The Finest Confinement Food in Singapore

The Finest Confinement Food in Singapore

Looking for the best confinement food in Singapore? Check out our top selected caterers.

Giving birth is psychologically and physically exhausting, and it takes time to replenish all of the nutrients lost throughout the pregnancy. We’ve compiled a list of the best confinement food caterers in Singapore to offer you all the nutritious and delicious meals you’ll need to go back to your pre-baby condition.

Best Confinement Food in Singapore


Heng Foh Tong

The Finest Confinement Food in Singapore
Heng Foh Tong – Confinement Food Singapore
ServicesConfinement Food, Medicinal Herbs
Price RangeClick here to check the accurate pricing
Contact Details+65 8809 5102
AddressBukit Batok East Ave 4 Blk 274 #01-92 Singapore S650274

Founded in 1957, Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall specializes in natural revitalization and healing through herbal dispensaries. With over a hundred years of experience, first-generation owner Mdm Ng, together with second-generation owner Peter Lee and his wife, Mdm Chye have dedicated their lives to learning the wisdom of natural enhancement for the human body, and their commitment to sharing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) benefits has enabled them to provide one of the most comprehensive collections of TCM herbs in Singapore. Heng Foh Tong is a Chinese medical Hall in Singapore with over a hundred years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), with a specialty in using fresh, hand-picked Chinese herbs rather than pre-packed herbs.

Heng Foh Tong has been featured in both English and Chinese media, in both print and digital platforms. Heng Foh Tong’s main products are its 28 and 38-day confinement packages, which aim to achieve postpartum recovery in new mums using Chinese herbs. These include promoting blood circulation, strengthening the immunity system, preventing water retention, and enhancing breast milk production. Keeping up with modern times, Heng Foh Tong has adopted a modern packing and delivery system to ensure that confinement herbs are delivered to.

Customer Reviews

I got to know Heng Foh Tung from Facebook for their confinement packages. As a first-time mom, I ordered their 28-day confinement package as the items are an all-in-one package that includes herbal soup, red date tea, and bath herbs. With that, I do not need to purchase the items separately which saves me a lot of trouble. Moreover, I appreciate the personalized service and their prompt advice to suit my preference in taste for the herbal soup. Herbs are fresh and packed based on my liking via questionnaire. As I went through cesarean section delivery, HFT also provided extra herbs to help me in my recovery. I have been taking the herbal soups and red date tea for the past few days and I am feeling much better each day. Many thanks to you Heng Fong Tung. Strongly recommend it to all mummies! – Lim Florence


Mama J’s Confinement Food

ServicesConfinement Food
Price RangeLactation Cookies $15
Roasted Brown Rice Tea $80
Trial Meal – $35
7 Days Single Meal – $300
7 Days Double Meal – $550
14 Days Single Meal – $500
14 Days Double Meal – $850
30 Days Single Meal – $1,050
30 Days Double Meal – $1,788
Contact Details+65 9855 4993

Mama J is a retired confinement nanny with over 20 years of experience. All the mummies mentioned that it was a stress-free 30 days of confinement and felt healthier after! All their has zero MSG, zero preservatives and we use 100% fresh ingredients. As they want to be more than just a food provider, there are additional services included in the package.

Customer Reviews

I recently had the pleasure of exploring a range of confinement meals specifically designed to support postpartum recovery. Not only did these meals excel in delivering essential nutrients, but they also boasted adorable and Instagrammable food designs that made the dining experience truly delightful. What’s more, these meals were surprisingly affordable, easily accessible, and could be conveniently ordered online with hassle-free delivery. – Leena Lim


Yue Zi Le Confinement

The Finest Confinement Food in Singapore
Yue Zi Le Confinement – Confinement Food Singapore
ServicesPost Natal Care, Miscarriage Care, Post – Surgery Recovery
Price RangeTrial Package – $38
7 Days – $488
14 Days – $488 to $888
21 Days – $688 to $1288
28 Days – $888 to $2388
Contact Details+65 8448 1177
AddressJurong Food Hub 15 Jln Tepong #06-19 Singapore 619336

Yue Zi Le is a leading meal caterer in Singapore that provides confinement food only. Their speciality in confinement meal delivery allows them to have a better grasp of their consumer’s needs and specialise in food preparation methods for new mummies. Additionally, they are the sole confinement food caterer that offers you the freedom to make your meal choices.

