The Finest Baby Sitter in Singapore

The Finest Baby Sitter in Singapore

In search of the finest childcare services in Singapore? Explore our carefully selected list of top companies specializing in babysitting. Whether you need a one-time sitter for a date night or a dedicated nanny for full-time childcare, hiring a babysitter can alleviate both time constraints and stress. While enrolling your child in an infant care center or preschool is an option with engaging programs, it may not suit every child, especially if transportation is a challenge. To provide a convenient alternative, we have curated a list of some of the best babysitters who can be entrusted with the care of your children.

Best Baby Sitter in Singapore


NewLife Confinement Services

ServicesHome Confinement Nanny, Stay-In Confinement Apartment Package, Confinement Herbals, Postpartum Rehabilitation Programs
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9173 8162
Address3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, # 03-16, Link@AMK 569139

NewLife was established in 2016, their mission is to provide utmost confinement care services to postpartum mummy and new-born baby.

The Reason For Choosing Us

  • 2 free placements
  • Progressive payment
  • Medical check-up ensuring medically fit
  • All are experienced and professionally trained
  • Guaranteed the availability of service once put deposit
  • Alternatively can choose to stay in their confinement apartment

Rainbow Cove @ Alexandra

ServicesInfant Care, Child Care
Price RangeDownload Fee Structure
Contact Details+65 62740304 or +65 96233929
Address460 Alexandra Road #03-04 Singapore 119963

Founded in 2002, Rainbow Cove is a Montessori pre-school registered with the Singapore Ministry of Education offering programmes for children aged 2 months to 6 years. Their teachers and curriculum cater to the individual needs of children, gently encouraging the child to learn at his or her own pace while developing world knowledge and life skill.

Price Range
Contact Details+65 9747 2405
Address151 Chin Swee Rd, Singapore 169876

BBnanny Pte. Ltd. is an independent and registered company that helps the public in search of a babysitter, nanny, or house sitter in Singapore. They believe in quality customer care while providing a service that is responsive to the needs of the public. Since they are a independent company they emphasize family values. They offer an affordable solution to help you find a babysitter, nanny, or house sitter. They invite you to visit their website or contact them if you have any questions.

Locate a babysitter, search for a nannies or house sitter with BBnanny. From babysitters to house sitter they offer the best value in Singapore. Please visit their site to learn how to find the perfect babysitter, nanny, or house sitter in Singapore. They have thousands of bio-data of Babysitters, Nannies and House sitters in their database to choose from in Singapore. This is important. Many sitter companies would not offer bio-data and careful selection of sitters like us to match your requirements. Why wait? Contact or call them now and find a sitter today. BBnanny blends the services of babysitters, house sitters, and nanny service into one unique website.



ServicesFull Time Nanny, Travel Nanny, Ad-Hoc Care
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6994 3009
AddressHougang Street 21, #03-77 #03-77, Singapore 530203

NannyPro is established on 10 May 2004 by a mother and daughter team, as a premier cradle care agency, a social enterprise building the community of caregivers for good, and is a licensed MOM employment agency.

Their Vision is “The Community’s Trusted Cradle Care for Infants & Young Children for Happy Parenting”. They have partnered families on their parenting journey with dedicated and trained caregivers, who are able to give parents a peace of mind while they worked. NannyPro has evolved accordingly to the industry’s need to be highly client-centric due to the delicate care we are providing. They will continue to uphold the joy of helping with a Trusted Care in this journey. Their Mission is “To provide Professional & Experienced Caregivers that Deliver Care from the Heart”



Price Range
Contact Details+65 6817 2479
Address2 Venture Dr, #07-27, Singapore 608526

NannySOS is a professional confinement nanny agency in Singapore established since 2011. Registered and approved by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to help facilitate the employment such as applying confinement nanny work permit for Malaysian confinement nanny. NannySOS confinement nanny agency provides confinement nanny services to help mothers with full recovery after childbirth and taking good care of the baby. Parents can consider 24 hr stay in nanny or day time confinement nanny if spare room is not available. After the baby’s full month celebration, working parents can engage babysitting services part time or daytime basis from NannySOS confinement nanny agency where you can have a choice of babysitting at your own home or at babysitter’s home.

The Finest Baby Sitter in Singapore


Price Range
Contact Details+65 8685 7858
Address2 Venture Dr, #24-01 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Kidibliss is an on-demand kid care service app providing Infant Care, Childcare and Student Care Service, Corporate Child-minding Service, Advance Nanny Care Service, Home Tuition, Piano/Keyboard Lessons and other kid-related services which are made available for Parents, Expatriates, Visitors to Singapore, Corporates and Public Organisations.

No one to help you with your kids? Parents like you who have tight working schedules and can’t afford to take an urgent day off to look after the kids. Or maybe there is not enough infant care or childcare leave left? Thinking of spending a couples’ day with your spouse without kids? Visiting or working in Singapore and need someone to look after the kids for a few hours while you spend time for yourself? No domestic helper or grandparents to help out urgently? Staff is away and your organisation needs a certified educator?

At Kidibliss, they have heard you. Kidibliss is an on-demand kid care service app available right at your finger tip. Download their Kidibliss app at Play Store or App Store to get instant discounts and credits for booking!



Price Range
Contact Details+65 9426 8219
AddressWework, 8 Cross St, Singapore 048424

They are a group of technologists who seek to improve the lives of those around them.

