The Finest Nutritionists in Singapore

The Finest Nutritionists in Singapore

If you’re thinking about changing your daily diet, we suggest consulting with one of Singapore’s best nutritionists to learn about the best meals to include in your new diet.

Instead of determining which foods to eat and which to avoid on your own, it’s best to seek the advice of the best nutritionists in Singapore to get the best results. It’s also worth mentioning that not all diets are suitable for or recommended for all.

If you’ve always struggled with your weight or have recently been diagnosed with a medical condition, these 10 best nutritionists in Singapore will help you kickstart a healthy lifestyle!

Take a look at them below!
Please note that the items on this list are not in any specific order.


Sheeba The Nutritionist

Holistic Health
The Finest Nutritionists in Singapore
Sheeba The Nutritionist – Nutritionists Singapore
Sheeba – The Nutritionist

Sheeba – The Nutritionist

Sheeba Majmudar has won many accolades and awards as one of the most sought- after Nutritionists and …
ServicesBlodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Gemmotherapy, Biohack, Therapeutic Aroma Therapy, NES
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9656 6714
Address17, Hong Kong Street, #03-02, Singapore, 059660

Sheeba Majumdar is one of the highly recommended nutritionists in Singapore. In 2020, Prestige Awards chose Sheeba as the nutritionist of the year. If you want to know more about clean and healthy eating, you must go through “Edible to Incredible”. Due to Sheeba’s wide exposure to the American, Indian and Singaporean culture, she is expert at devising health plans to suit your taste buds. According to Sheeba, you cannot stop yourself from ageing, but you do not have to live with diseases.


  • Passionate
  • Personal Touch
  • Mind Body Treatment
  • Constantly Evolving
Customer Reviews

Sheena is very professional and knowledgeable. She can read from my blood work and identify the source of the problems. Honestly, I am very impressed and have full confidence in her helping me to regain my health! – Veronica Goh

Amazing consultations from Sheeba really helped me reduce my. Just follow the protocol to a T and you are sure to see amazing results! I am extremely grateful for all her advice! – Archit Date

Thank you Sheeba for the consultations given was really helpful and i could understand what is beneficial for my body better. – RC

Ritika Shravan

Ritika Shravan

People come to Ritika to make a change and improve their fitness, weight, stress, eating habits, and health. They …
ServicesNutrition, Fitness and Health Coaching, Personalised On Call service when you need help, Acclaimed South Asian (Indian) nutritional specialist in Singapore
Price Range
Contact Details+65 90267535
Address126B, Edgedale Plains, Singapore, 822162

People come to Ritika to make a change and improve their fitness, weight, stress, eating habits, and health. They need the structure, accountability, expert advice and support of a coach to get there. No matter what your challenges are – weight loss/gain, thyroid, diabetes, high cholesterol, PCOD, muscle gain, menopause etc. below are the three key holistic focal points in your journey with Ritika to achieve your optimal goal.

  • Nutrition and mindful eating
  • Fitness and
  • Coaching


  • Personalized Nutrition Plan that Fits Your Lifestyle and Goal
  • Daily Check-in on Macros
  • Monthly Review on Goals
  • Ritika On Call
Customer Reviews

Ritika constantly motivated & guided me. She designed small & short term goals. I started seeing results in a week and a month into the program, I had lost 4 kgs and I felt rejuvenated and my skin felt better. By the end of three months I had lost 12 KG. This was possible because of her constant motivation & dedication. – Sushma

Ritika’s help is immeasurable in terms of encouragement and compassion. But you need to foot her line and follow what she recommends. Just trust her with your weight issues and she will show you the right way to overcome! – Vidya

I have been consulting with Ritika for the last 3 months & lost 6 kilos. What sets Ritika apart from others is that she is genuinely passionate about your well being, her plans are easy to follow & she is mostly always on and gives you real time advice. All in all fantastic coach and this is really is her “ikigai”. – Praneet


The Nutrition Clinic

Redefining nutrition and the way you thrive — one tiny change at a time.
The Finest Nutritionists in Singapore
The Nutrition Clinic – Nutritionists Singapore
ServicesInitial Consultation:
Food sensitivities tests, Organic Acids tests, Micro biome test, Stress hormone/Sleep test
Membership Plans:
Advanced biomarker tests, Bespoke health plan, Consultations, Discounted supplements
Price RangeInitial Consultation:
Food sensitivities tests, Organic Acids tests, Microbiome test, Stress hormone/Sleep test
Membership Plans:
Advanced biomarker tests, Bespoke health plan, Consultations, Discounted supplements
 6735 2350
Address45A Craig Road 089683 Singapore

