10 Best Dessert Places in Singapore

Singapore may be a small island, but it is a tourist powerhouse, with about 18.5 million visitors in 2018. Singapore’s booming food sector is one of the city’s key draws. Singapore is a hub for gastro-tourists who are eating their way around the world, from its hawker centres, where thousands of food vendors provide street cuisine, to high-end restaurants established by world-famous chefs.

Aside from its amazing culinary scene, which is influenced by Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Indonesian cuisines, the city also has a delectable dessert culture to discover. Dessert cafés in Singapore have everything your sweet craving might want, from European and Western-inspired cakes and pastries to Asian-inspired delicacies like dessert soup. Whether you’re a foodie wanting to cross another destination off your bucket list or a tourist looking for a sweet treat after a long day of touring, be sure to stop by the best dessert places in Singapore.

Best Dessert Places in Singapore


The Tiramisu Hero

Tiramisu Hero - Dessert Places in Singapore
Tiramisu Hero – Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsTiramisu and savoury meals cafe, Dessert Singapore
Price Range
Contact Details+6562925271
Address121 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207548

If the name doesn’t give it away, this place is all about tiramisu! The Tiramisu Hero, located in the vibrant Jalan Besar district, first opened its doors in 2013, offering personalized tiramisu in up to 20 flavours. To add a modern twist to the classic pleasure, choose from flavours like hojicha, yuzu, Milo, or Speculoos. Furthermore, you may customize the amount of wetness, sweetness, and alcohol in your tiramisu to your liking!


  • Weddings, birthdays, corporate events, photoshoots
  • A delectable selection of sweet and savoury dishes
  • Buffet / canapé style
Customer Review

Enjoy every bite of the food served. Nice and friendly staff who is willing to explain how to do online orders. – Yew Kong Ng

Nice environment to chill. Special love to Yuzu Tiramisu. – Wendy Goh

A good place to enjoy a cup of coffee with friendly service. – James Chong


The Wonderment Collective

The Wonderment Collective - Dessert Places in Singapore
The Wonderment Collective – Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsTarts, Macarons, Assorted Cookies, Assorted Cakes, Dessert
Price Range
Contact Details+656980 0793
Address90 Lorong 23 Geylang, #01-01 Agrow Building Singapore 388393

The Wonderment Collective, which has been making sweet treats since 2004, thinks that the most sincere gifts are sweet delicacies to be shared with loved ones. When you combine that with elegant gift baskets and tastefully designed labels and packaging, you’ve got yourself a source of luxury bespoke presents!

Their Pineapple Tarts, among other baked goods, are produced from a secret family recipe dating back to the 1930s. TWC assures you won’t go seeking other pineapple tarts once you’ve tried theirs, thanks to the balanced sweetness and richness of well-sourced ingredients, as well as subtle undertones of delicate spices elevating the pineapple jam, caramelised to perfection. Furthermore, they sell a variety of unusual desserts and other delicacies that are not available on their website but are available in their La Boutique. The brick-and-mortar store is also decked up in its unique European and Asian design patterns, providing the perfect setting for your sophisticated snacks or a high-tea session with friends or family!


  • Traditional Bakes
  • Outstanding & Quality Service
Customer Review

Super delish cakes and tarts and awesome teas as well! Great ambience, price is also super affordable 🙂 – Blue J

Meticulous wrapped, a perfect surprise for friends and family. Looks good for the gram too. – Dorothy Ong

Awesome tea and bakes in a very pretty setting a short distance from Aljunied MRT. – Anselm


Nasty Cookie

Nasty Cookie - Dessert Places in Singapore
Nasty Cookie – Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsGourmet Cookies, Dessert
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6802 8290
Address107 North Bridge Road, Funan Mall #02-35 Singapore 179105
1 Kaki Bukit View #01-02 Singapore 415941

Nasty Cookie, Singapore’s first-ever New-York gourmet cookie store, opened its doors in October 2018. The crunchy, chunky, and chewy textures of the Jumbo NY-inspired gourmet cookies are combined in one cookie. These handcrafted pleasures are made with only excellent dark couverture chocolates, resulting in a taste that is both rich and decadent in every bite. While attaining the right mix of sweetness, expect a nice surprise for your taste receptors. These aren’t ordinary cookies; they’re downright horrible.


  • Crunchy
  • Chunky
  • Gooey
Customer Review

It was served warm and the cookie was crispy on the outside and moist inside. Strongly recommended. – Tze Wee Tan

The best cookie by far! Original Choc Chip is my all-time fav! – Lee Yana

Highly recommend the Lotus and dark chocolate cookies 👍🏻 will be back to try the red velvet and peanut butter ones! – Su L



Kura- Dessert Places in Singapore
Kura- Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsCakes, Savoury Bites, Drinks, Desserts
Price Range
Contact Detailshello@kura.sg
Address46 Kim Yam Road, The Herencia, #01-07 Singapore 23935

KURA is a Japanese word that denotes both Koojee and Rachel, as well as a little house where one puts one’s valuables. Thus, KURA’s mission is to create outstanding artisanal pastries by combining French techniques with Japanese ingredients.

