4 Best Baby Monitors in Singapore

Giving the best care to the child is every parent’s wish. That’s why technology has paved the way for better and intelligent baby care solutions. For example, the smart baby monitors available in the market can help you track each movement of your baby. Whether it’s crying or temperature fluctuations, baby monitors will alert you.

Today, we bring you the 5 best baby monitors available in Singapore. These products are listed based on crucial factors which play a prominent role in your baby’s care. Following were the points considered while filtering the products.

  • Media Quality
  • Alarm features
  • Night Vision
  • Special Features
  • Accessibility
  • Data Sharing
  • Sensors
  • Media Support
  • Battery Life
  • Transmission Range

Benefits and Uses of Baby Monitors

Having an innovative baby monitor system will definitely give you a sense of relief. After installing a smart baby monitor, you don’t need to worry about changing diapers as you’ll have an alarm when it is required. This device is more like a personal caretaker for your baby who’ll not miss any moment and can sense the upcoming problems that might disturb your little one.

You’ll enjoy the below-mentioned features if you bring one of our intelligent baby monitors.

  • Anytime-anywhere access to the live-view
  • Get innovative alarm features even when your baby needs a diaper change
  • High-resolution video capturing
  • Share the memorable moments with friends and family
  • Brilliant night vision with motion detection sensors

Choosing The Right Baby Monitor

The best baby monitor is the one that adapts to your surroundings and makes your baby feel safe. So, you might want to consider the quality of one aspect rather than the other due to your home’s environment.

While choosing the best baby monitor, you probably want to get the best baby monitor device. To make the selection process easy, we have laid down a step-by-step guide on choosing the best baby monitor.

  1. Media quality should be your top-most preference to instantly catch up with your baby’s activity more clearly.
  2. The installation process should be quick and straightforward
  3. The viewing angle should be decent enough to get a glance at the whole room
  4. The baby crying alert is a crucial unique feature. We’d recommend having it
  5. Accessibility of the live view across multiple devices
  6. Advanced night vision to watch over your baby even in the dark.

Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi-based Baby Camera

Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi-based Baby monitor camera

Specifications & Highlights:

  • Live-view: If you’re outside your home and want to check on your baby. Then you just need to open the app on your smartphone, and you’ll get access to a live view of the baby.
  • Cry-Alert: This unique feature gives you an alert whenever your baby is crying and needs mama attention. The sensors can differentiate between ordinary sounds and your baby’s voice, so the accuracy is at its peak here.
  • Data History: Ever wondered why your baby cry at the same time every day? If not, use the data history feature to analyze previous data and find out what’s bothering your baby.
  • Sharing: Share the memorable moments with your friends and family, and let everyone know what amazing thing your baby did today.
  • Event List: The baby monitor automatically saves a 30s video of significant events such as crying and environmental alerts. You can always go back and review the tape quickly.

Lollipop Smart baby monitor is a 360 solution for all your baby care needs. All the basic necessities like media quality, alerts, sensors are best to the quality of the brand “Lollipop.” Moreover, you can play music on the baby monitor to make him feel good and safe.

Live-tracking features are commendable which isn’t compromised in any way. However, if you want a simple interface with top-quality baby surveillance, then Lollipop might be the fit for you.


iBaby Care M8 Monitor (Baby Monitor)

iBaby Care M8 Monitor (Baby Monitor)

Specifications & Highlights:

  • Quick Installation: Get in touch with your baby with a quick installation process of 60 seconds.
  • 2K High Resolution: Know about every minute detail around and inside your baby’s crib with 2K high-resolution image capturing.
  • Temperature sensor: Advanced temperature sensors helps you to maintain the optimal temperature within your baby’s surrounding. It also alerts you when there is a fluctuation in the temperature.
  • Unlimited accessibility: There is no limit on how many devices can connect, so you can share the accessibility of the platform with many people.
  • 2-Channel audio (echo-free): Have a pleasant 2-way talk with your baby without any echo or noise from the background.

Certain things make the iBaby monitor stand out, including the moonlight projector and diaper change alert. The moonlight projector provides a beautiful illustration of the moon and stars, which makes your baby sleepy.

Further, you don’t have to worry about diaper change because the all-new diaper alert is there to help you. You’ll get notified whenever your baby needs a diaper change without setting the alarm again.


Philips Avent DECT-Baby Monitor

Philips Avent DECT-Baby Monitor

Specifications & Highlights:

  • 100% secure & private conversations: Philips baby monitor ensures that you’re the only one listening and watching your baby. Enjoy the seamless and secure connection while interacting with your baby.
  • Eco-mode: Less power consumption and increased battery life make your baby feel safe for some extra hours.
  • Other features: Night vision, microphone control, LED screen, brightness control, out-of-range warning, etc.

Vava 720p Video Baby Monitor

Vava 720p Video Baby Monitor

Specifications & Highlights:

  • 5” High-resolution screen: The most captivating and astounding feature is the 5” 720p resolution screen, which is not seen usually in other brands.
  • Really-long battery life: The 4500mAH battery makes the functioning of the Vava baby monitor last even longer than usual.
  • Long Transmission Range: Go anywhere and track your baby with the Vava baby monitor ‘cause it got a long transmission range.
  • 2-way talk: Talk to your baby and listen to what he has to whisper into your ears. This all made possible with the intelligent 2-way talk feature.

Vava’s baby monitor is one of the best choices with the distinct feature of a 5” screen. In addition, you got a widescreen, so you don’t have to get close to the screen while you zoom in.

The long-life battery and 2-way talk feature are of top quality, making the product captivating in its own way. In addition, high resolution capturing on a 5” screen is something out of the box in the baby monitor industry.

With the variety of baby monitors available in the market, you should always look for the one device with all the features reasonably priced.

Baby cry alert, high resolution, and temperature sensors are some of the mandatory things you should consider while buying a baby monitor.

All the products mentioned above are the best in the industry. Still, you can choose one of them as per your preference. And even buy more than one variety if your wish to. Either way, you’re going to love the baby monitors and analyze their longevity.

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