Your body reflects your health, and it does not lie. At The Nutrition Clinic, the expert nutritionists devise a suitable diet plan full of nutrients for every patient. Custom plans aim at optimising your metabolism and resolving digestive issues. As per the nutritionists at Nutrition Clinic, they do not enforce dietary restrictions unless a patient is allergic to a particular food, and it is in the best of his interests. However, portion control is always recommended for healthy weight loss.


  • Passionate
  • Motivated
  • Experienced
Customer Reviews

A very thorough and comprehensive health assessment. Consultant and staff are very committed. Regular follow up to ensure that l am kept motivated and on-track. – Adeline Lim

I have completed there six month course with them. They have helped me figure out food sensitivities I didn’t knew about. I have lost 10kg and my overall health is improved. Thank u – Qurratul Ain

Such an amazing and friendly team. The first time seeing a nutritionist where I’ve actually had results and been able to stick to things that make me feel better. Looking forward to continuing my journey with them. – Ming Bridges


Health Can Be Fun

Helping you stay healthy makes us happy
The Finest Nutritionists in Singapore
Health Can Be Fun – Nutritionists Singapore
ServiceProgrammes and events, F&B Establishment Services, Personalised Nutrition Service, Young Nutritionist Programme, Strategic Partnership
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6463 3707
Address40 Jalan Pemimpin Tat Ann Building, #03-02 Singapore 577185

Health Can Be Fun nutrition team believes in inspiring a healthy lifestyle through their client-oriented food programs. It is a nutrition consultancy run by a group of passionate young women. You can make your custom menu and diet plan from HCBF nutritionists according to the recommendations of the Health Promotion Board. Customized menu plans help you significantly to develop a love for healthy foods. Furthermore, your HCBF nutritionist monitors your diet plan closely for immediate health benefits.


  • Triend and Tested
  • Detailed Nutritional Facts
Customer Reviews

Nana (Wu Nan Nan) the Nutritionist was welcoming and clear in explaining my body statistics. She was patient to discuss my work day diet and recommended changes to achieve my goal. It was quite a motivator for me as she is rather optimistic. Looking forward to better results at my next AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment! – Kelvin Chin


Food Advisory Group

We give you the best diet plan
The Finest Nutritionists in Singapore
Food Advisory Group – Nutritionists Singapore
ServicesConsultation and education, Diet plans, lifestyles and therapies, Healthy and yummy recipes, Nutrition as Medicine, Professional Health Supplements, Analysis and Tests
Price RangeDetailed Diet Plan from $550
Email consultations (max 3) $120
First Consultation (70 mins) $150
Repeated Consultation (40 mins) $100
Food Allergy Test from $50
Hair Mineral Test with consultation $320
AddressPark Avenue Rochester 31 Rochester Dr, Singapore 138637

Vivianna Wou is a UK certified nutritionist and loves to help her patients with tailor-made health plans. Powered with natural supplements and herbal solutions — Vivianna’s plan is highly effective for her patients. Due to their wide experience in the nutrition sector, companies like Nestle and Cerebos. Vivianna has been working in the nutrition industry and prescribing best dietary practices for stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, fatigue syndrome and indigestion. You can also contact them for weight loss, eczema, hormone imbalance and migraines.


  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Personalized Exercise Plan
  • Natural Foods
  • Nutritional Plans
Customer Reviews

I like to commend her on her domain knowledge here & would recommend her to anyone. – Chng Ron

Friendly, knowledgable and easy to work with. Always a pleasure visiting Vivianna’s clinic! – Gautam Param

A pleasant office to visit, professional service with a well-rated expert! – Selena Foo


Alive Nutrition

The Finest Nutritionists in Singapore
Alive Nutrition – Nutritionists Singapore
ServicesNutrition Talks, Supermarket tours/ healthier hawker trail, Cooking Demonstrations, Nutrition Coaching, Corporate Nutrition
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9329 2949

Alive Nutrition Consultancy is a scientific nutrition planner founded by Chan Joy Seng after his Master’s in Human Nutrition. The business aims at providing the best practical and scientific nutrition solutions that are aligned with one’s health and wellness goals. Alive Nutrition Consultancy also offers corporate nutrition programs for the development of healthier menus for restaurants and analysis of nutritional content. You can also contact Alive Nutrition Consultancy for weight management and superior sports performance.


