The Finest Wholesale Vegan Suppliers in Singapore

The Finest Wholesale Vegan Suppliers in Singapore

With our guide to Wholesale Vegan Suppliers in Singapore’s busy metropolis, take a plant-powered voyage. Here we introduce the pioneers and suppliers of wholesale vegan treats in a city that celebrates culinary variety. From colorful plant-based foods to delicious vegan ready-mades, these suppliers are the backbone of Singapore’s thriving vegan scene.

Our guide lets you into a world where food and compassion collide, whether you’re a passionate home cook, restaurant owner, or caterer. Come explore with us the top Wholesale Vegan Suppliers in Singapore, where you can get the tastiest and freshest plant-based food available for a very affordable wholesale order!

Best Wholesale Vegan Suppliers in Singapore



Natural, Healthy and Tasty Plant-based food
ServicesStarters, Soups, Salads, Classics, Noodles, Chinese Stir- Fry, Sushi, Snacks, Desserts, Coffee, Wine, Beer
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9812 9109
Address301, #01-109 Upper Thomson Rd, Thomson Plaza, Singapore 574408

iVegan offers pure, nutritious, and delicious plant-based cuisine with Asian and Western influences. Not only do they utilize healthier foods, but they also use healthier oil and salt, such as olive oil and pansalt, which is a low sodium salt. There’s also no MSG.


Vegetarian World Food Pte Ltd.

Vegetarian and Vegan Products One Stop Supplier
Price Range
Contact Details+65 62871771
Address6 Tagore Dr, #01-08 Tagore Building, Singapore 787623

It began in 1990. They began at Chai Chee and then moved to Serangoon Central. The store had grown too tiny to accommodate both a retail and wholesale clientele. They moved their wholesale center to Ubi Ave 2 and, thanks to their customers’ support, they were able to expand once again. Since then, they’ve concentrated their resources on this wholesale center.

Foodsterr challenges traditional specialty food retailers with affordable prices and quality produce from around the world!

Foodsterr challenges traditional specialty food retailers with affordable prices and quality produce from around the world!

We at Foodsterr want to help you eat better. We started Foodsterr to share our products with you – home cooks, …
ServicesDried Fruits, Nuts, Granola and Muesli, Oats, Seeds, Grains, Floor & Toppings, Organic Aisle, Snack, Tomato and Pasta Sauce
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6909 2785
Address4 Leng Kee Rd, #04-09A SiS Building, Singapore 159088

At Foodsterr, they want to help you eat better. They started Foodsterr to share their products with you – home cooks, bakers, fitness folks and everyone interested in eating right.

They have scoured the globe for top quality food products. They pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of quality, freshness, value, and service.

Bake your own granola for breakfast, whip up some quinoa for lunch, and keep a bag of raw almonds in your bag to snack on anytime. With their nutritious, affordable ingredients, better eating can happen every day.


Friendly Vegetarian Food Supply

ServicesFinger Food, Vegetarian Chicken, Vegetarian Seafood, Vegetarian Duck, Vegetarian Meat, Vegetarian Mutton, Vegetarian Ball, Vegetarian Ham, Vegetarian Sausage, Tofu, Pau/Buns,Instant Noodle, Instant Vemicelli, Cans, Pastry, Seaweed, Snack, Instant Goods, Texture Vegetable Protein, Tonic, Konjac, Veg Soyskin, Veg Soybean, Veg Gluten Seitan
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6779 1488
Address#01-23 Wholesale Centre, Blk 14, Singapore 110014

They had kept the above classifications and added in sub categorization for products that are halal, frozen, fresh, chilled and ambient products. Products could be halal, fresh and frozen. All of their products are alliums free. They are a importer who liaisons with factories directly and bring them to your table.

They have customers that are hoteliers, caterers, restaurateurs, temples, hawkers (Singapore Hawkers are drawn into the Cultural UNESCO in 2020), school tuckshops, small home businesses and most importantly, YOU. Ranges include, soy protein, soy fiber, mushroom fiber, konjac range, mung bean protein based and monkeyhead mushroom, seasonings and condiments to help your cooking. They have the solutions and one stop buy it all service.


Greenies Singapore

ServicesVegetables, Fruits, Cut and Clean Greens, Rice, Noodles, Eggs, Beverages, Cooking Essentials
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6281 3133
Address1 Buroh Ln, Singapore 618292

Shop for fresh vegetables and fruits delivery in Singapore. Greenies offer a wide range of items to choose from.


