The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore

The diverse cuisine scene in Singapore is undoubtedly a reflection of the city’s multicultural makeup. One of Singapore’s top exotic food restaurants is a must-visit if you’re searching for an incredible gastronomic experience. When it comes to foreign food, there is something for everyone, from Thai to Indian to Malay. We’ll look at seven of Singapore’s top unusual cuisine establishments in this blog article!

Best Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore


Beirut Grill

The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore
Beirut Grill – Exotic Food Restaurants Singapore
ServicesExotic Food Restaurant, Middle Eastern Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM / 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Contact Details+65 9069 1925
Address72 Bussorah St, Singapore 199485

An unusual but wonderful eating experience. Beirut Grill, which opened in 2009 and serves some of the best Middle Eastern and Lebanese food in Asia, will undoubtedly excite and enchant your senses with the flavor of our delectable mezza enriched with olive oil, spices, and herbs. The finest stores in Beirut, Lebanon are used to acquire all essential spices and herbs.


  • Wide Variety of International Flavors
Customer Reviews

The food is fantastic! There are many varieties of food you can choose from the menu. I personally like the Beirut mint tea which I find it really good. A must to try. Love the ambiance. You really feel like you are in Beirut! The staff was friendly, helpful, courteous, and attentive. It’s located at Arab street near Sultan Mosque. – Din Neo


Lime House

The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore
Lime House – Exotic Food Restaurants Singapore
ServicesExotic Food Restaurant, Caribbean Restaurant
Operating HoursTuesday – Sunday: 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6222 3130
Address2 Jiak Chuan Rd, Singapore 089260

The Lime House offers a sense of comfort and adventure because of the prominent lime-green pattern that permeates everything. Arranging Energy at a restaurant may be challenging, but Lime House’s excellent music and casual environment always set me in the perfect mood to jive and interact. The Lime House is unafraid to dish up traditional Caribbean fare that has been updated. The meal that best represents Caribbean cuisine is the coffee-jerk rubbed steak.


  • Freshly Made Authentic Caribbean Cuisine
Customer Reviews

This is a fantastic restaurant. Really chill vibes. The food is super delicious. The goat curry is so tender and flavourful. The crab starter is great. But my absolute favorite is fried plantain. An easy recommendation. Have already been there a couple of times and am pretty sure many more to come. – BV


Aloha Poke

The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore
Aloha Poke – Exotic Food Restaurants Singapore
ServicesExotic Food Restaurant, Hawaiian Restaurant
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 11:30 AM–8 PM
Contact Details+65 6214 3378
AddressJewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, #05-200, Singapore, Singapore

Hawaiian staple poke, or “Poh-Kay,” is a favorite dish of surfers everywhere. The main ingredients in traditional poke are seasoned ahi (tuna), toasted sesame seeds, sweet onions, and scallions. It’s delicious on its own, but you can also serve it with rice and a salad for a heartier supper. With ample portions of tuna or salmon that have been delicately marinated in our secret sauces, Aloha’s poke is always made from scratch. It is then topped with a variety of add-ons and superfoods. It’s Aloha Poké, not simply Tuna Tartar.

The first of its sort in Singapore is Aloha Poké. With each taste, our fish will transport you back to that ideal sunny day on Waikiki Beach, staying loyal to our Hawaiian history. You’ll be transported to the Pacific Ocean by the crisp veggies. Aloha! With no associated remorse, poke will keep you grinding (Hawaiian slang for “eating like there’s no tomorrow”).


  • Heartier Meal
  • Superfoods
Customer Reviews

After eating at Aloha Poke for many years, I can say that the taste has been really great and consistent. While the portion sizes have decreased over time, the taste makes up for it. Aloha is the best poke shop in Singapore and I wish they’d open more stores. The staff here is really kind too. – Amelia



The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore
Shabestan – Exotic Food Restaurants Singapore
ServicesExotic Food Restaurant, Persian/Iranian Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 12–10 PM
Contact Details+65 9446 7195
Address80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-13, Singapore, Singapore

Shabestan is well-known for its top-notch food, gorgeous scenery, and close proximity to the Singapore River. Shabestan offers delicious meals and a view of the Singapore River. Mohammad Hosseini is fond of his charcoal grill, which creates that distinctive smoky, charred flavor, and uses it to cook the Kebab Barg ($45) at his Iranian restaurant. The succulent lamb fillets are roasted over charcoal while being seasoned with saffron and spices. The method of cooking over charcoal offers a superb flavor while keeping the meat intact.