  • Nutrition Talks
  • Supermarket Tours and Healthier Hawker Trails
  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
Customer Reviews

Attended a talk by Joy Sent recently. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and gives good advice on the pros and cons of consuming certain food. Helpful and patient too. – A L Lau

Joy Seng is extremely competent and engages with his audience well. Reliable and committed to his craft. Effectively bilingual in English & Mandarin as well. Would definitely work with him again! – Cheryl Loh

The director, Mr Chan Joy Seng was very knowledgeable and helpful, readily providing useful advice 🙂 thank you! – Hannah Bock

Finest Nutritionists in Singapore

Nutra Nourish

ServicesCorporate Wellness Program, Personalised Consultation, Nutrigenomics Testing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9125 7500
AddressLoewen Rd, 27A Core Collective Dempsey, Singapore 248839

Dr Menka has helped many clients with issues related to Stress, Sleep, Digestive disorders, Low Energy, Diabetes, Cholesterol Autoimmunity, Eczema, ADHD, Autism etc. She has more than 18 years of experience in the health and medical field. She completed her Master’s degree in Personalised Nutrition in the UK and is a member of British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. She has trained in Functional Medicine since 2012 from the esteemed Institute for Functional Medicine in the US, where her teachers are Dr. Mark Hyman and the Father of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

She is the only practitioner in Singapore who has finished all the modules in Functional Medicine from IFM. You can find more details about Functional Medicine here. Menka’s background is as a Medical Doctor. She has worked in leading hospitals in London, Singapore and India in the field of General Medicine and Gynaecology. As an NLP practitioner, Menka engages with her clients in a therapeutic partnership and coaches them towards optimum health and well-being. Menka’s unique combination of qualifications and knowledge makes her Functional medicine programmes complete and successful. Menka has been featured in an interview with Channel News Asia where she discusses Gluten sensitivity extensively.


  • Nutritional Products
  • Assess Underlying Causes
  • Map Your Wellbeing
  • Make You Feel Good
Customer Reviews

What I found particularly helpful was learning the science behind mind-body-spirit awareness and then discovering for myself how to live in the moment with this fresh perspective. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to live a more intentional, aware life. Thank you Deepika. – Nonita

Great experience working with Nutranourish and Dr Menka. – Devvrat Chauhan

The whole process has been very informative and very helpful. Deepika has been very enthusiastic and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. – George Stevenson Gibb


Eat Right Nutrition Consultancy

ServicesPersonal Dietetic Consultation, Sports Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, Emergenetics, Corporate Nutrition and Wellness Program, Culinary Nutrition Solution
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8798 9710
AddressOrchard Medical Specialists Centre 304 Orchard Road #05-36, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Eat Right provides professional & practical, evidence-based nutrition training and workshops to individuals and companies in line with their health and wellness goals. They also operate dietitian clinic.

They are a group of dedicated Dietitians, Nutritionists & Chefs who believe in empowering people with evidence based knowledge to help them shop, cook, and eat healthier.


  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Evidence based Nutrition
  • Value Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Sustainable and Quality Services
Customer Reviews

No Reviews Yet as of this Writing


Fitness Tutor

ServicesPersonal Training, Fitness Talks, Training Fees
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9751 3400
Address1 Commonwealth Ln, #04-04, Singapore 149544

They targeted clients are often the busy professionals working in various industries who always find it challenging to find time to exercise and eat healthily: doctors, lawyers, lecturers, teachers, top-level executives, professors, etc.

​They need to be in greater shape than an average person to cope with the demands of the world thrown mercilessly at them. If they are in poor shape, it may mean poor performance at work and in worst cases, get burnt out and even face death. They are sure you have known someone personally like that. Ironically, these are the same people with the least time and energy for health maintenance. Thus, they created holistic programs specifically to help these executives to ‘do less achieve more and they don’t have to worry too much about it.


