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Maintaining our home appliances is very important to ensure that they are well-functioning and that they would last longer. Your air-conditioners – in particular – should be in proper shape so that its quality will not deteriorate over time. So if you ever need repair and maintenance services for your air-conditioners, Yeobuild HomeCool can do just that. With our highly qualified and knowledgeable technicians, we promise to deliver the top-tier services that you need for your air-conditioners.

What is Yeobuild HomeCool?

Yeobuild HomeCool is an established, all-around Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (HVAC) company in Singapore. It prides itself on being one of the very few air conditioning companies in Singapore to use technology in providing excellent overall air conditioning service. We provide a wide array of seamless services to both public and private residences.
All our technicians have ample technical knowledge in providing your air-conditioners with the care that they need. They are well-experienced in checking and servicing air conditioning brand’s systems.

We have developed a fully-automated system that you can enjoy – from the website up to the frontline of our services. We want to provide a modern solution and experience for each of our clients. We also have a customer support service like no other. Book an appointment on the website or call us directly, and we will already do the rest.

History of Yeobuild HomeCool

What started as a small family-owned business has now turned into three major companies, with Yeobuild HomeCool being one of them. The Yeo brothers founded Yeobuild Brothers in 1959 with the sole reason of providing an all-around maintenance service to every household in Singapore. With family values and genuine dedication under their helm, the Yeo brothers were able to develop their two-man team into what would become the Yeobuild Management which was established in 1980.

Yeobuild HomeRepair has become a successful repair service provider in Singapore for the past 40 years, providing repair and maintenance to home appliances. Because of this, Yeobuild has branched out into other companies: Yeobuild HomeStore and Yeobuild HomeCool. Yeobuild HomeStore aims to help equip your homes with the best appliance brands in Singapore. Yeobuild HomeCool, on the other hand, is committed to provide quality services for your air-conditioning needs.

Our Core Values

Behind our outstanding service are the fundamental values we seek to uphold. These values reflect who we are as a business and what we represent as one of the top air-conditioning solutions in Singapore.


At HomeCool, we make an authentic association with our loyal clients with the purpose of ensuring that their family and their homes are secure and safe. And that you and your family would only breathe fresh air from your air conditioning unit.


We are committed to effective and honest service. From initial contract to maintenance after repair, our team is committed to providing seamless and unparalleled customer service. In addition, we strive for continuous improvement through your feedback as we progress in a more versatile and customer-oriented brand.


We strive to provide reliable home solutions that respect your budget, expectations and calendar. In every order of business, we strive to provide you with sustainable, sustainable and safe repair solutions.

Our Services

To avail of our products, you only need to go through six simple steps.

Survey and Installation

Purchasing an air conditioner brings comfort to your home. We consider this as the main point so that we are able to deliver seamless survey and installation services for your air-conditioning units. We have a professional team of air-conditioner installation technicians that can do the job for you. Having established 40 years of air conditioning expertise, we assure you that we can fix whatever air-conditioning unit and brand that you have.


When your air-conditioning unit would show problems or they would stop working, we at Yeobuild HomeCool would know what to do. From minor leakes up to the most major air-conditioning unit breakdowns, we can fix it in no time. We do believe that we have to take care of your air-conditioning units so that you would not be hassled with it. Instead of thinking about repairs, you can already take care of your family. We are prepared to do the job of making your homes a more comfortable place to stay in.


Did you know that cleaning your air-conditioning unit externally is never going to be enough? Yeobuild HomeCool has a servicing and maintenance package that would allow your cooling units to be in their perfect shape. We know for a fact that a well-maintained air-conditioning unit would bring a lot of positive effects like cleaner and bacteria-free air. This is why you need to consult with us today to ensure that your air conditioning unit would be properly maintained.

At Yeobuild HomeCool, We Value You the Most

At Yeobuild HomeCool, we value our clients the most. This is why we always strive to provide you with the best services that are reliable, transparent, and genuine. With our strong roots anchored from our values, we are committed to deliver quality services for your air-conditioning units.

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Making It Cool with Yeobuild HomeCool
Making It Cool with Yeobuild HomeCool

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