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Beloved Bumps provides both prenatal and postnatal services to couples in Singapore. Being pregnant and having a baby in Singapore is an exciting time, but there are so many things to think about! Beloved Bumps was founded in Singapore in 2017 by Natasha Cullen – Natasha is originally a midwife from the UK where she worked in top London hospitals before relocating to Singapore with her husband and 2 children. Natasha trained and worked in the UK, however she actually grew up in Singapore for many years, and so as soon as the opportunity arose for her to move back she jumped at the chance!

Being a midwife, Natasha has a huge passion in assisting pregnant couples in their journeys to parenthood, as well as supporting them on the exciting yet life changing experience postnatally.

Once you find out you are pregnant, there are lots of things to think about and sign up for, so we thought it would be helpful to explain what some of the courses on offer are and why you would sign up for them!

Prenatal /Antenatal Classes

These are classes that you take in your pregnancy and are attended by both the parents-to-be. They provide you with information that you need to know for preparing to give birth to your baby. Do you know what pain relief is available in the hospital? And the pro’s and con’s to each of these? Prenatal classes provide evidence based information to prepare you for labour, birth and your baby. The course covers normal labour and birth, pain relief options, induction of labour, instrumental birth, caesarean sections, how to care for you baby (nappy changing, swaddling, bathing etc) as well as breast and bottle feeding. Beloved Bumps also provides the social aspect in that you will meet and get to know the other couples on your course through different meet ups arranged both prenatally and postnatally for your group.


Are you scared of giving birth to your baby? Hypnobirthing is a course you take in your pregnancy to build your confidence in your ability to birth your baby. Through the use of scripts, relaxation techniques, and breathing, hypnobirthing prepares you so that you feel confident and look forward to giving birth to your baby.

Early Pregnancy Consultation

Just found out you are pregnant? Congratulations! But what now? These consultations can help you to choose a Doctor who is aligned with your birth preference, the hospitals and difference between them, as well as helping you understand what to expect over the coming weeks, scans, blood tests, what you can and cant eat and what supplements you should be taking – there is a lot to take on and sometimes it’s nice to have one person lay it all out for you instead of heading to Dr Google…

Postnatal courses

Once you have had your baby, it can be quite isolating being home all day, and you may want to have a safe space to head out to where other mums and babies are – the postnatal course is a 6 week course which mums and babies can attend, and each week is led by a different expert talking about topics important to the postnatal period, including a physiotherapist, psychologist, and paediatrician.

First Aid

We believe that every care provider should know the basics of what to do in an emergency! We provide first aid courses for both parents and helpers, focusing on infants and children. Topics include CPR, Choking, the use of an AED and first aid such as burns, fever, bleeding and more!

Doula services

A Doula is someone who supports you during your pregnancy, your labour and birth and postnatally – at Beloved Bumps, our doulas are also certified midwives, meaning they have a greater in depth understanding of labour and birth. The doula services consist of prenatal meetups to discuss your birth plan and prepare you for labour, 24/7 support and early labour support at home, support during your labour at hospital and then a postnatal home visit to check that you are recovering well and baby is feeding well.

Lactation support

Breastfeeding can be a real struggle in the first few weeks, and there is no shame in asking for help! It is a learning experience for both you and your baby, so if you are struggling with painful feeding, latching issues, pumping etc. we can help with any breastfeeding issues that you may be experiencing.

We have a range of other services that you may be interested in from Well Baby Clinics to In home support nurse services and introduction to solids – if you have any questions feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help!

Beloved Bumps
Beloved Bumps

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