The Best Tried and Tested Breast Pumps in Singapore

Breast pumps are an essential piece of nursing equipment. Valves, membranes, and flanges are included with breast pumps. Breast pumping may be necessary due to demanding work schedules, busy lives, and latching problems.

Breast milk is a natural and perfect meal for infants as it comprises antibodies and enzymes that enhance immunity, which are not present in other infant formula. Breastfeeding, as wonderful as it is, is not without its downsides. Breast pumps are must-have equipment for any breastfeeding mother. Breast pumps come with valves, membranes, and flanges. Due to hectic work schedules, busy lifestyles, and latching issues, breast pumping may be required. Breast pumping helps you to customize the timing of your feed as well as divide caregiving responsibilities. Most significantly, because you can pump and store breast milk ahead of time, it offers you time to recuperate from sleeplessness.

Choosing the right breast pump

With so many different types and brands of breast pumps available in Singapore, how can you know which one is right for you?  Buying a breast pump can be a difficult task with so many alternatives on the market, especially since not all pumps will fit you perfectly and there is no such thing as a trial run. The majority of these pumps are also pricey. Below are some quality recommendations that you can purchase in Singapore.


Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Medela pump in style breast pump
Feature2-Phase Expression technology with one-touch let-down button
Double-electric breast pump
Three stylish microfiber bags to choose from (On-the-go-tote, Backpack, or the Metro Bag)
Battery pack (The Metro Bag’s is in a soft pouch)
Removable cooler bag with a contoured ice pack
Built-in bottle holders
Tubing storage pocket
SpecificationColor-Bag:  Black
UL Listed120 VAC; 60 Hz transformer  
Unit weight On-the-Go Tote: 9 lbs.
Backpack: 9 lbs
The Metro Bag: 8 lbs.
Unit size: On-the-Go Tote: 14 x 6 7/8 x 11 1/2
Backpack: 11 5/8 x 7 7/8 x 11 3/4
The Metro Bag:  16 1/2 x 8 x 11-3/4

Why Choose this breast pump

  • Three stylish microfiber bags to choose from (On-the-go-tote, Backpack, or the Metro Bag)
  • Double-electric breast pump
  • Removable cooler bag with a contoured ice pack
  • Dual voltage
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built-in bottle holders
  •  Tubing storage pocket

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced is undoubtedly one of the best breast pumps available on the market. It has a handy keypad that can help moms simply increase the pressure. The breast pump is also and quite simple to put together once you’ve learned the basics. The stimulation function often expresses breastmilk in a jiffy.

Any new or old breastfeeding mother who pumps several times a day can purchase this pump. Some packages come with a customized bag which is convenient to tote anywhere and could be removed to fit in other luggage. If you need to repair the nozzles, flanges, or membranes, replacement parts are likewise inexpensive.


Spectra S1+ Double Breast Pump

spectra breast pump
FeatureHospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump
Closed System
Very Quiet
Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Double kits5 Cycle (Speed) & 12 Level Suction Control5 Level Massage Control Suction pressure 320 mmHg+-20%30 mins
Auto Power Off Safety
Feature LCD with Night Light Timer
SpecificationVacuum range 0 ~ 320 mmHg
Cycle length 38-54 RPM
CYCLE SPEED: 5-speed settings between 38 and 54 rpm
POWER: Rechargeable battery or mains
Motor life 1,500 hours

Why Choose this breast pump

  • Powerful, adjustable suction
  • Lightweight
  • Closed system – hygienic for you and baby
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Low noise and night mode
  • Massage to stimulate breast milk

Spectra S1+ double breast pump is a hospital-grade breast pump. It is powerful and durable. It comes with a rechargeable battery. It expresses a high yield of breast milk. Another big advantage of this breast pump is that it is a closed system pump, which means that you can share this with friends as long as everyone uses their tubing and parts.

Note that as much as it is a good pump, it is not easy to tote around. Though it is lightweight, it is not mobile. It’s better used in a fixed place. You can leave it at home or in your office.