Rachel and Koojee enjoy employing traditional French techniques in their cooking because they are the foundation of all classic pastries. At their counter, you can choose from 16 to 20 various desserts. Asians, according to the team, enjoy the lightness of varied textures combined with a rush of acidity, which is occasionally complemented by local flavours. That’s why some of their most popular pastries combine traditional flavours with cutting-edge technology to produce a wonderfully complex delicacy!


  • All Day Dining
  • Delivery with Minimum Amount Required
Customer Review

Delicious and nice looking. The atmosphere is nice though a shared space so not a tearoom at such. – Isabelle Claus Teixeira

I got 2 huge cakes for my girl’s 1st Birthday and everyone loved the cakes. From the kids to the grandparents- they were not too sweet and so fresh! Lovely experience! – Shareen Lim

Delicious pastries made with love taste wonderful without burning a hole in my pocket. – Marina Buenaventura



Dohkie- Dessert Places in Singapore
Dohkie- Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsCookie Dough, Desserts
Price Range
Contact Details+6587973903
Address803 North Bridge Road, #01-01, Singapore 198771

DOHKIE is Singapore’s first and only edible cookie dough shop. DOHKIE has been spreading the love for edible cookie dough since 2018, whipping up fresh cookie dough in 8 different flavours every day to satisfy your sweet craving.

Are you sick of the same old desserts and want to try something new? Visit DOHKIE to see if their chilled edible cookie dough, with its distinct flavour and texture, is right for you! Who knows, this could be the dessert you’ve been looking for. For that cookie dough fix at any moment, dine-in and takeaway choices are available.


  • Unique Flavors
Customer Review

Order this Lovely cookie dough for Xmas! Great taste. – Elaine Lai

This is one of the only places to try cookie dough, and it tastes awesome as well! This is a must-try for all dessert lovers! – Gerald Ang

Surprising find at HavelockII basement. Basically, it is ice cream that is thicker and doesn’t melt. The milkshakes are great too, with lots of flavours and very fulfilling. – Vick JL Ong

Finest Dessert Places in Singapore

Dolç Patisserie

Dolç Patisserie- Dessert Places in Singapore
Dolç Patisserie – Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsFood, Beverages and Desserts
Price Range
Contact Details+6596784686
Address67 Kampong Bahru Road #01-00 Singapore 169371

Dolç Patisserie is a pastry store that combines French techniques with contemporary flavours and Spanish inspirations. Dolç Patisserie creates delicate yet eye-catching items using high-quality ingredients, subtle flavours, and innovative techniques. Dolç Patisserie will serve distinctive baked delicacies that reflect the dessert scene in Barcelona for limited periods of the year in order to bring a piece of Barcelona to Singapore. Dolç Patisserie has something to satisfy everyone’s sweet craving, whether it’s a warm buttery croissant or petit gateaux.


  • High-Quality Pastries
  • Made from Scratch
  • Various Flavors
Customer Review

Great bakery and patisserie in Sant Cugat, you can’t miss it! – Miquel Sabrià Bernabeu

Love this place for its relaxed and serene ambience. Lovely owner too. – Charmaine Sim

Great Pastries! Love em! a good daily fix perhaps! – Rueben Pillay


Dessert First

Dessert First- Dessert Places in Singapore
Dessert First- Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsHot & Cold Desserts
Price Range
Contact Details+6592415672
Address8 Liang Seah Street #01-04 Singapore 189029

Dessert First, which opened in 2009, specializes in high-quality desserts produced with the freshest natural ingredients. Dessert First, located in Liang Seah, is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable dining experience, pleasant service, and delicious desserts at a reasonable price. Enjoy the cool taste of freshly made snow ice/shaved ice in a variety of flavours like mango, strawberry, chocolate, and even durian. Alternatively, try the classic homemade Belgian waffles with ice cream, which are simple yet wonderful!