In the busy city life of Singapore, it is often tough balancing between work, family, and all the little chores that needs to be done. With the goal of empowering Singaporeans with more freedom, they developed the “HelperGo App” in the early part of 2015, seeking to improve the lifestyle of those staying at home needing domestic help by matching them with their database of part time helpers, babysitters, and caregivers.

Their app is a customer driven service platform (C2C) that has it’s roots in Hong Kong. Connecting over a thousand helpers to many homes through social welfare organizations, helping those in need for a better life.


Super Nanny Services

ServicesConfinement Nannies
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9751 1415
Address583 Orchard Road, #02-34 Forum Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884

At Super Nanny Services, their mission is to go above and beyond, to give their very best to their clients. Knowing that they’re making a real difference to you gives us much satisfaction. This is what truly makes them shine.

Their confinement nannies are from Singapore and Malaysia. They’ve Chinese and Malay Muslim Confinement Nannies who can speak either in English, Mandarin or Malay. They also have Japanese translator to help in the translation between Japanese family and their confinement nanny during confinement period.

Their confinement nannies are dedicated, with years of experience, and they have helped and advised many first-time Mothers as they go through the confinement period, bringing with them a special touch and personal care. The placement of their confinement nannies take into consideration your unique family needs so that Mother and Baby are assured of a delightful and rewarding experience.



ServicesConfinement Nanny
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9782 5015
Address761 Jurong West Street 74, Block 761, Singapore 640761

Their founder, Amy, had a tough childbirth in 1994. In which, she realized the importance of proper recovery for mothers in the days after childbirth. At the same time, the baby must be cared for as well. Hence, after setting on a journey to understand more about the confinement tradition and the best methods to care for a new born, Amy founded AmyNanny Confinement Nanny Services in 2004. Today, she continues to impart her knowledge and methods to all her nannies, ensuring the best care for both mummy and baby. Many of their mummies and babies still keep in touch with them even after the confinement period. Here at AmyNanny, they strive not only to provide an excellent service to both mummy and baby, but a friendship that will last a lifetime.


Caregiver Asia

Price Range
Contact Details+65 6258 6683
Address51 Goldhill Plaza, #08-08, Singapore 308900

CaregiverAsia is an online aggregator of health and caregiving services. Through its award-winning platform, CaregiverAsia has created an online marketplace leveraging on a shared economy of Careseekers and Caregivers. Careseekers can access on-time, trusted and transparent home care services; whilst freelance Caregivers and healthcare professionals can practice independently with full control of their schedules and terms of services. CaregiverAsia also specializes in healthcare recruitment and the placement of healthcare professionals and locums into leading healthcare institutions.

CaregiverPlus will provide comprehensive and personalized triage and care management services that will address the complex care and healthcare needs of patients. People who need triage include, amongst others, families who face medical emergencies, patients who have just been discharged from hospitals, Careseekers on subvention referred by Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) and families facing complicated medical situations.


MEIDE Babysitting

ServicesBabysitting (Both Ad Hoc and Regular Long Term), Nanny Services, Childcare, and Cleaning
Price RangeFlat Fee of $98 Per Service for Platform Fee. Lowest Babysitting Fees from $9/Hour.
Contact Details+65 85958579

In conclusion, navigating the world of childcare in Singapore is made simpler and stress-free with our curated list of top-notch babysitters. Whether you need a one-time sitter for a special evening or a dedicated nanny for ongoing care, these professionals offer a valuable solution. While infant care centers and preschools provide excellent programs, we understand that not every child may be comfortable with these options, especially when transportation poses a challenge. Our compiled list ensures that you have access to some of the best babysitters in Singapore, allowing you to entrust your children to capable hands with confidence. Embrace the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with choosing the right babysitter for your childcare needs.

Do check out our list of Infant Care Centers and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the role of a babysitter?

Responsibilities of a Babysitter:
Light housework is performed. Engages youngsters in enjoyable activities. Keeps the living and play environments of youngsters clean. As required, assists with schoolwork and tutoring.

What is the difference between a babysitter and a nanny?

While both supervise and care for children while their parents are gone, a nanny is a permanent presence. Nannies help with housework and are extremely involved in the lives of the children. Babysitters are people who are paid to look after children for a specific amount of time.

What services do babysitters in Singapore typically offer?

Babysitters in Singapore offer a range of services, including one-time sitting for special occasions, as well as long-term childcare solutions. They are trained professionals who ensure the safety and well-being of children.

How can I find a reliable babysitter for my child in Singapore?

Finding a reliable babysitter involves researching reputable agencies, checking reviews, and possibly seeking recommendations. Our curated list of top babysitters in Singapore can be a helpful starting point.

What are the benefits of hiring a babysitter for a one-time occasion, such as date night?

Hiring a babysitter for one-time occasions like date night provides parents with the flexibility to enjoy quality time together while ensuring their child is in capable hands. It offers peace of mind and a break from parenting responsibilities.

Are babysitters in Singapore trained in first aid and emergency procedures?

Many professional babysitters in Singapore undergo training in first aid and emergency procedures to handle unexpected situations. It’s advisable to inquire about a babysitter’s training and certifications when considering their services.

What age groups do babysitters in Singapore typically cater to?

Babysitters in Singapore often cater to a range of age groups, from infants to older children. Their expertise and services may vary, so it’s important to communicate the specific needs and age of your child when hiring a babysitter.

Can I hire a babysitter for full-time childcare in Singapore?

Yes, you can hire a babysitter for full-time childcare in Singapore. Many babysitters offer long-term services, serving as dedicated nannies to watch over children regularly.

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