The Finest Birth Doulas in Singapore

The Finest Birth Doulas in Singapore

In search of the finest birth doulas in Singapore? Explore our carefully selected company that stands out in providing exceptional doula services. While you may not be familiar with the term “doula” or fully grasp their role, chances are you’ve encountered one in the hospital corridor if you’ve been through childbirth.

In countless birthing narratives, doulas emerge as unsung heroes offering both emotional and physical prenatal care, along with valuable support during labor. Research indicates that doulas play a significant and positive role in the labor process, contributing to reduced caesarean rates, decreased reliance on pain medication, and fostering a more joyful delivery experience. Discover the impactful support that birth doulas can provide during this transformative journey.

Best Birth Doulas in Singapore


Four Trimesters

ServicesAntenatal classes, Online Antenatal classes, Open house & meet the doulas, Birth options in Singapore, Birth doula services, Placenta encapsulation, Postpartum doula support
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9664 4565
Address119 Holland Road, Singapore, 278563

At Four Trimesters, they understand that every woman wants a great start to parenthood by having a nice and safe delivery experience. They think that every woman deserves a positive birth experience, therefore they have developed a transformative prenatal curriculum with nurturing doula assistance so that women may trust in their capacity to completely express femininity.



ServicesDoula and Virtual Doula
Price RangeFrom $2,000 – Doula Package include:
Prenatal Session
During these visits, the doula will: explain and sign the contract, review the role of a doula and manage clients’ expectations of doula services, discuss the client/partner’s options and preferences for labour and birth, offer suggestions and evidence based research and information, go through when and how to contact your doula, answer any other questions that the clients may have. It is essential that both the client and the partner attend the sessions.
Labour & Birth Support
The doula may use non-medical labor and birth support techniques (such as relaxation, massage, spinning infants, and other comfort measures), give the client confidence and perspective, and provide recommendations to assist labor progress.
Postnatal Session
During these sessions, the doula will: provide emotional support, help with newborn care, breastfeeding/bottlefeeding/finger/syringe feeding, Tips and tricks to soothe/comfort the baby, Help with transitioning back to work (pumping, storage of milk, etc), answer any other concerns/questions by providing evidence based information, referrals to professionals, if required
Extra Pre/Postnatal Sessions
If you need more assistance outside of our package, or you just require individual sessions, the visits will be charged as follows:
Prenatal: $250
Postnatal: $250
After-hours (11pm-8am): $80
Contact Details+65 8200 8262

Lemamasita began with Leila, a Singaporean expecting woman who discovered in early 2016 that her baby was persistently refusing to turn head down in time for birth. Leila and her husband, both staunch supporters of natural delivery, began their adventure by encouraging the baby to turn. Their tiny munchkin would not turn despite their best efforts, which included chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, spinning infants, and more. When faced with the option of an elective C-section or a rare natural vaginal breech birth, they studied all night, met other women who had similar breech experiences, and eventually switched doctors, determined to have a natural vaginal breech birth.

What was the end result? They delivered a lovely healthy baby boy butt-first into the world after months of effort, research, sleepless nights, and worry. It was a life-changing experience for both parents, and it prompted Leila to embark on the path that would lead to the founding of Lemamasita. Leila trained to become a DONA certified doula in Portland, Oregon, just a few months after her son was born.


Happy Offspring Doula

Birth support you deserve
ServicesBirth Doula Services, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Education Course, Private Express Class, Full Birth Class
Price RangeJuliet Rose $1,800
Jasmine $1,600
Postpartum Doula $200/ 4hours
Private Express Class $250
Full Birth Class $450 (Group)/ $550 (Private)
Contact Details+65 8452 5020

Their goal at Happy Offspring is to offer you with information and support so that you may make educated decisions regarding pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. They think that every woman deserves to have a positive delivery experience. It’s crucial for women to understand that their bodies are designed to give birth.

However, they recognize that this life-changing event can be stressful for some, as navigating through the vast amount of information available can be difficult. What can be relied upon? Who should I pay attention to? their duty is to assist you in staying anchored in your emotions while also providing you with the knowledge you require during your delivery experience. As you greet your bundle of joy with loving arms, rest assured that they will offer you with vital support.


