Create Unlimited Custom Visual Content in Singapore with VideoBlast

Create Unlimited Custom Visual Content in Singapore with VideoBlast

Creating digital marketing and video marketing content is one of the essential aspects of growing your business. However, the challenge lies in consistently creating high-quality content, scaling up and scaling down as your needs change. This is where we come in to help.

At VideoBlast, we provide clients in Singapore and clients around the world with unlimited visual design at affordable rates. We are the online creative agency that can help you create all kinds of visual content that are tailored specifically to your branding.

How we work

Our mission is to make sure that it is easy, fast, and affordable for businesses worldwide to access a high-quality team of creatives that are always at their service and going the extra mile to create great designs, impactful presentations, and engaging videos.

What makes us special and different from other agencies is that we offer unlimited requests and unlimited revisions in all of our plans. With just one subscription package, you’ll have access to our team of professional graphic designers for all your creative and business needs. There’s always someone with the right skill set for your projects.

Create Unlimited Custom Visual Content in Singapore with VideoBlast

VideoBlast Services

Here are all of the custom visual content services that we provide:

  1. PowerPoint Design

It is important that you get to stand out with your PowerPoint design so that you win over clients and customers. Powerful designs will elevate your content, making it easier to digest. 

The VideoBlast team can create unlimited presentation designs. We make sure that your presentations stand out with professionally designed decks that adhere to your brand guidelines.

Our PowerPoint design services include beautifying your deck, creating decks from scratch, and building presentation templates that you can use.

You will also get a team of experts at your service, designs that stand out, a fast turnaround, custom embedded graphics, animations and transitions, and source files that you can edit.

  1. Custom Videos

Videos are now one of the most important types of content that every business should have on all of their relevant platforms. With this service, our team can create custom videos for you.

We can create footage videos, which are videos that include footage that you provide or our own stock footage from our very large libraries so that you can have amazing videos about any topic.

We can also create product videos if you want to showcase your products on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, or even other online platforms as well.

These two video types can also include royalty free background music or a voiceover which is also provided by our team.

  1. Premium Videos

If you are interested in having other video types aside from the first two previously mentioned, then you should take a look at our premium video services.

Our premium video services include the two video types from the custom videos services as well as whiteboard videos, 2D animation videos, screencasts, tutorials, and scroll stoppers.

Whiteboard videos and 2D animation videos are great for telling stories and explaining complex concepts, screencasts and tutorials are great for helping audiences see how your software interface works, and scroll stoppers can instantly draw the attention of your viewers on a social media feed.

This service also includes unlimited synthetic voiceovers and unlimited sound effects when we create the videos for you.

  1. Graphic Design

Graphic design allows companies to communicate specific ideas or messages in a visual manner. It is important to have effective graphic design so that you can clearly communicate what your business is all about to consumers.

Our team at VideoBlast can produce unlimited graphic design services for a flat rate. Our services cover a wide range of graphic design tasks that your company may need. This includes business cards, logos, flyers, web & landing pages, podcast graphics, infographics and many more.

We will follow any brand guidelines you will provide and we can also use pictures that you can provide for us. For most orders, the turnaround time will be around 1 to 2 working days.

  1. Done-for-you Social Media Content

Our done-for-you social media content service allows us to create all of your social media visual content at a flat rate. We can create a wide range of visual content for social media, including images, graphics, carousels, GIFs, and videos.

Included in this service are our copywriting services as well as making sure that all of the content we create for you is aligned with your branding guidelines.

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