The Finest Water Fountains Shops in Singapore

The Finest Water Fountains Shops in Singapore

Discover the perfect water fountain for your needs, whether it’s a compact, air-humidifying addition to your home or a distinctive water feature to enhance your commercial space. In the quest for the finest water fountains in Singapore, we’ve curated a list of top-notch shops, ensuring a seamless search for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Navigating the maze of water fountain vendors or builders can be challenging, leaving you uncertain about reliability and expertise. Fret not, as we’ve undertaken the intricate task of identifying and vetting these professionals on your behalf. Our selection process prioritizes recommendations and a reputation for providing a diverse range of high-quality water fountains.

Eliminate the hassle of scouring the market, and trust our curated list to connect you with reputable shops renowned for their excellence in water feature offerings. Whether you seek a subtle air-humidifying fountain for your living space or a striking centerpiece for your business premises, these establishments stand ready to turn your aquatic aspirations into a reality.

The Finest Water Fountains Shops in Singapore

Best Water Fountain Shops in Singapore


Water Feature Singapore

The Finest Water Fountains Shops in Singapore
Water Feature Singapore – Water Fountains Shops Singapore
ServicesTailor-made water feature products
LocationYishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore
Contact+65 8389 2499

In contrast to the previous store, Water Feature Singapore makes water fountains that are tailored to the demands of customers. They can turn your original ideas into a piece of art because they specialize in interior design and landscaping. You can be certain that they will create the best water fountain in Singapore for you thanks to their abilities, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, they are pros at fixing and caring for water features.


  • Indoor and outdoor water fountains
  • Waterfalls and water walls
  • Wood and timber decking
  • Repair and refurbish services
  • Waterproofing
  • Installation and lighting services
Customer Reviews

No Reviews as of this writing

The Finest Water Fountains Shops in Singapore
Fukai – Water Fountains Shops Singapore
ServicesStress-relieving water fountains, Koi pond services
LocationWoodlands East Industrial Estate, 22 Woodlands Link #01-53, Singapore 738734
Contact+65 6755 4755

Through its aesthetically pleasing and expertly crafted water fountains, Fukai specializes in offering ambient therapy. The best water fountains in Singapore may reduce stress for everyone since they provide a calming water-flowing sound and negative ions that clean the air around them. You may be sure that they will handle the fountain’s manufacture, design, building, and installation, and that they might even outdo your expectations.


  • Residential and commercial services
  • Durable quality
  • Water feature and pond services
  • Wall carving slide
  • Garden furniture
Customer Reviews

Thank you Fukai for setting up a nice water feature at my home. The staff was very patient and had good service, worth paying for my dream fountain. – Cindy Heng


The Fountain House

The Finest Water Fountains Shops in Singapore
The Fountain House – Water Fountains Shops Singapore
ServicesWater fountains for good luck and fortune
Location149 Rochor Rd, Singapore 188425
Contact+65 6684 4337

The Fountain House is the best location to go if you’re seeking for water fountains to utilize as lucky charms. They sell little luck-and-fortune-symbolizing tabletop fountains, which are ideal for new business owners! They provide a variety of themes, from water fountains that resemble forests to miniature waterfalls. The top water features in Singapore are simple to use and keep up.


  • Tabletop fountains
  • Forest-like water fountains
  • Temple-inspired water fountains
  • Easy to use and maintain
Customer Reviews

We picked up a rock fountain! It was a pleasant experience. The shopkeeper wished us Good luck. – Ms. Suchi

Finest Water Fountain Shops in Singapore

World Of Fountain

The Finest Water Fountains Shops in Singapore
World of Fountain – Water Fountains Shops Singapore
ServicesRelaxing Water Fountains
Location201 Upper Thomson Road, #01-118/119
Spore 574408 Thomson Plaza
Contact+65 9899 9808

Singapore’s top water fountain specialist, The World Of Fountain, is highly renowned. They provide water fountains that make the area feel tranquil. To guarantee consumer pleasure, they rigorously evaluate the products they offer. You may be sure that if your purchased fountain is ever broken, a replacement will be available for you.


  • Thoroughly tested products
  • Wide variety of fountains
Customer Reviews

Great service provided by World of the fountain! Based on our requirements, Cash explained to us different water fountains in the store and even recommended those we can choose from. delivery was smooth and prompt. price is reasonable too. – Jerene W


Skyland Gardening

The Finest Water Fountains Shops in Singapore
Skyland Gardening – Water Fountains Shops Singapore
ServicesTraditional and modern water fountain designs
Location15 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128233
Contact+65 9233 9004

Indoor and outdoor water fountains with traditional to contemporary designs are available at Skyland Gardening. They can also assist you in creating the perfect design you have in mind thanks to their extensive selection of materials. They have everything, including stainless steel, fiberglass, stones, and tilts. They can design and install traditional or contemporary fountain kits to provide a water element that will seem more opulent and peaceful to your home’s garden or balcony/terrace.


  • Garden water feature
  • Pond and water fountain on balcony/terrace
Customer Reviews

No Reviews as of this writing

Embark on your quest for the perfect water fountain experience in Singapore. Uncover the top-ranking water features in the city, esteemed for their years of dedicated service to residents, home builders, and businesses alike. Whether you desire a serene cascading waterfall or an intricate forest-inspired masterpiece that transforms your entire backyard, one of these local companies is ready to bring your vision to life!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the right water fountain for my space?

Consider factors such as space dimensions, indoor or outdoor placement, design preferences, and the desired ambiance. Consult with experts at reputable water fountain shops in Singapore for personalized recommendations.

Are there water fountains suitable for small indoor spaces?

Yes, many water fountain shops offer compact and aesthetically pleasing options designed for smaller areas, providing a calming and decorative touch.

Can water fountains be customized to fit specific design themes?

Absolutely! Reputable water fountain shops often provide customization services, allowing you to tailor the fountain design to complement your specific aesthetic preferences and themes.

How do I maintain and care for my water fountain?

Maintenance requirements vary, but regular cleaning and checking water levels are common tasks. Consult with the water fountain shop for specific care instructions, and they may offer maintenance services too.

Are outdoor water fountains suitable for Singapore’s climate?

Yes, many water fountains are designed to withstand various weather conditions. However, it’s advisable to choose materials that are durable and suitable for Singapore’s tropical climate.

Do water fountain shops offer installation services?

Yes, most reputable water fountain shops provide professional installation services to ensure proper setup and functionality.

Can water fountains be integrated with smart home systems?

Some modern water fountains come with smart features or can be customized for integration with smart home systems. Inquire with the water fountain shop about available options.

What types of water features are popular for businesses in Singapore?

Businesses often opt for elegant and eye-catching water features to enhance the ambiance of their spaces. Popular choices include wall-mounted fountains, cascading water walls, and centrally placed decorative features.

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