Ming Xin Trading

ServicesVegetables, Fruits, Cut and Clean Greens, Rice, Noodles, Eggs, Beverages, Cooking Essentials
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6552 5955
Address8A Admiralty St, #04-17/18, Singapore 757437

It all started way back in the 1980s, Mr Tan Goon Huat switched to a vegetarian diet as a Buddhist for the abstinence of the consumption of animal-derived products including eggs and dairy. That’s where Mr Tan and Mrs Violet Tan explored beauty of the vegetarian food & beverage industry with their experience, a strong empathy for the people who are on vegetarian and vegan diet and an ensuing demand for premium dried and frozen vegan mock meat and seasonings on a global basis. That was the birth of Ming Xin Trading (1997) in Singapore as a wholesaler and retailer. Together, they then went on to source the most suitable Taiwanese food technology, gaining the knowledge and expertise advice on going through the vegetarian food manufacturing route. Many challenges with regards to employment of staff and food processing were posed in between and never once Mr and Mrs Tan gave up. Ming Xin Trading finally acquired her own factory premises in Singapore in 2010 after several relocation of the Singapore factory to meet the stronger demand and stricter requirements from local consumers. 

Mr Tan has achieved a significant feat with Ming Xin Trading: creating a wide variety of products that are not only healthy, but delicious too. Beginning as a wholesaler and retailer in Singapore, Ming Xin now offers more than 500 products of which 300 are manufactured in house, and supplies them to a range of clients. From everyday eateries such as hawker centres and school canteens to formal establishments such as temples, hotels, and hospitals.

While upholding their commitment to 100 percent vegetarian ingredients, Ming Xin continues to expand their product line to suit the demands of the market. The deepest motivating factor for Mr and Mrs Tan is the passion to promote a healthier lifestyle. Our company hopes that with the increase in different varieties of high quality and tasty vegetarian products available in the market, more people will be able to enjoy their chosen diet and hence improve their health and quality of life.


Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

ServicesVegan Cakes, Baby Friendly Cakes, Diabetic Friendly Cakes, Gluten Free Cakes, Keto Friendly Cakes, Cookies
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6282 2951
Address34 Whampoa W, #01-83, Singapore 330034

Established in 2009, Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes is the first in Singapore to bake and market its healthier cakes. Using mostly organic low-GI plant-based ingredients, the innovative bakery stands out from conventional ones as a pioneer of delectable desserts and cakes for health-conscious consumers and those with diabetes or allergies. What makes the bakery anomalous, is its dedication to creating delicious and nutritious cakes that are egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and cane-sugar free. They are also naturally cholesterol-free and trans-fat free.

Delcie’s wonderful pastry creations make it possible for anyone with a hearty appetite to enjoy cakes and desserts without having to feel guilty.

Over the years, they have garnered a good number of awards and accolades. These recognition is a testament of the hard work and commitment from their bakery to provide excellent quality cakes to customers with specific dietary requirements.


Zenxin Organic Food Singapore

ServicesOrganic Box, Noodles, Beverages, Dairy and Eggs, Frozen Foods, Grains, Cooking Essentials
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6778 7369
Address14 Pasir Panjang #01-25, Wholesale Centre, Singapore 110014

It all began with 500 chickens Mr Tai Kok Kong, Founder of ZENXIN Organic Food has.

Being the successful agriculturist he is, Mr Tai Kok Kong ventured into the composting business in 1999 when he found himself with a lot more compost than he bargained for. The environmentalist in him did not want to resort to dumping chicken manure and polluting the ground.

At that time, organic farming was few and far in between in Malaysia. Only a handful knew soil science or how compost can greatly improve soil quality. Armed with what little knowledge he had about composting, Mr Tai Kok Kong explored this new field with open mindedness and a keen eye, as he learned of ways to upcycle chicken manure.

Providence has it that on one of his trips to Cameron Highlands, Mr Tai Kok Kong was introduced to practices of organic farming. When he tasted organic produce, it was to his great surprise and indeed——– pure joy as he found that long-lost flavour of cabbage he fondly remembers from his childhood. Intrigued by what he tasted, he bought a full load of organic cabbage, packed them in his car and distributed these to all of his friends in Kluang town. It was on this important day that the seed of ZENXIN took root. And as they say, the rest is history.


