Getting Your Aircon Servicing Needs in Singapore at Weiwei Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd.

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Wei Wei Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd has over 30 years of experience providing quality aircon services in Singapore including aircon servicing, repair, chemical washing, installation as well as maintenance of your air-conditioners. With their wide range of aircon services as well as team of experienced staff, they are one of the top options by households and companies in Singapore.

We always strive to provide the best service and believe everyone deserves clean air for their home and office. 

In Singapore, we are vigorously dependent on cooling air-conditioners, regardless of whether we are at home, in the workplace, or during day to day journey using private cars or public transport. 

An air-conditioning system is a complicated, provides high cooling but required requires extreme attention to detail with regards to taking care of as well as maintenance. 

Nonetheless, numerous customers are prevented by the hassle as well as the costs related, prompting an absence regular aircon servicing. Now and again, home owners may likewise endeavor to DIY any type of cleaning and try to fix themselves, which might be dangerous at times. 

With teams of servicemen and technicians at Wei Wei Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd, we comprehend your disappointments and paint points. Thus, we strive to provide one-stop maintenance and repair service for consumers that are quality and yet affordable. 

Aircon Servicing and Maintenance

All air-conditioning system, regardless of the brand, model or type of units, all require regular aircon servicing to keep the units in good condition. This will ensure good operations and ensure the unit to work ideally and maximise the cooling efficiency.

Thus, you should always get your aircon servicing regularly, recommended every 3 months for average households in Singapore, so your unit keeps on working at its best. Giving you the clean and cooling air for your room. It additionally gives you and your friends and family spotless, cool and solid air.

Aircon Repair

With the high usage of air-conditioners in Singapore due to the extreme hot weather. It is normal where your air-conditioners faces problems sometimes. For some households, they might even pursue into issues right after purchasing their new unit. 

Due to the hot weather in Singapore, this increases the way households operate their air-conditioners and result in higher probability of malfunction issue. Thus, it is vital to engage professional technician to perform troubleshooting and fix your issue. 

Any attempt to fix the problem yourself might result in grave matters that could worsen your current problem. A trained technician are able to carried out such troubleshoot and repair safely without compromising your wellbeing. 

Aircon Chemical Washing

Did you missed servicing your air-conditioners or too much dirt and grime on your unit that can’t be removed from the units? This is where all these dirt and debris can accumulate in your system and regular servicing would be lacking to eliminate them totally. This is where aircon chemical washing is required to keep your units clean and get rid of all those dirt and debris completely. 

We perform the best aircon chemical washing for wide range of air-conditioning system, where we uses safe cleaning agents that work best for your type of air-conditioner system and restoring your units to good working condition. 

Aircon Installation

Are you looking for installation for your air-conditioning units for your home? One of the initial step of your service is to make sure that all fundamentals are being carried out by order and avoid any potential issues from manifesting later on. This is likewise why you want to engage the professional installers to get your units installed and keep it in good state. 

Our trained installers are well equipped to install different types and brands of air-conditioners in Singapore, we provide installation for home, office, factories, warehouse and more. 

Why Choose Us?

As one of the leading air-conditioner contractors in Singapore, we ensure the quality services provided to our customers and ensure all the cooling problems are resolved. 

Our professionals are additionally talented and capable at taking care of a range of services to meet your air-conditioning needs. We take care to ensure that you experience a smooth and hassle-free service through our one-stop services. It gives us fulfilment realizing that our clients are satisfied with our work – something clear when we see return clients who put their confidence in us again. 

You can book an appointment with us anytime and below is our details.


Phone: 65677698

Address: 451 Jurong West Street 42, #01-180, Singapore 640451

Getting Your Aircon Servicing Needs in Singapore at Weiwei Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd.
Getting Your Aircon Servicing Needs in Singapore at Weiwei Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd.

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