Medela Freestyle

medela-freestyle-breast pump
FeatureRechargeable battery
Adjustable suction strength
Backlit digital display
Comes with a tote bag and cooler bag with an ice pack
SpecificationWeight: 270 g without the battery. 370 g with the battery installed the pump unit
One 24 mm Personal Fit breast shield
One 27 mm Personal Fit breast shield
Four 5-ounce bottles with lids
One breast pump bag
One cooler bag and an ice pack
One 12-volt AC power adapter.

Why Choose this breast pump

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable suction strength
  • Backlit digital display
  • Lightweight, portable, and strong

Medela Freestyle saves your pumping history settings. It comes with speed and suction adjustments supported by a memory button, so you can save your favorite settings.  It has two phases of expression.

The breast pump is lighter and has a hands-free option, though not as fast as some other pumps. It is designed for heavy-duty daily use. It also consists of a stimulation and expression phase, that closely relates to the way a baby nurses. Not only is it compact, but it also has rechargeable batteries making it very portable and easy to pump on the go.


Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump 398/11

philips electric breast pump
FeatureSoft and adaptive silicone
Rechargeable battery
Timer display16 expression levels8 stimulation levels
Breast pump pouch
SpecificationPower: Main Voltage- 100-240V
Weight: 3.42 pounds
Batteries: Lithium-ion
Material Teat: BPA free (Silicone)
Bottle: BPA free (Polypropylene)


  • Easy cleaning & assembly
  • Quiet motor
  • Memory function
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Motor display
  • Travel bag & pouch

This breast pump helps mums express breast milk on time while delivering the best and most comfortable pumping experience. Thanks to its one size fits all silicone. Another big pro of the pump is that it allows mums to sit upright while pumping instead of requiring them to lean forward. You can now multitask while trying to express milk without it spilling.

New moms can use the pump easily without any stress. Top of it is the quieter motor for a discreet pumping experience. It also has a memory function that saves your last setting.


Hegen PCTO Double Electric

hegen breast pump
FeatureErgonomic square bottles
Massaging function
USB charging port
12 suction levels
SpecificationWeight: 230g
12 suction levels

Why choose this breast pump

  • Comfortable and most relaxing pumping experience
  • Seamless breastmilk expression
  • Massage feature
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Night mode pumping

This breast pump is another must-have for lactating mothers. It can be used as both a single or double pump. The pump also has a massage feature for giving cuddling and kneading sensation to stimulate milk supply. Hegen PCTO is gentle on the breast and helps relieves breast sores.

What’s more than having a breast pump that doesn’t wake everyone up at night while you are pumping. You can also save your settings on the pump and can be used as both manual and electric pump.


Baby Express Be Mine Dual Breast Pump

be mine breast pump
FeatureLow noise level
4 modes
Nasal aspirator1-button on/off
Nipple correction mode120 mins battery life
9 suction level
SpecificationWeight: 350g
Bottle: BPA free (160ml)
Flange size: 25mm


  • Wireless and tubeless function
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Affordable and comfortable
  • Closed system pumping
  • Ergonomic touch screen

Pumping just got better with this Baby Express Be Mine pump. Go wireless with its wireless and tubeless function. It has 4 different modes of pumping which are stimulation, expression, nipple correction, and bionic.

All breastfeeding mums can trust the compactness of this pump. It also operates on a low noise level. Pump anywhere and everywhere due to the rechargeable. The closed system usage means it is safe for multiple users because of its anti-backflow diaphragm.

After carefully considering the above options, also take note of these few points while choosing a breast pump: the cost, portability, single or double, power supply, and volume.  These features are sure found in one or more of the tried and trusted breast pumps in Singapore.

Have you used any of the breast pump above? Let us know about your experience on the comment area below. Looking for other baby needs like baby diapers and wet wipes? Check out our list of the best baby wipes and the best baby diapers in Singapore.

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