The Finest Waterproofing Specialists in Singapore

The Finest Waterproofing Specialists in Singapore

You need the best to protect your home or business from water damage. Our list of the best waterproofing specialists in Singapore is here to ensure that your property stays dry and secure, even during the heaviest rains. These experts are well-versed in waterproofing and equipped with the latest technology and know-how to keep your space free from leaks, seepage, and moisture-related problems. Whether you’re dealing with a small leak or need a comprehensive waterproofing solution, our list will connect you with professionals who carelessly safeguard your property. Don’t let water damage become a concern; explore our list and make an intelligent choice for a dry and worry-free living or working space.

The Best Waterproofing Companies in Singapore


Nano- Star

New Age Water Proofing


SPRAY YOUR LEAKS AWAY! Frustrated with hacking and mess, this Singapore company developed an alternative spray-on …
ServicesNano-Star NSC – Nano Waterproofer for Concrete and Tiles, Nano-Star NSW – Nano Waterproofer for Wood and Timbre, Nano-Star TMJ – Thermal Jacket Anti-Condensation Paint, Nano-Star FRB – Fire Resistant Board
Price RangeVary depending on the product. Please visit their website for more information
Contact Details+65 6469 3748
Address48 Toh Guan Rd East #04-98 Enterprise Hub Singapore 608586

Nano-Star develops cutting-edge building solutions that are quicker, stronger, and more environmentally friendly. Nano-Star creates and develops highly intelligent solutions and products with remarkable performance for the construction sector, utilizing the latest surface chemistry technologies. The HDB Material List recognizes Nano-Star waterproofing systems, and they are SEC Green Label approved. They have proven to be a far more effective waterproofing technology, and builders and architects prefer them.


Revo – Seal

Specialist Waterproofing Contractor
ServicesResidential waterproofing including roof waterproofing, walls waterproofing, floor waterproofing, basement waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing, Commercial and industrial premises waterproofing, Water seepage/leakage repair.
Price RangeFor more information, visit their website.
Contact Details+65 3159 4837
Address10 Anson Road #10-11 International Plaza Singapore 079903

Revo-seal Waterproofing is a certified contractor with the Singapore Building & Construction Authority that provides new waterproofing installation, water leakage/seepage, and waterproofing repair services for both houses and businesses. It comes with a 5-year guarantee, depending on the waterproofing technique used.


Flux Solutions

ServicesSpecialize in Solving All Kinds Of Waterproofing Issues: Toilets, Pipe Penetrations, Shower Areas, R.C. Roof, Swimming Pools, Ponds and Water, Features, Flat Roofs, Floors, Basements
Waterproofing repair/ renewal for: Flat roof, Pitch roof, Metal roof, Toilet, Kitchen, Balcony, Wet areas
Other Services We Provide include:
Thermographic scan and report for leak detection using FLIR infra-red technology, Pressure grouting repairs, Sealant and Silicone works, Swimming pool leak detection, Concealed pipe leak detection using ultrasound technology
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6226 6116
Address55 Serangoon North Ave 4 #02-11 S9 Singapore 555859

Flux Solutions is a young, emerging company in this industry that is learning to embrace technology and changes while staying true to methods that have been proven and tested over the years to give their clients more freedom and options in customizing and better planning their budget for renovations and repairs.


Prima Seal

ServicesBathroom and toilet waterproofing, Balcony waterproofing, Roof waterproofing, Wall water Seepage repair, Floor Waterproofing, Concrete Repair and waterproofing, Swimming pool waterproofing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6653 7942
AddressAddress: 1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07T, Singapore 169201

Ceiling leakage, leaky Toilets, Bathrooms, Showers, Balcony, flooring, Reinforced Concrete (R.C.) Roof, roofing repair, and other water leakage concerns are all addressed by Prima Seal Waterproofing Pte Ltd. They have completed hundreds of projects for both residential and commercial waterproofing contracts in their more than ten years of expertise as a waterproofing contractor. The Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore has authorized and registered them as a CR13 waterproofing contractor. They are also a proudly certified bizSAFE level 3 firm.


Proof Tech

ServicesWaterproofing, Water LeakagesWall, Leakages, Ceiling Leakages, Roof Leakage, Roofing SolutionsRC Roof, Roof Tile Coating, Roof Tiles Repair | Roof Restoration, Structural Repair Works, Concrete Repair, GroutingPU Grouting, Rope Access Works
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6758 7448
Address6 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #04-17 North View Bizhub Singapore 768090

Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance Pte Ltd has worked its way up to be the top and leading specialized contractor in Singapore, with more than 20 years of expertise in waterproofing, roofing repair, and maintenance.

Proof-Tech is well-known for its low-cost, cheap, cost-effective, yet high-quality craftsmanship on projects ranging from commercial to private landed estates. With over 180 skilled experts working around the clock, whether it’s their sales team, customer service officers, or operations employees, they can respond to their valued clients nearly instantly.

