Changi Chapel & Museum

A notable historical location in Singapore, Changi Chapel & Museum is devoted to preserving the memory of World War II, notably the experiences of prisoners of war (POWs) during the Japanese occupation of Singapore.

The Changi Chapel & Museum, which is situated in the eastern region of Singapore, serves as a somber reminder of the suffering and sacrifices made by those who were imprisoned in the Changi Prison during the war. The original Changi Chapel, which the POWs established as a place of worship and refuge, was demolished to make way for the museum.

The museum’s extensive collection of artifacts, images, and personal accounts gives visitors a fuller appreciation of the POWs’ life and the grueling circumstances they endured. It aims to recognize the fortitude and bravery of the captives, many of whom were military personnel from various Allied armies and civilians caught up in the chaos of battle.

Visitors may study the historical backdrop, day-to-day hardships, and acts of solidarity that defined life in Changi Prison during those sad times via meaningful exhibits and interactive displays. The exhibit also honors the people who helped their fellow captives survive the ordeal by showing extraordinary bravery and compassion, sometimes at great personal danger.

In addition to being instructive, a trip to the Changi Chapel & Museum offers the opportunity to honor the memories of those who suffered during times of conflict. It encourages empathy and memory among visitors from all walks of life by acting as an emotional reminder of the value of peace and understanding.

The Changi Chapel & Museum serves as a sad tribute to the past, ensuring that the tales of individuals who lived through those turbulent years are never forgotten as Singapore continues to develop as a modern and thriving city. It is still a site for thought and introspection, encouraging visitors to take lessons from the past and strive for a future devoid of war’s horrors.

Address1000 Upper Changi Road North, Singapore 507707
PriceGet Your Tickets Here
Opening Hours9.30 am to 5 pm
Tuesdays to Sundays
Closed every Monday except on Public Holidays
Last admission is at 4.30 pm


BUS. At the Changi Chapel Museum stop (97209) or the opposite Changi Chapel Museum stop (97201), you may get off bus numbers 2 and 29. It takes five minutes to walk there. Or get off at the Changi Women’s Prison station (97059) or the stop across from Changi Women’s Prison (97051), all of which are a 10-minute walk away.

CARS/MOTORCYCLES. There are a few metered parking spaces for automobiles and motorcyclists at the Changi Chapel and Museum. Additionally, there is no public parking nearby. To get to the museum, visitors are encouraged to utilize public transportation or a private vehicle.

MRT. You may get off the Downtown Line at Upper Changi Station (DT34), then take bus number 2 from Upper Changi Station/Opposite the SUTD stop (96041). Seven stations later, at the Opposite Changi Chapel Museum stop (97201), you will exit the train. From there, cross the street to the museum.

Google Reviews

Very special chapel to visit, tells the story of Changi Chapel and Camp, the staff was amazing so polite and helpful, we spent a bit over an hour going around the museum. There is a really nice restaurant right next door. Highly recommend going. – Shayne Johnston

Truly an incredible memorial to those interned at the various Changi camps. Great interactive displays and well worth the trip out. – Craig Stitt

More interactive displays for museum-goers. Engaging younger visitors as they can use the provided stylus pens to navigate the interactive displays. The panels serve as useful guides on the exhibition focus for different sections. A less cluttered look than before, with a focus on selected exhibits and the bulk of the information and images in the interactive displays and videos. – Sharon Seow

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