Your Guide to Our Singapore PR, Citizenship Application & Appeal Services

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Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) and Citizenship status are highly-desired by many foreigners living in Singapore. With competitive applications and a limited number of approvals, it is getting harder to secure Singapore PR or Citizenship status in this bustling country.

Singapore PR or Citizenship Application

1.  Consultation

Step one in the process is to head down to our office at the Marina Bay Financial Centre for a free consultation. During the consultation, we will carry out an initial detailed evaluation of your profile to assess the areas that can be improved and the areas that are already strong and sufficient. You will receive useful advice on how you can strengthen your profile, and on what other things you might need to look out for to support your application. We will also take you through the most updated immigration policies, and the process of application should you decide to do-it-yourself or engage professional help.

The first consultation helps you to find your bearings and decide whether or not you want to use our services for your application!

2. Guidance for preparing documents

Should you decide to engage our expertise, we’ll move on to step two in the process: document collection. Our specialist will assess your profile once more, but with in-depth analysis to help you plan and strategize your application. With this analysis, our specialist will advise you on the documents needed for submission, plus closely review all documents to ensure that they are in the latest requirement by ICA before submission.

Other than the compulsory documents required by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in Singapore, we will also request for additional supporting documents that are central and important to boost your success rate. This will greatly strengthen your application.

After we have collected your documents, we will check to ensure that no documents are missing or incomplete, and follow up on any additional documents needed.

3. Submitting your documents

We streamline the entire submission process by submitting your documents on your behalf. The online submission process is a complex and confusing one, making it easy to miss out on submitting important documents that are required, which can jeopardise your application. We make every effort to ensure your documents are in order and contributing strongly to your application – then submit everything for you.

4. Follow-up

Once documents have been submitted, it will take 4 to 6 months to receive results of your Singapore PR application and 6 to 12 months to receive results of your Singapore Citizenship application from the ICA. After approval, we will continue to guide you through filling up the necessary forms and completing the rest of the formalities. Then, congratulations, you will have successfully attained your desired Singapore PR or Citizenship status!

Engage our professional Singapore PR or Citizenship Application Services for the highest chance of approval.

Singapore PR or Citizenship Appeal

Should you have applied for Singapore PR or Citizenship on your own and received a rejection letter, there is still a good chance that, with our services, you can proceed to do an appeal and have your application successfully approved.

1. Consultation

During the free first consultation, our specialists will carefully review your application based on the rejection letter that you have received. We will also evaluate your profile based on your nationality, age, length of residence, base salary, and other critical factors to find out if it is suitable for an appeal.

The purpose of the consultation is to determine whether an appeal is possible. You can rest assured that we will give you an accurate and honest assessment, and only advise you on an appeal should we deem it possible.

2. Make Appeal

Should your profile be suitable for an appeal, we will assist you in building a stronger profile, advise you on important documents and how to make the appeal. With our experience and expertise, you stand a great chance of getting your appeal approved!

Engage Singapore Top Immigration for Application or Appeal

Overall, our services ensure that your application process is smooth and hassle-free – and most importantly guarantee you the highest chance of success in securing Singapore PR or Citizenship status. We have assisted over 20,000 applicants in achieving Singapore PR and Citizenship status in over 6 years of our experience in the country’s immigration industry.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation with our immigration specialists today.

Your Guide to Our Singapore PR, Citizenship Application & Appeal Services
Your Guide to Our Singapore PR, Citizenship Application & Appeal Services

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