Whether you like western cuisines, prefer to stick to traditional Chinese confinement food or a mixture of both, Yue Zi Le is here to provide the most appetising meals. With 31 nourishing soups, 20 carbohydrate selections, 59 meat dishes, and 42 vegetable items, they strive to provide wholesome meals that you will enjoy. Every confinement meal also comes with 1 liter of homemade confinement tea – either Osmanthus Red Dates Tea or Premium Red Dates Dang Shen Tea.

Yue Zi Le began with the intention of boosting the recovery process of new mummies. By providing only the most essential and best ingredients for this crucial time, they are here to nourish your postnatal diet and turn your confinement days into a hassle-free period.

Customer Reviews

Generous portions and a wide variety of food. I was worried i might be sick of the food but i was looking forward to meal time during the whole confinement period. I got to choose my preferred menu and there was very minimal repetition. This would be impossible with home-cooked meals due to the limited ingredients available. I would definitely recommend Yue Zi Le to my friends. – Yuet Wei Toh


Happy Mummy Confinement

The Finest Confinement Food in Singapore
Happy Mummy Confinement – Confinement Food Singapore
ServicesChinese Confinement Food, Herbal Care, Food After Cesarean, Food After Miscarriage, Maternity Food, Postnatal Food, Food Delivery
Price RangeClick here to check the accurate pricing
Contact Details+65 84298871
Address71 Prestige Centre #06-03 Bukit Batok Crescent Singapore, 658071

Happy Mummy has a team of experienced confinement food specialists in Singapore who know how to prepare confinement meals in the best way possible for modern ladies in Singapore. Ingredient selection, cooking methods, food handling, food cleanliness, and nutritional value are all factors to consider.

After giving birth, a woman’s life becomes incredibly hectic and hard as she juggles her family, job, and taking care of the newborn infant who has entered his life. There are several new things to learn, comprehend, and modify in order to properly care for a newborn infant. Where you have to nurse your infant frequently, your precious sleep and full-body relaxation will undoubtedly be disrupted. More energy will be depleted, as will mood swings and hormonal shifts that may necessitate modifications.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Tian Wei Signature

The Finest Confinement Food in Singapore
Tian Wei Signature – Confinement Food Singapore
ServicesTraditional Confinement Food, Fusion Confinement Food, Confinement Herbal Soup, Breastfeeding
Price RangeTrial Package – $35-$40
7 Days – $478
14 Days – $478 to $898
20 Days – $1248
21 Days – $1299
28 Days – $898 to $1688
Contact Details+65 6727 5599
Address81 Tagore Lane, TAG A, #01-11 Singapore 787502

Tian Wei Signature was born out of a desire to produce delectable meals for confinement moms so that they don’t lose out on the nutrients they need to recuperate. With the goal of providing you with the finest quality food infused with Mediterranean flavors.

Not only that, but they also provide a range of Japanese confinement cuisine options for women who prefer to try new things. Chef Eugene, their executive chef, has over 16 years of expertise and is adept at producing nutritious and delectable meals to meet the demands of his clientele. Tian Wei Signature has created a brand new “outfit” for those traditional recipes that will awaken your senses and aid in your appetite, especially after birth.

Customer Reviews

Decided to sign up for 28 days of confinement lunch and dinner from Tian Wei after recommendations from my sister and trying out their food at the baby fair. One of my best decisions since I didn’t engage in confinement nanny. The process of signing up and activating the meals was a breeze. Food is always delivered warmly. I’m quite picky with my food and they do try their best to accommodate my request whenever possible. The portion is big though… I always cannot finish the food on my own… so it’s great if someone is able to share the food at home. – Rikka Tan

Finest Confinement Food in Singapore

Noor Confinement

ServicesHalal Confinement Food
Price Range
Contact Details+65 97520098
Address6 Tuas Bay, Singapore 637752

