Sheeba Majumdar is one of the highly recommended nutritionists in Singapore. In 2020, Prestige Awards chose Sheeba as the nutritionist of the year. If you want to know more about clean and healthy eating, you must go through “Edible to Incredible”. Due to Sheeba’s wide exposure to the American, Indian and Singaporean culture, she is expert at devising health plans to suit your taste buds. According to Sheeba, you cannot stop yourself from ageing, but you do not have to live with diseases.

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  • Blodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Reconnective Healing
  • Gemmotherapy
  • Biohackk
  • Therapeutic Aroma Therapy
  • NES

Your body reflects your health, and it does not lie. At The Nutrition Clinic, the expert nutritionists devise a suitable diet plan full of nutrients for every patient. Custom plans aim at optimising your metabolism and resolving digestive issues. As per the nutritionists at Nutrition Clinic, they do not enforce dietary restrictions unless a patient is allergic to a particular food, and it is in the best of his interests. However, portion control is always recommended for healthy weight loss.

  • Initial Consultation
    • Food sensitivities tests
    • Organic Acids tests
    • Micro biome test
    • Stress hormone/Sleep test
  • Membership Plans
    • Advanced biomarker tests
    • Bespoke health plan
    • Consultations
    • Discounted supplements
First consultation fee ofr $280 will be waived if you sign up for membership programme

Health Can Be Fun nutrition team believes in inspiring a healthy lifestyle through their client-oriented food programs. It is a nutrition consultancy run by a group of passionate young women. You can make your custom menu and diet plan from HCBF nutritionists according to the recommendations of the Health Promotion Board. Customized menu plans help you significantly to develop the love for healthy foods. Furthermore, your HCBF nutritionist monitors your diet plan closely for immediate health benefits.

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  • F&B Establishment Services
  • Personalised Nutrition Service
  • Young Nutritionist Programme
  • Strategic Partnership

Vivianna Wou is a UK certified nutritionist and loves to help her patients with tailor-made health plans. Powered with natural supplements and herbal solutions — Vivianna’s plan is highly effective for her patients. Due to her wide experience in the nutrition sector, companies like Nestle and Cerebos. Vivianna has been working in the nutrition industry and prescribing best dietary practices for stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, fatigue syndrome and indigestion. You can also contact her for weight loss, eczema, hormone imbalance and migraines.

  • Consultation and education
  • Diet plans, lifestyles and therapies
  • Healthy and yummy recipes
  • Nutrition As Medicine
  • Professional Health supplements
  • Analysis and Tests
Detailed Diet Plan from $550 First Consultation (70 mins) $150
Email consultations (max 3) $120 Repeated Consultation (40 mins) $100

Food Allergy Test from $50

Hair Mineral Test with consultation $320

Alive Nutrition Consultancy is a scientific nutrition planner founded by Chan Joy Seng after his Masters in Human Nutrition. The business aims at providing the best practical and scientific nutrition solutions that are aligned with one’s health and wellness goals. Alive Nutrition Consultancy also offers corporate nutrition programs for the development of healthier menus for restaurants, and analysis of nutritional contents. You can also contact Alive Nutrition Consultancy for weight management and superior sports performance.

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  • Cooking Demonstrations
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