What are Preserved Flower

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What are Preserved Flower

One of Ana Hana’s signatures would be our preserved flowers. Not sure what preserved flowers are? Let us share with you!

Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers are beautifully crafted flowers that can last at least a year. When taken care of properly, these blooms may accompany you or your loved one for even a decade! How are they so long-lasting? Well, Ana Hana’s preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been carefully selected and made to last with non-toxic chemicals, making them durable with no cost to the environment. Even though the flowers went through this preservation process, they still look and feel exactly as they did when they were fresh flowers. Amazing, isn’t it?

How Long Does It Last?

What’s even better is that because preserved flowers are able to last for a much longer time than fresh flowers, waste in the form of discarded preserved flowers is not generated as quickly as discarded fresh flowers. This is important to our planet’s current alarming rate of environmental pollution!

Can’t wait to browse through preserved flowers now that you have learned more about them after this little tidbit? Read on!

Tips On Getting It To Last Longer

Preserved flowers require no maintenance, however humidity, and hot temperature should be avoided. Thus to have it last longer, we’d recommend you start with a little exploring through our preserved flower domes collection. They are wildly popular as they come within a glass dome, which helps to protect the preserved flowers. They come in a myriad of sizes, colours and decors! As the name suggests, the flowers are arranged inside a glass dome, giving it a fairy tale-esque look. Coupled with preserved flowers having a long shelf life, a gift from this collection is the perfect metaphor for an eternal love!

Perfect Flower Gift

Next, for those who are too busy to look for a gift and are now panicking at the last minute, we got your back! Our Same Day Delivery Collection offers a range of selected gifts that can reach your recipient in as fast as 90 minutes. Need we say that Preserved Flowers Domes are part of this collection.

About Us

An e-commerce gift store founded in 2018, Ana Hana strives to be an online platform where senders are greeted with a smooth and pleasant purchasing process when selecting a suitable gift and recipients are surprised with meticulously handpicked and presented gifts. Ana Hana boasts a wide selection of novelty products, from customisable flower arrangements to delicate home gifts.

Ana Hana was founded by our founder, Claire, with flower markets and flower cafés all around the world acting as her muses. Claire chanced upon these inspirations when she was still an air stewardess flying to different countries. Thereafter, Ana Hana was born, and the rest is history.

The name of our cozy store – Ana Hana – is a combination of Claire’s mother’s name and the Japanese word for flower – ‘hana’. Living up to this Japanese-inspired name, all of Ana Hana’s products are of high quality with special effort given to our packaging. This is so the recipients of our products will have a satisfying and unique unboxing experience. Ana Hana being Japanese-inspired also means that we pay attention to all details – even the little ones.

At Ana Hana, we work with the best in-house and independent florists to create beautiful arrangements of flowers in various different styles – from classic bouquets to modern flower domes. Aside from flowers, we also host and offer a bunch of gift add-ons that you can send to your recipient alongside the flowers to add a special touch to the final bundle.

The vast collection of premium flowers and gifts available at Ana Hana also means that there is something for everyone and for every occasion. Whether you are trying to wish someone a happy birthday or want to express your love to your mum on Mother’s Day, Ana Hana got you covered!

If flowers are not enough to express your feelings, we also boast a range of add-ons for you to choose from to make your gift to a loved one extravagant. Our specially curated selection of add-ons includes wines, cookies, loungewear and even bird’s nests (and more!). Before you checkout, do remember to add a personalised message (for free) to your recipient to make the gift that much more meaningful!

Specialising in intricate floral arrangements while constantly refreshing our online store with various other gift add-ons, Ana Hana hopes to deliver a wholesome gifting experience where your needs are accommodated.

What are Preserved Flower
What are Preserved Flower

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