The procedure of healing after surgery is crucial. Their attention is on the fact that it does more than simply taste nice; it also helps you in your everyday life! To meet your health demands, they pay special attention to the balance of vitamins and other minerals. To encourage balanced energy burn, their meals comprise low-glycemic carbohydrates and protein-rich foods. They only eat high-fiber, low-sodium foods to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow to the digestive system. It’s also low in sugar but high in antioxidants, biotin, and beta-carotenes to hydrate skin and slow aging.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing



ServicesRegular Confinement Meal, Regular Trial Meal, Vegetarian Confinement Meal, Vegetarian Trial Meal
Price Range Click here to check the accurate pricing
Contact Details+65 9002 2577
Address8A Admiralty Street #04-40 (Unit B, FoodXchange @ Admiralty, Singapore 757437

They are from a local family of talented caterers who provide delicious, nutritious meals for others with the same love and care that they would for themselves.

Their parent company is RichFood Group, a pioneer in working with TCM professionals to provide wholesome and nourishing fare, especially for new moms.

As the appetite grew for authentic, traditional confinement meals, RichFood Group felt it was time to dedicate a brand just for these new moms and so, NouRiche was born. It is a meaningful name that pays homage to our parent company while emphasizing the need to nourish a very special group of women.

Customer Reviews

I have ordered 21 days of vegetarian lunch and regular dinner so I can have a mix of meat and nonmeat. Overall I love the food. The food was still warm. The taste is just nice, not salty or oily. Can see that the ingredients were quite a lot and fresh. Even my parents enjoyed the meal. Customer service via Whatsapp was very prompt and friendly too. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Thank you for the wonderful confinement meals. – Candice Neo


Chilli Padi

ServicesConfinement Food
Price RangeClick here to check the accurate pricing
Contact Details+65 6914 9900
Address3015 Bedok North Street 5, #04-21 Shimei East Kitchen, Singapore 486350

Chilli Padi began as a restaurant in 1997 and has since been known for its traditional Peranakan cuisine, rich heritage, and culinary expertise. Chilli Padi Holding, their catering business, flagship restaurant, and network of cafeterias, have subsequently established a presence over the island.

Over the years, Chilli Padi has received numerous accolades including coveted Singapore’s Best Restaurant by Singapore Tatler, Asia Pacific Brands Award and Promising SME500, among others. In particular, the Singapore Tourism Board proudly recommends the international media to Chilli Padi’s cuisine as a fine example of Singapore’s rich food heritage.

Customer Reviews

Amazing food. Everything we ate was amazing, delicious, and unique. My family cooks many of these at home and dare I say some of these tasted as good as the home-cooked version. – Maryanne Cheah


Ummu Fazwill SG

ServicesHalal Confinement Food
Price RangeStarts at $500 for 10 days

They’re a group of young people who are passionate about cooking. They are fascinated by the prospect of mixing fresh and diverse products to create healthy culinary marvels. They are, however, not just enthusiastic cooks, but they are also moms.

They know that a scrumptious and nutritious diet lies at the heart of a positive postnatal experience.

Being advocates for healthy eating, they embarked on a mission to provide the best for confinement mothers so that they do not miss out on the essential nutrition they need to speed up recovery after childbirth.

Customer Reviews

I engaged Ummu Fazwill for my confinement meals and took their 30-day package. No regrets at all. Every day, I looked forward to receiving my meals that were delivered to me twice a day. Each meal was complete with lactation desserts and drinks. They are one of the few halal confinement meal providers that will provide an extensive menu, and that was the winning point for me. Thank you Ummu Fazwill for taking care of me! – Anne Salumat


Thomson Baby

ServicesConfinement Food, Childbirth Education, Resepi Ibunda, Mom and Baby Essentials, Health and Wellness Essentials
Price RangeClick here to check their shop.
Contact Details+65 63508848
Address339 Thomson Road #01-06, Singapore 307677

The award-winning Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery and Childbirth Education Course are among the finest in Maternity Essentials and Baby Care products and services.