  • Lose Weight Burn Fat Firm Up
  • Build Muscle Boost Testosterone
  • Improve Functional Fitness
  • Medical Fitness Rehab
  • Free Online Health Test
Customer Reviews

Very accommodating with your schedule and doesn’t teach complex or unheard of exercises that other trainers might otherwise teach unnecessarily. – Glen 7k

I am grateful and fortunate to have met my Trainer, Paul, who helped me lose 9kg in 18 sessions.
I am enjoying and looking forward to continuing my PT sessions at Fitness Tutor.
– Royston Foong

It’s my 15 session of confidence building that I can restrain osteoporosis because Paul prepares each of my session with thoughtfulness plus the resolve that we can improve with consistency and perseverance. Onward! – Carolin Tan


Body With Soul

ServicesOsteopathy, Psychology, Dietetics and Nutrition, Occupational Therapy
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6779 0660
Address79 Anson Rd, Unit 21-01, Singapore 079906

Body with Soul is an integrated allied healthcare and wellness practice offering osteopathy, psychology, dietetics & nutrition, occupational therapy, speech & language therapy and physiotherapy services. Since 2008, they are proud to have treated over 16,000 unique patients from over 53 different nationalities in Singapore.

Body with Soul treats each person as a whole and provides assessment, treatment, and prevention measures for issues with functioning.

Our Approach

They strive to provide the greatest health and wellness outcome for each of our patients in a safe and caring atmosphere, guided by the demands of their patients and clients. Their treatment methods are up to date, scientific, and evidence-based, and they follow strict practice ethics. They pay close attention to every element of your Body with Soul trip to provide an unforgettable experience.


  • High Standard Of Care
  • Unique Patient Experience
  • Positive Health Outcomes
Customer Reviews

You can’t find many counsellors or therapists out there better than Body with Soul’s Dr David Shapiro. Do request for him when you make an appointment! – J C Wong

Dear Eugenija Enija, Many thanks for your kind review. We strive hard to provide the best care every time and glad to note you positive review. Kind regards, Body with Soul Management – Jevgenija Binkyte


An Apple A Day

ServicesPrivate Consultation, Health Condition, Corporate Wellness,
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6304 3552
Address402 Orchard Rd, #06-01/02 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 278876

Meet their resident Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Psychotherapist, Sigrid Grobys, ND. Sigrid helps individuals achieve their health goals through a full range of natural therapies, and also works with clients at a deeper level when desired, examining the root causes of illness through process-oriented psychotherapy.

Sigrid holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from McGill University (Canada) and completed her 4-year full-time naturopathic training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Building on ten years of experience practicing naturopathic medicine, Sigrid felt that a qualification in psychotherapy would greatly benefit clients looking to explore causes of illness at a deeper level. She completed a 2-year training in process-oriented psychotherapy with the Metavision Institute in Australia.

Sigrid enjoys working with clients from all walks of life, and particularly with women and children, treating a broad range of common health concerns such as fatigue, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, recurrent respiratory infections and eczema.

Sigrid is a licensed member of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario as well as the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and has been practicing in Singapore for more than eleven years.

In addition to private consultations, Sigrid has also delivered hundreds of corporate wellness talks island-wide to bring science-based information about health/lifestyle / nutrition in an interactive and fun way to employees. Health talk topics range from weight loss to cancer prevention, cholesterol management and herbal health in the home. For further information refer to their Corporate Wellness section.


  • Evidence based Nutrition
  • Diet and Lifestyle Changes
  • Century-Old Healing Power of Herbs
Customer Reviews

No Reviews Yet as of this Writing

Choosing Your Nutritionist

When it comes to dietary advice, the health and wellness business can be a jungle, with everyone from celebrities to influencers, personal trainers, lifestyle columnists, and “wellness coaches” providing their opinions on food and nutrition.

It’s no surprise that so many of us feel uncertain about our healthy eating.

Because of the vast quantity of misinformation given as “help” on the internet, dietitians who are properly educated and accredited are now more necessary than ever. But how do you pick the best one? We’ve compiled a list of pointers to assist you in finding the finest dietician for your requirements.