Doula Lorraine

ServicesBirth Doula Service, Hypnobirthing Classes
Price RangeHypnoBirthing classes + Birth Support $1700
Group HypnoBirthing Classes $700
Private HypnoBirthing Classes $980
Contact Details+65 9384 7453
AddressBased in Singapore. Willing to travel

Soon after her own unexpectedly nice (for a Singaporean) hypnobirthing adventure, she obtained a Birth Doula certification and began attending deliveries, including successful VBACs. She became a Hypnobirthing educator (2020) after realizing she was merely touching the surface of the birth world. She have discovered that women who use hypnobirthing tools had shorter and more peaceful deliveries.

The learning never ends, and she’s always surprised by the female body’s and mind’s strength and enchantment. Since then, she have attended workshops on womb massages and spinning infants in order to assist other mothers in having an even better delivery.


Leila & Co.

ServicesAntenatal classes, Zoom classes, Online consultations,
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8200 8262

Leila Ng Caceres is one of Singapore’s most qualified and accredited birth specialists. She guides parents through their pregnancies and labors, assisting them in having more happy delivery experiences. Her passion is to encourage more parents to take control of their pregnancies rather than being afraid of them.

Leila has studied with renowned clinical specialists in integrated healthcare systems in the United States, such as Jessica English and Jesse Remer, who have helped thousands of women. She is a DONA Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Lamaze Childbirth Educator with a Childbirth International Lactation Counsellor credential on the way. Lamaze International is one of the most well-known and recognized certification programs for birthing instruction in the world.

The Finest Birth Doulas in Singapore

Dr Wong Boh Boi

ServicesAntenatal Classes NEW, Baby Massages, Clinic Consultations
Infant Care Workshop for Secondary Caregivers by Clinician PJ, Intensive Confinement Training for Caregivers by Clinician PJ, Confinement Cooking Class, Home Visits
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8884 4070

Dr. Wong has one concept that she tries to follow by every day: she wants every woman to be able to nurse her child if she wants to. Breastfeeding is believed to be a natural behavior for mothers and newborns, but it requires practice and a strong relationship between mother and child.

They aim to help every parent build confidence as they embark on their parenthood journey from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond, whether you are a first-time parent or already a “trained” parent, by sharing comprehensive and intimate information about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care.


Love Based Birth

ServicesVibrant Pregnancy Program, Birth Preparation Classes, 1-1 Midwifery Care:
Birth Debrief and Processing
Prenatal Consults
Postnatal House Visits
Breastfeeding Support
Well Baby Care
Private online Community – The Love Based Birth Hive
Price RangeFrom $150+
Contact Details+65 9487 6230
AddressSingapore 249567

Love Based Birth is for women and their partners who want to take a leading role in their health care, who want to optimize physically, mentally, and emotionally to have a more connected, informed, and pleasurable pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.  

Their holistic classes and private consultations are designed to help you transform fears and anxieties into action steps for empowered outcomes. 


Beloved Bumps

Beloved Bumps

Beloved Bumps

Beloved Bumps provides both prenatal and postnatal services to couples in Singapore. Being pregnant and having a baby …
ServicesPrenatal Classes, Postnatal courses, Midwife home visits, Lactation support, First aid course, Well baby groups, Doula services
Price RangeFor doula services $1500-$2000
Contact Details+65 8809 8623
Address46 kim yam road, #03-05 Singapore, Singapore 239351

Beloved Bumps provides prenatal and postnatal services to couples in Singapore – a one stop shop for all your pregnancy and postnatal needs. Classes and services are provided by qualified midwives and nurses, and aim to provide friendly, unbiased, informative and evidence based information. Services include Prenatal classes, postnatal courses, lactation support, midwife home visits, first aid for parents and helpers, and doula services. 


Birth Discovery

Birth Discovery

Birth Discovery

Birth Discovery formerly named Childbirth Odyssey is founded by Kong Choon Yen, a mother of two teenage boys. It all …
ServicesDoula Services, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Classes, Antenatal Birth Classes, Calming Baby, Labour Tools For Husband, Birth Relaxation, Baby Massage, Private Consultation
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9863 7867
Address10 Winstedt Rd Block A #01-04 Singapore, Singapore 227977

Birth Discovery is founded by Kong Choon Yen (that’s me), formerly call Childbirth Odyssey. Kong Choon Yen is a mother of two boys. Since 2011, Yen has served her life mission to inspire couples to regain clarity in creative parenthood as a Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, a Birth Doula, and a Good Beginnings Angel. She was interviewed by Media Corp Channel 8 with Ms Joanne Peh on Baby’s Step Ep. 2 to present HypnoBirthing, role of a Doula and water birth to Singapore’s audience.