Thomson Baby has a team of nutritionists who collaborate to create creative culinary dishes that help moms recover after childbirth. While the menu has low-fat and low-salt options, don’t anticipate dull, uninteresting food. Instead, they’re jam-packed with soothing tastes! As a result, parents will be able to enjoy not only nutritious but also tasty meals throughout the duration of their meal subscription plan.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Zuo Yue Food

ServicesConfinement food and early childhood consultation services
Price Range$288-$2000 (for packages)
Contact Details+65 91868372
Address183 Jln Pelikat, B1-116 The Promenade@Pelikat, Singapore 537643

Zuo Yue Food is the 1st confinement food service in Singapore to provide Tingkat (subscriptions) for mummies after childbirth and ala-carte delivery for all ages. Bringing a savoury taste of nutritious and homely taste meals that serve a traditional Malaysian blend of Hakka and Cantonese style, the co-founders strongly believe in the importance of post-partum care and how confinement food can affect one’s physical and mental well-being.

The menu is specially curated by a team of experts and is suitable for recovery, recuperation, lactation and for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being environmentally friendly, Zuo Yue Food uses only thermal ware for subscriptions and trial meals to avoid BPA contamination and to keep food warm so that it is ready for consumption at your doorstep.

Customer Reviews

The best Zuo Yue food ever! Food arrived on time and in generous portions. For the whole 14-day meal, I finished every single grain of rice and dishes. the flavors are amazing and it tastes just like home-cooked food I love it so so much! I also love how they don’t put a lot of ginger so I don’t have to worry about my baby’s jaundice getting worse. – Michelle Li


Pregnancy Meals

ServicesConfinement food
Price RangeFrom $108-$750
Contact Details+65 98538838
Address151 Chin Swee Rd, #03-30 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876

Pregnancy Meals understands the importance of nutrition during pregnancy for both mother and baby. With over 30 years of culinary experience, their team decided to form Pregnancy Meals to help mothers with their concerns on what to eat during pregnancy. The collaboration between their chef and nutritionist ensures that each menu item is well thought out and well executed to provide mother & baby with optimal nutrition during the pregnancy term.

Customer Reviews

I engaged their services 3 months before my delivery, i really like their soup and drink. Feels very nutritious to have it daily. Some days they have fish as well love the salmon, very well cooked. Overall would recommend to other mummies having trouble getting food yet wishing to seek a nutritious meal at a good cost. Their soup is truly yummy and full of nutrients. Food delivery came warm as well. – Angela Shelton


Esseplore – Gourmet Online

ServicesOnline Food Delivery
Price Range99 dollar
Contact Details9363565732
Address452 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218696

Esseplore is a tech-enabled food and travel company on a mission to re-engineer how corporates and consumers experience gourmet food. They curate and work with their specialty chef community to produce gourmet food for their customers. While their initial market is Singapore, their ambition is to replicate the same experience with hassle-free services for consumers and businesses across Asia.

Launched in 2018, we have developed a digital platform that brings chefs together to provide a unique culinary experience to their customers. At its core, they are a technology company that is disrupting the industry with cutting-edge software and operational concepts. This way, culinary experiences meet technology and they lovingly mix the two to create the best gourmet experiences for their customers.

Customer Reviews

The food from Esseplore is delicious. And I can’t taste any msg as well. I always love its Western grilled set. Its beef brisket is very soft and tasty. I tried the Chinese New Year and chilled crab menu today. The food was equally amazing. Yusheng presentation was great. Soup came in a pot; lotus rice in a stream base. Packing is great, delivery is always on time, and prices are reasonable. – Teresa Lo

Frequently Asked Questions


What are confinement meals?

The food prepared during the confinement time is known as confinement food. Confinement food is specific and specialized to feed the body, aid in the recovery/healing of the mother, and increase the supply of milk for the infant. Protein aids in the healing and repair of wounds in our bodies.

What fruits can I eat during confinement?

Antioxidants are abundant in brightly colored foods such as grapes, papaya, and blueberries.
Oranges are a good source of vitamin C.

How long does confinement last?

Postpartum confinement is a term used to describe a traditional practice that occurs after a child is born. Those who follow these practices usually start just after the baby is born, and the isolation or special care lasts for a culturally varied amount of time: generally one month or 30 days, up to 40 days, two months, or 100 days.

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