Yeobuild HomeStore – The Best Appliance Store in Singapore

Yeobuild HomeStore – The Best Appliance Store in Singapore

The maintenance and upkeep of our home are very vital to each of us. We build an abode that’s unique, inviting, and warm. To sustain, we find the best kitchen appliances to keep living conveniently. Complete your dream home by equipping every corner with the best-suited kitchen appliances for you, making your home a comfortable space for your family.

Yeobuild Homestore

History of Yeobuild HomeStore

Originally a small family-owned business, Yeobuild Brothers was founded in 1959 by the Yeo brothers for one simple reason, and that reason is to provide an all-around maintenance service to every home in Singapore. Armed with family values and their genuine dedication to their vision, the Yeo brothers were able to grow their two-man team into what would become the Yeobuild Management which was founded in 1980.

Now for over 40 years, Yeobuild HomeRepair still strives to remain committed to its mission to provide repair and maintenance to major home appliances in Singapore. Yeobuild has branched out into other companies, one of which is Yeobuild HomeStore.

Yeobuild HomeStore helps you in equipping your residence with the best-suited kitchen appliances, making it a convenient home that you and your family can enjoy.

Thriving with every Singaporean family

We uphold the value of your home by taking care of your appliances for you. With that value in mind, Yeobuild HomeStore was created. Our mission is to provide a convenient appliance store where you can easily fill your dream home with the right kitchen tools.

A product of our mother brand Yeobuild Home Repair, we are all advocates for efficient and honest service. Our team is committed to providing every family with a valuable home through a convenient home appliances store. 

The Yeobuild HomeStore Promise

We’re committed to providing you with the best products and services for your home, making it the best place to live in.


Yeobuild HomeStore is a product of passion for maintaining spec-free appliances for Singaporean homes for over 40 years. We cater to families looking for a convenient appliance store. Yeobuild HomeStore is a sister company of Yeobuild HomeRepair, an established home repair and maintenance service founded in 1980 in Singapore. 


We are an authorized seller for the 17 major brands in Singapore. We have an expanded range of quality kitchen appliances that includes stand-alone appliances, smart home devices, domestic appliances, and home consumables. We source our products directly from the brand companies, making our products price-competitive.


We believe in comfortability. Being able to acquire services all within the comforts of your home. Get our technicians to come down for free to do measurements and advise the best kitchen appliances for you.

Peace of mind

We assure you, it’s hassle-free. We work closely with our brand companies to serve your needs the way you want them. Sit back and relax, we’ll help you attain your dream kitchen appliances.

Technical advice

We’re here for you every step of the way. Contact us if you want professional technical advice on which product serves best for your home!

Repair or Replace

Have a go and check your existing kitchen appliances, we guarantee free replacement with no extra charges if you choose not to repair them.

Our Customers are Our Pride

At Yeobuild HomeStore, we take pride in our services and our beloved customers. This is why we always strive to provide quality assistance for you and your homes. Expect to get only reliable, credible, and convenient appliance store and repair services from us. We dedicate our business to you.

Get your dream appliances now easy and faster with Yeobuild HomeStore! 

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