and has tried a myriad of baked goods, you better believe that Puffs and Peaks is one of the best out there. Their donuts are fluffy and they are super generous with their fillings. My personal favorite is their vanilla donut – delicious, smooth, and creamy vanilla custard, just sweet enough to leave you wanting more. They also have great seasonal items and their honey mascarpone cheese cake with lemon whip and THYME crust is TO DIE FOR. Who in this world would put THYME into a cheesecake crust o m g so so so smart and delicious? Pls fight me on this but they truly make the best cheesecakes Thanks for listening to my TED talk. – Vicki Thng


Doughnut Shack

The Finest Filled and Chewy Donuts in Singapore
Doughnut Shack – Filled and Chewy Donuts Singapore
ServicesFilled and Chewy Donuts
Operating HoursDaily: 11 AM–7 PM
Monday: Closed
Contact Details+65 9030 0337
Address151 Kitchener Road, , Singapore, 208526

Visit Doughnut Shack to indulge in the best doughnut and bomboloni experience possible. Here, their love with tempting tastes is brought to life. The huge selection of around twenty delectable kinds that this specialist store offers will fulfill all of your demands. Discover the delectable Crème Brulee bombolini, which has a rich, creamy vanilla custard center and a crispy caramel exterior.

Enjoy the creamy peanut butter and sweet jam that are the ideal complement to one another in the Peanut Butter Jam bombolini, which has a sugar-coated surface. Try the Fruity Cereal doughnut for a novel twist; it is covered in crunchy cereal for a delicious crunch and a hint of sweetness. In order to keep you coming back for more, Doughnut Shack is committed to providing an excellent and unforgettable taste experience.

Customer Reviews

On the pricier side but sososo good! Their dough is super soft and chewy, but gotta admit that it’s oilier than the commercial brand donuts. Used to frequent the Whampoa outlet because we stayed near but this was the first revisit after their big move and the new place is super spacious and I love the self-service concept which relieves me from the stress of ordering with others waiting behind me. – Eunice Pang Zhi Yi

Amazing doughnuts, worth the visit! Excellent friendly service from the ladies. Loved the chunky strawberry jam in the PB&J doughnut, and the use of real apple and pear in their respective doughnuts! They really didn’t cut any corners, full flavor. Genuinely impressed, I’ll be back. – Charles Poiron

My fave is the Nutella & pistachio bombs. Soooo good. They are so generous with the fillings! Did a takeout this time. Will try to dine in and have coffee when I have the chance. My go-to place for doughnuts! – Bernie Chin


The Fat Kid Bakery

The Finest Filled and Chewy Donuts in Singapore
The Fat Kid Bakery – Filled and Chewy Donuts Singapore
ServicesFilled and Chewy Donuts
Operating HoursMonday to Thursday: 9 AM – 5 PM
Friday: 9 AM – 6.30 PM
Saturday: 10.30 AM – 4 PM
Sunday: Closed
Contact Details+65 8836 4833
Address39 Amoy St, Singapore 069865

The Fat Kid Bakery, a paradise for delectable delicacies, was established in 2020 by a remarkable self-taught baker. They have a delicious selection of croissants, eclairs, and sourdough bombolonis that are worth every calorie. Get ready to quench your desires. Explore a box full of tantalizing tastes including the decadent Chocolate Mess, the rich Vanilla Creme Brulee, the scented Earl Grey Milk Tea, the sumptuous Blueberry Cheesecake, the lovely Sea Salt Maple, and the energizing Citrus Bomb.

An explosion of flavor is promised in every bite, leaving you craving more. Explore their savory assortment instead, which includes appealing choices like the Torched Mentaiko Cream, savory Sour Cream & Onion, or the delectable Roasted Garlic Mascarpone. Enjoy these delicious concoctions and you won’t regret indulging in a genuinely lovely experience.

Customer Reviews

My wife and I are fans of bomboloni so when we heard of The Fat Kid Bakery, we knew we had to swing by to try their bombolonis. Their shop is located along Amoy Street, adjacent to the ever-busy Amoy Street Food Centre. We selected four of their signature sweet bombos and we weren’t disappointed with the generous fillings in each of those fluffy soft bombos. Their new savory stuffed donuts will be next on our list to try. They also have a coffee station if ever you wanna pair their bombos with a cup of coffee. – Jeang Meng Chen

Came on a Tuesday noon around 2 p.m. and ordered their savory garlic sourdough bombo ($6.50). Wanted to try their mentaiko but it was sold out at 1 pm. Was informed that they can do pickup orders 3 days in advance. The garlic has a strong flavor that compliments well with the chives and sour cream in it. It is definitely a good doughnut and I enjoyed it. – Shaun Leong

Enjoyed the donuts a lot!! The staff was friendly and gave great recommendations. The donuts remained fresh after staying in the fridge for a day and there was a slight hint of fried buttery taste which I loved. I would highly recommend the chocolate mess for the mix of 60% dark chocolate (cmiiw) and its sweetness level was just right for me. – Leanne J

The Finest Filled and Chewy Donuts in Singapore

In summary, Singapore’s full and chewy doughnut culture is a wonderful and alluring experience. You’ll be taken to a world of sweetness and flavor that is genuinely memorable from the minute you take your first mouthful. These donuts are a tribute to Singapore’s superior culinary skills, whether you want to indulge in traditional fillings or daringly inventive combinations. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in these delicious delicacies if you find yourself in this energetic city since they are guaranteed to sate your sweet tooth and leave you beaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which country is famous for doughnut?

Canada’s BeaverTail. Canada is the nation that loves doughnuts the most in all of North America and the world. Doughnut businesses and per capita consumption of doughnuts are both higher in Canada than in any other nation.

What is the most famous donut place in the world?

With 11,000 locations in 33 countries, Dunkin’ Donuts is the largest chain of doughnut shops. After opening in 1948 under the name Kettle Donuts, it began selling franchises in 1950 and changed its name to Dunkin’ Donuts.

What country sells the most donuts?

Perhaps you should be considering a doughnut, but not just any donut. doughnut from Tim Hortons. No other nation in the world consumes more doughnuts per capita than Canada.

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