  • Wide Variety of Popular Snow Ice/Shaved Ice 
  • Fresh Fresh Mango & Durian
  • Friendly & Professional Service
Customer Review

A bowl of Durian ice shaving is good enough to share between 2. They are so generous to give so much durian puree. Will come back again to try their other dessert soon. – Goh Siew Ting

Very tasty dessert! But the covid restrictions mean two diners will be seated side by side which was a bit awkward to chat. – Ben C

Ordered Mango Shaved Ice and Durian Snow Ice for the first time. It was really nice and tasty. The desserts aren’t too sweet and the size was just nice after having a full dinner. – Lee Ker Yih


Mrs Plumps

Mrs Plumps- Dessert Places in Singapore
Mrs Plumps- Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsHealthy Ice Cream, Dessert
Price Range
Contact Details+659186 5011
AddressimPAct@Hong Lim Green, 20 Upper Pickering St, #01-01, Singapore

Mrs Plump’s is the first superfood ice cream in Singapore. Mrs Plump, the mother of two obnoxious preschooler twin boys, has been sneaking part of their daily fruit and vegetable servings into their favourite treat… ice cream, of course! Superfoods like kale, chia seeds, and berries are emulsified into the mixture, resulting in a deceivingly delicious treat. Agave, dates, and fruits are used to naturally sweeten their ice creams, and superfoods like kale, chia seeds, and berries are emulsified into the mixture, resulting in a deceivingly delicious treat.

Mrs Plump’s also has keto vegan superfood ice cream, vegan sugar-free superfood popsicles, and an ever-changing, delicious CheatDay line with seasonal flavours. There is really something for everyone when it comes to ice cream. Mrs Plump’s ice creams are definitely a labour of love, handcrafted in small batches by her. Chocolate Kale, Banana Dates, Keto Cinnamon Coconut, and Strawberry Popsicles are some of their best-selling flavours, which you can get in-store or online. Something healthy has never tasted so fantastic!


  • Superfood Range
  • Keto Range
  • Superfood Popsicle Range
  • Cheat day Range
Customer Review

This is the best ice cream in Singapore!! – Miho Jackson

The best Ice creams in town. Very creamy and flavourful, and yet healthy. None of the nasty stuff. A totally guilt-free treat for the whole family. All the flavours are unique and equally delicious, thanks for the yummy treat! – Rashi Shukul

Delicious flavour and super quality! – Arunima Bhaumik


Milleaville Macarons

Milleaville Macarons - Dessert Places in Singapore
Milleaville Macarons – Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsMacarons, Desserts
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9050 5780
Address51 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #01-84, Singapore 310051

Milleaville Macarons began a few years ago and has come a long way in the pursuit of our baking and entrepreneurship passions. They experimented with many recipes for a year before settling on the perfect texture and flavour of macarons that their consumers now love. Do you want to know what the secret components are? Every macaron is crafted and baked with their hearts and souls (and many late nights)! It’s a cliche, but it’s also true.


  • Best Qualities of Ingredients
  • Customized Macarons
  • Worth Every Calorie
Customer Review

My daughters love Milleaville Macarons. All my favours tasted fantastic! Highly recommended for all functions and celebrations. – 汪余秋鳳

Came across this macaroons brand with Digital Shilin. Bought all 12 pcs flavours and enjoyed it. – PaulynMidore IShare

Thanks for customising the macarons for my gal’s 1st bday. My guests love it so much as they commented not so sweet. 👍🏼 Will order again in the near future. – Fion Chia


Tom’s Palette

Tom's Palette - Dessert Places in Singapore
Tom’s Palette – Dessert Places in Singapore
ProductsGelato, Waffles, Brownies, Dessert
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6977 9749
Address51 Middle Rd, #01-01, Singapore 188959

Tom’s Palette is most known for colouring outside the culinary lines, having been founded in 2005 out of their love and passion for ice cream. Their increasing collection of 180 flavours includes both classics and unorthodox inventions, such as Salted Egg Yolk, Nasi Lemak, and Mango Sticky Rice, and they’re always challenging the concept of what makes gelato wonderful. Fresh and raw ingredients are at the heart of their concept, and every tub, pint, or cup is produced by hand without the use of stabilizers, premixes, or artificial flavouring.


  • 27 Gelato Flavors and More
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Consultation
Customer Review

The hazelnut flavour is heavenly! Waffles are just right for me. Cosy place. – Boon Hwee Chiu

Overall, it is one of the best places to have ice cream in Singapore. Many flavours, good taste and nice staff. – Trung Pham

This place popped up after a search for ice cream. Awesome selection of unique flavours and rather a cosy ambience. Affordable price for a cup of 2 flavours. – Lance Wang

This concludes our list of the best and finest dessert places in Singapore. Please let us know if you know of any other fantastic dessert experience that you think should be included on this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a dessert place called?

A pâtisserie (French pronunciation: [ptisi]) is a specialty bakery in Italy, France, or Belgium that specializes in pastries and sweets, as well as a name for these foods. A pâtisserie is a place where you may buy cakes and other sweet snacks.

What is the purpose of dessert?

Our appetite declines once we consume too much of the same sort of food, according to food expert Steven Witherly. Our brain is tricked into desiring more food by a dessert course. “We quickly minimize our hunger sensations and get full when we eat the savory meal – the joy of the first course has disappeared” (savory and hot)

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