Proof-policy Tech’s is to provide materials that are of the best quality, durability, and overall performance. They don’t skimp on these since they believe in building great, long-term connections with all of their clientele. Clients’ demands are met not with a single sort of application, but with one that is tailored to their specific requirements.

Proof-Tech has gained a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy partner in the commercial, residential, and landed property markets, because to their expertise and technological know-how.

Finest Waterproofing Specialists in Singapore

ProSeal Contracts

ServicesRoof waterproofing, Wet Area Waterproofing, Water leakage repair, Rope accesssystem, PU Grouting
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6483 3009
Address20 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #04-17 AMK Techlink, Singapore 567761

Among the numerous authorized waterproofing contractors in Singapore, they are a top waterproofing firm. They provide a variety of waterproofing options in Singapore, as well as non-obligatory onsite waterproofing study and consultancy. They take pleasure in staying current with relevant technology and providing consistent waterproofing solutions to their clients throughout time as an experienced waterproofing business in Singapore.


Le Fong Building Services

ServicesResidential Waterproofing, Commercial Waterproofing, Nano Technology, Waterproofing Membrane, No Hacking Waterproofing, Balcony Waterproofing, Bathroom Waterproofing, Basement Waterproofing, Swimming Pool Waterproofing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8333 7667
Address50 Serangoon North #05-03 S555856

LEFONG BUILDING SERVICES PTE LTD is a Building and Construction Authority-registered Singapore Waterproofing Contractor (BCA). They want to be the most recognized and effective waterproofing business in the world.

Their primary goal is to supply high-quality supplies at a reasonable price to their clients. They did everything they could to satisfy their clients’ expectations and completed their job on time. To live up to the moniker Waterproofing Specialist, they make sure all of their goals are realized.


SWC Construction

ServicesPU injection grouting, Bathroom/toilet waterproofing, Roof waterproofing, Swimming pool waterproofing, Basement waterproofing, Balcony waterproofing, Clear penetrative waterproofing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8754 4058
Address7 Gambas Crescent, #04-12, Singapore 757087

SWC Construction was created by a group of experts with more than 20 years of combined expertise in the waterproofing and landscaping sectors. SWC Construction works in both the public and private sectors, with clients ranging from statutory boards to management organizations to individual homeowners. Landscape and waterproofing projects are handled by SWC Construction.

Green Walls and Green Roofs are their specialty in terms of supply, installation, and upkeep. They have completed innumerable projects in both the public and private sectors thanks to their many years of expertise.

Their waterproofing expertise is in resolving all types of water leakage problems in any setting. Their talents and competence have been tried, improved, and proven throughout the course of their 20 years in this sector.

To complete the task, the SWC Construction team consists of a group of highly qualified and experienced personnel. They are committed to providing the finest possible service to their consumers. SWC Construction believes that customer service and satisfaction are of the highest importance to the firm, and as a consequence, they strive to deliver higher quality of work via innovation and enhancement of existing techniques in order to maximize efficiency, higher productivity and cost-savings for their customers.



ServicesCeiling Leakage, Toilet Waterproofing, Balcony Waterproofing, Roof Waterproofing, Wall Seepage, Swimming Pool Waterproofing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8799 0373
Address82 Lor 23 Geylang #03-01 Atrix Building Singapore 388409

Your Go-To Waterproofing Professional. They install waterproofing professionally for any remodeling or existing project. They operate in small, agile teams to provide bespoke and practical waterproofing solutions for all of your demands. Dryproof is dedicated to resolving any type of water leaking problem using the most effective approach possible. They feel that one of the most crucial aspects of any home is good waterproofing. Waterproofing systems provide long-term protection for your home by preventing water invasions. They can give professional advise on the best strategy to address any leaks by knowing the actual needs.


Hydro-seal Engineering

ServicesWaterproofing, rope access, roof repair, concrete repair, bathroom waterproofing, basement waterproofing, swimming pool waterproofing
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6289 6811
AddressBlk 30 Defu Lane 10 #03-78 Singapore 539211

Since 1995, Hydroseal has provided waterproofing and rope access services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

Hydro-seal takes pleasure in offering outstanding customer service. They believe that by implementing new and innovative work techniques, increasing productivity, and implementing efficient solutions, they would be able to give a higher quality of service to their clients at a lower cost.


Allstar Waterproofing & Services

ServicesRoof Waterproofing, Wet Area Waterproofing, Water Leakage Repair, Concrete Repair, Roof Repair and Rope Access.
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8828 1913
Address7 Mandai Link, #05-40 Mandai Connection, Singapore 728653

Allstar Waterproofing & Services is a Singapore-based waterproofing company that specialises in the provision of premium waterproofing services.

To sum it up, our list of the best waterproofing specialists in Singapore is your assurance against water-related troubles. These experts are equipped to keep your property safe and dry, no matter the weather. They have the knowledge and tools to handle any water-related issue, big or small. By choosing from our list, you can be sure that your property is in good hands, and you won’t have to worry about leaks or water damage.

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