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Pacco Window Film is the exclusive and sole distributors of Zonling Window Films in Southeast Asia. With most of the region experiencing a tropical climate, Zonling Window Films have become an integral addition to many homes and cars to ensure a more comfortable and cooler environment.

With its State-of-The-Art Technology, which was researched and developed in Singapore’s own Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Zonling Window Film continues to emphasise strongly on educating their customers, providing the right solution for their problems and focusing on quality & efficiency.

Zonling Window Film uses a spectrally selective sputtering technology. Using only the best window film manufacturing machinery, which places precious metal particles (Gold & Silver) into the film. This ensures efficiency and consistency of the performance from the solar films throughout the day as compared to conventional films available in the market today.

Many customers looking for window film in recent times need to ask various window films suppliers this question: “How does your window film reject the heat? Is it by reflecting it away or absorbing it into the film?” 90% of solar films available in the market now reject heat by absorption which is not the most efficient way to reject heat especially in Singapore’s Climate. Glass and window films have their maximum absorption point, and on a very hot day in Singapore it will only take 2 to 3 hours of constant shining from the afternoon sun for the film and windows to reach its maximum absorption point. After which, all the heat energy that is absorbed will have to be released from the film and glass into the home, office or car.

State of the art window film technology guarantee to reduce high amounts of heat and your electricity bills.

With Zonling’s Z Series Z60, Z40 & Deluxe Series X70 window films being graded excellent (3 Ticks) by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), it proves efficient in helping their clients reduce energy consumption. In a recent project, it was seen that after installing Zonling Window Films there was a reduction of 40% in their electricity bill. The client was highly dependent on their air-condition system to ensure a cool and comfortable home, causing their monthly electricity bill to be very expensive and Zonling Window Film has helped to reduce this cost for them.

Zonling Window Film believes in educating customers and clients to assure them that the films installed will be able to solve their heat problems. We have done experiments and comparisons which have seen a drastic decrease in room temperature after installing Zonling Window Films. An experiment was carried out where we measured the internal temperature of two separate bubble lifts situated side by side over the course of 72 hours, where one lift was installed with our Zonling Window Film and the other was left in its original state. It was seen that the bubble lift installed with the window film was 7 degrees Celsius cooler than the other bubble lift.

Although heat rejection being Zonling’s primary focus, safety is also an important aspect Zonling wants to provide to their customers through their solar films. Manufacturing films that are thicker than conventional films, Zonling Window Film aims to increase the strength of the windscreen and glass once their film is installed onto it. This will help to lower the chance of the glass shattering causing cuts and bruises to clients and their children. In the event of the glass shattering, the film will help to keep the shattered pieces in place and give the clients enough time to get the glass changed.

Keep your family, employees and yourself safe by installing Zonling Window Films Today. Reject 99% of the Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays to protect your loved ones, furniture and flooring from premature ageing and disintegration. Reject up to 94% infrared rays to live and work in a comfortable environment without needing to overspend on air condition systems.



Window Film Solutions by Pacco Chemical (S) Pte Ltd
Window Film Solutions by Pacco Chemical (S) Pte Ltd

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