  • Multi-Award Winning Persian Restaurant
Customer Reviews

Classy Middle-Eastern Cuisine Restaurant. – Beary Beary

The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore

Bob’s Bar

The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore
Bob’s Bar – Exotic Food Restaurants Singapore
ServicesExotic Food Restaurant, Craft Cocktail Bar
Operating HoursDaily: 3–11 PM
Contact Details+65 6591 5047
Address1 The Knolls, Singapore 098297

Bob’s Tavern is a wonderful location that embraces a relaxed authenticity in the midst of a gorgeous colonial environment. Our drinks include a contemporary approach to taste combinations and represent a commitment to sustainability. They are created by drawing inspiration from the sights, sounds, and colors of Sentosa’s tropical forest.


  • Panoramic Views
Customer Reviews

I was at Bob‘s Bar with my wife last night. We have to admit, this was the best place for a date we had been to. Very romantic settings and the Hotel itself was beautiful. The service was exceptional because the staff and the manager are very attentive and super polite. The food, OMG the food is very very tasty and the drinks are exquisite. To all the couples or who want to become couples out there, this is the perfect place for a date. We highly recommend this place. Many thanks to the staff and the manager for the great and friendly service! – Johny Kim


Blu Kouzina

The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore
Blu Kouzina – Exotic Food Restaurants Singapore
ServicesExotic Food Restaurant, Greek Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 11:30 AM–3:30 PM, 5:30–10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 9728 7514
Address10 Dempsey Rd, #01-20, Singapore 247700

The ancient Greek food was made with the purest, least-processed ingredients possible. The ingredients you utilize are what ultimately define the quality of your cuisine. The Green Gold Tsakiris Family Estate in Messinia, Greece, where Kouzina Oil Mill is headquartered, produces the finest olive oil. The family’s olive orchards use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and are totally organic. Greek cuisine never lacks for taste, but it also never overpowers.


  • Authentic Mediterranean taste and tradition in Singapore
Customer Reviews

Our favorite Greek restaurant. The 3 dips is recommended with a choice of the dips. I would go with a spicy dip and a choice of 2 others. The meat platter was also very good with the lamb chops being very tender. The place is very busy during weekends and you need to book ahead. The food is great and the ambiance of the restaurant is welcoming. – Lionel Tan



The Finest Exotic Food Restaurants in Singapore
Bochinche – Exotic Food Restaurants Singapore
ServicesExotic Food Restaurant, Argentinian Restaurant
Operating HoursDaily: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM / 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM
Contact Details+65 6235 4990
Address27 Club St, Singapore 069413

BonCHINche does a great job of presenting authentic Argentine food and offering a fresh viewpoint on the nation’s culinary heritage. The ingredients are allowed to speak for themselves in BoCHINche cuisine, and they are blended in ways that neither overshadow nor compete with one another.


  • Lively, Modern Atmosphere
  • Delicious Dishes
Customer Reviews

Wonderful experience in this restaurant with super friendly staff. The manager helps us with the choice of food so that we experience what Argentina food is about. He also ensures that the right portion of the food is ordered. The grilled octopus is my favorite and the beef platter is good too. – Derek Neo

From Iranian to Brazilian cuisine, Singapore offers a vast variety of international culinary restaurants. Whether you’re searching for a heavy dinner or something lighter, there’s bound to be an unusual restaurant in Singapore that will fulfill your needs. So why are you still waiting? Go outside and discover all the mouthwatering possibilities!

Do check out our list of Places for Mediterranean Food and have time to try their delicious food.

Frequently Asked Question


What food is famous in Singapore?

Singapore is notably known for its seafood. Two traditional meals that rule the scene and are highly recommended to tourists are chili crab and black pepper crab. The sambal stingray is another popular species. The most popular dish in the meat category is Hainanese chicken rice.

What is Singapore’s national food?

A serving of roasted or poached chicken over aromatic rice is a favorite dish for many Singaporeans. It is sometimes referred to be the nation’s dish.

What country eats the most exotic food?

China. Although there are many urban legends surrounding Chinese cuisine, the reality is that it is one of the world’s most varied cuisines.

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