With her growth model of care, hundreds of expectant couples seek Yen’s guidance to help them expand, release their fear and trauma to prepare for a healthy gentle birth. She founded Birth Discovery and Pay Good Beginnings Forward support group to continue sowing seeds of good beginnings.

Yen’s dream is that all babies are welcomed with joy and gentleness, begin their life healthy and complete.


Blooming Births

ServicesAntenatal Classes, Birth Doula Services, Postpartum Doula Services, VBAC Support, Fertility Support, Womb Massage, Yoni Steaming, Feminine Healing Sessions
Price RangeClasses ranges from $395 to $750
Doula services ranges from $2000 onwards
Fertility support ranges from $750 onwards
Healing sessions ranges from $180 onwards
Women’s wellness ranges from $150 onwards
Contact Details+65 9171 4357
Address70 South Bridge Road Singapore 058700

“Birth is such a profound experience and you were never meant to do it alone”, Chantel Kismet believes that all parents deserve the right care and support as they embark on one of life’s biggest journeys – parenthood. Blooming Births was founded by Chantel to help parents navigate the terrain of fertility challenges, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond into parenthood. Combining holistic approaches, Chantel marries eastern and western practices into her offerings. She provides a full spectrum of services from conception all the way to parenting.

It is Chantel’s passion to help couples connect deeper with each other, break generational trauma and create a positive parenting experience. She is also passionate about helping women reconnect deeper with themselves and reclaiming their feminine energy. Chantel also offers coaching, energy healing, womb healing, womb massage and vaginal steaming as well. She is a Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Fertility Coach, Energy Practitioner and Womb Massage Therapist.

In conclusion, the realm of childbirth in Singapore is enriched by the invaluable presence of birth doulas, and our selected company stands out as a beacon of exceptional service. While the term “doula” may not be immediately familiar to everyone, their profound impact on the emotional and physical aspects of prenatal care and labor assistance is undeniable. As unsung heroes in many birthing stories, doulas contribute to a more positive and joyful delivery experience, as evidenced by research highlighting reduced caesarean rates and decreased reliance on pain medication. Embrace the transformative journey of childbirth with the support of birth doulas, knowing that our carefully chosen company is dedicated to providing exceptional care during this significant life event.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a birth doula, and what role do they play in childbirth?

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides emotional and physical support during childbirth. They play a crucial role in offering comfort, guidance, and advocacy for the birthing individual.

How can I find the best birth doula in Singapore for my childbirth journey?

Finding the best birth doula involves researching reputable companies, reading reviews, and possibly seeking recommendations from healthcare providers or friends who have had positive experiences.

What services do birth doulas typically provide during prenatal care?

Birth doulas offer a range of services during prenatal care, including emotional support, assistance in creating a birth plan, and providing information and resources to help individuals prepare for childbirth.

Do birth doulas in Singapore assist with both natural and medically-assisted births?

Yes, birth doulas in Singapore are trained to assist individuals during both natural and medically-assisted births. Their support is tailored to the unique needs and preferences of the birthing individual.

Can a birth doula replace the role of a medical professional during childbirth?

No, a birth doula does not replace the role of a medical professional. They complement the care provided by doctors or midwives by offering emotional support, comfort measures, and advocacy for the birthing individual.

What benefits do research studies suggest about the impact of birth doulas on the labor process?

Research studies suggest that birth doulas have a substantial and positive impact on the labor process. This includes reduced caesarean rates, decreased use of pain medication, and a more positive overall childbirth experience.

How early should I hire a birth doula in Singapore for my pregnancy?

It is advisable to hire a birth doula early in your pregnancy, ideally during the second trimester, to allow for sufficient time to build a rapport, discuss birth preferences, and receive guidance throughout the pregnancy.

Can a birth doula support individuals planning home births in Singapore?

Yes, birth doulas in Singapore can provide support to individuals planning home births. Their role is to offer emotional and physical assistance wherever the birthing individual chooses to give birth.

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