Determine your unique health and nutritional requirements

It’s critical to identify your needs before beginning your search for a dietician. Are you trying to shed some pounds? Are you in charge of a certain medical condition? Do you have any dietary allergies or sensitivities that need to be addressed? Do you want to improve the health of your gut? Are you trying to figure out what’s causing your emotional or binge eating?

Dietitians may assist with a variety of concerns, but some specialize in areas that may be better aligned with your objectives. If you reside in a big city like Singapore, you’ll have a lot of options for nutritionists, and the greatest one is the one who understands your unique demands.

Check to see whether they have valid credentials

Why would you go to a personal trainer or a social media star for dietary advice if you’d rather not go to a plumber for help fitting your new chandelier? It’s more vital than ever to ensure that the health professionals you contact are adequately qualified and accredited to help you in this day and age, when anybody may pretend to be a “expert.”

In Singapore, we have the SNDA, which accredits nutritionists and guarantees that they are up to speed on best practices. The Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association website has a search option that allows you to look for accredited experts, thus this is the ideal place to look for a nutritionist in Singapore.

Examine their reasons for wanting to partner with you

Unfortunately, many segments of the diet and wellness business are well-known for preying on the weak in order to sell protein drinks, vitamins, nutrition bars, and other items. When looking for the finest nutritionist, consider their business plan; if it entails selling you a lot of unnecessary items, you may want to reconsider.

These days, multi-level marketing is huge business, and there are a lot of individuals out there advertising nutritional items, drinks, and supplements that promise to help you lose weight, improve gut health, burn fat, and build muscle. Whole foods, menu planning, managing cravings, and troubleshooting difficulties are all priorities for a recognized nutritionist.

Take a look at their work history and other abilities

When it comes to their expertise and qualifications, reputable nutritionists will be forthright and upfront. You should be able to get a sense of the level of their experience from their professional biography and list of tertiary credentials if they have a website or LinkedIn profile – this will help you best evaluate their talents as a nutritionist.

Understand the distinction between a dietitian and a nutritionist

The terms are frequently interchanged. A nutritionist is a tertiary-educated professional who delivers evidence-based nutrition, public and community health, policy, and research services. Nutritionists are not required to be evaluated by any authority.

Dietitians are also competent to provide these treatments, but they have extra medical training and experience. They are certified to deliver medical nutrition treatment in the form of individual and group nutritional counseling. They were supervised and evaluated for professional practice in clinical nutrition, medical nutrition, and food service management as part of their education.

The ideal nutritionist for you is the one who understands your needs

Choosing a nutritionist is a very personal decision, and the ideal nutritionist for you is one who understands your objectives and with whom you feel at ease. You’re off to a fantastic start if their coaching abilities and counseling approach resonate with you.

What’s The Difference

Nutritionist vs Dietitian

You might be asking what constitutes genuine nutrition competence. Perhaps you’ve come across the phrases “nutritionist” and “dietitian” and aren’t sure what they imply.

What a Dietician does

A dietician is a professional who specializes in food and nutrition. They have advanced degrees in nutrition and dietetics, which is the study of food, nutrition, and its effects on human health.

Dietitians get the knowledge to deliver evidence-based medical nutrition treatment and nutritional advice customized to an individual’s requirements via rigorous training.

They can work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, research institutes, and local communities, to mention a few.

What a Nutritionist does

Although their educational background closely mirrors that of a dietitian, individuals in certain countries may interpret their title as “nutritionist” rather than “dietitian.” Individuals having a wide range of nutrition qualifications and training may be referred to as “nutritionists.”

Frequently Asked Questions


What does a nutritionist do?

Individuals or groups of people are usually taught more about general nutrition, diet, and health by nutritionists. Their main focus is on eating habits. Working with clients to design and implement meal plans that enhance the nutrition of the person or family is part of this.

What is the difference between dietician and nutritionist?

Nutritionists deal with general dietary goals and habits, as opposed to dietitians, who are certified to diagnose eating disorders and develop diets to address particular medical problems. Schools, hospitals, cafeterias, long-term care institutions, and sporting groups all hire nutritionists.

Do Nutritionists help lose weight?

Medical nutrition treatment is beneficial to many people who are trying to lose weight. Your dietician will advise you on how many calories you should consume each day in order to lose weight gradually and healthily. He or she can assist you in creating a diet that is both healthy and nutritious. This can assist you in making long-term lifestyle adjustments.

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