Growthwell Group

Serviceskonnyaku, mushroom, soy, chickpea
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6281 3133
AddressBlk 1002 Tai Seng Ave #01-2540, Singapore 534409

Making nutritious delicious is how they advocate for plant-based, reduced-meat sustainable living. People always choose delicious!

That’s why their team goes full force into R&D and food technology—food scientists, researchers, nutritionists, and chefs all shining a spotlight on Asia’s kaleidoscope of produce and flavours.

With a philosophy that’s as much about treating the body right as it is about taste, many of their products are made with high protein essential to building and boosting immunity.


Nature’s Superfoods

ServicesSuperfood Breakfast Cereals, Grains and Seeds, Spices, Powders, Superfood Fitness, Superfood Bites
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6841 5476
+65 6841 5304
+65 6846 0760
Address12 Arumugam Rd, #03-09/10 LTC Building B, Singapore 409958

It all started in Peru in the early 2000s when they were living in Peru as social work volunteers. While volunteering in social projects during the weekends, they were introduced to Quinoa and other superfoods, piquing their curiosities to discover more of such nutritious foods.

In 2005, they started Actspand as a translation company, as they reckoned that they could carry out the business from any location around the world. Through the many translation projects they had, they came across superfood growers and producers in Peru, thus reinforcing their interest and passion for these superfoods that are often prized as traditional health-benefiting foods. This interest eventually grew into a business idea. So, upon returning to Singapore, they took the plunge and started Nature’s Superfoods in 2011, maximising on the networks and knowledge we had accumulated in Peru.

As we bring our plant-powered exploration to a wholesome close, the journey through Wholesale Vegan Suppliers in Singapore has been a celebration of cruelty-free abundance. From nutrient-packed ingredients to innovative ready-made vegan products, these suppliers have paved the way for a flourishing vegan culinary scene in the heart of Singapore. The conclusion of this vegan odyssey is not just an end; it’s a commencement of countless compassionate creations in kitchens, restaurants, and homes across the city. Here’s to the culinary artisans who have redefined wholesomeness and to the ongoing journey of savoring the freshest, finest, and most compassionate flavors from Singapore’s exceptional Wholesale Vegan Suppliers. Until the next plant-based feast, may every meal be a testament to sustainability, health, and the vibrant world of vegan gastronomy!

Do check out our list of Vegan Ice Cream and have time to try their delicious food.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are vegans healthier?

Vegan and vegetarian diets were shown to have a decreased risk of heart disease but a greater risk of stroke, probably due to a lack of vitamin B12. The researchers discovered that vegetarians had ten fewer instances of heart disease and three more strokes per 1,000 persons than meat eaters.

Is veganism expensive?

Supply and demand is the reason they’re so costly. They are expensive to produce and sell to a small market. Veganism is a small fraction of the population. Any type of “convenience food,” vegan or not, is going to be more expensive than home-cooked meals.

How do I start being a vegan?

Start integrating more whole grains, beans, legumes, tofu, nuts, and seeds into your diet if you haven’t previously. You may begin phasing off dairy, eggs, and honey if you feel ready to do so. You may do it all at once, one food category at a time, or as slowly as you’d like.

What types of vegan products can I find from wholesale suppliers in Singapore?

Wholesale vegan suppliers in Singapore offer a diverse range of products, including plant-based ingredients, vegan meats, dairy alternatives, snacks, and ready-made vegan meals.

Are there minimum order quantities when purchasing from wholesale vegan suppliers?

Minimum order quantities may vary among suppliers. It’s advisable to inquire about specific terms, including minimum orders, pricing, and delivery options when engaging with wholesale vegan suppliers.

Can I find specialty or hard-to-find vegan products from these suppliers?

Many wholesale vegan suppliers carry specialty or hard-to-find vegan products. It’s recommended to communicate your specific needs and inquire about the availability of niche or unique vegan items.

Do wholesale vegan suppliers provide delivery services in Singapore?

Yes, most wholesale vegan suppliers offer delivery services in Singapore. Check with the supplier regarding delivery options, fees, and any conditions related to the delivery process.

Can I place a wholesale order for vegan products if I’m a restaurant owner or caterer?

Absolutely. Wholesale vegan suppliers in Singapore often cater to businesses, including restaurants, caterers, and other food establishments. Inquire about their business-to-business (B2B) offerings and any specific benefits for bulk orders.

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