The Finest Urban Farming in Singapore

The Finest Urban Farming in Singapore

Singapore is gradually turning into a concrete jungle as urbanization takes hold. It’s difficult to see if there is any area for farming given the sheer amount of structures and towers that are taking over. Singaporeans can now enjoy fresh vegetables in their own backyard thanks to urban farming, though!

With just over 700 square kilometers of land, Singapore is a land-poor nation. Because of this, urban farming has been increasingly popular here in recent years as individuals want to increase their local food production.


Sky Greens

ServicesAgricultural Service
Location200 Lim Chu Kang Lane 3, Singapore 718804
Contact+65 6898 4858

Given that the greenery-filled shelves rise to approximately 9 meters in height, the name “Greens” is fitting. This cutting-edge farm is the first hydraulically powered, low-carbon vertical farm in the world, and it has received numerous awards. For maximum freshness, fresh vegetables are collected every day and shipped to supermarkets; you may purchase them at Fairprice Finest Stores.


  • World’s first low carbon, hydraulic-driven vertical farm
  • Production of safe, fresh, and delicious vegetables
  • Using minimal land, water, and energy resources
Customer Reviews

Amazing setup and a wonderful tour of this urban farm. – Glen Francis



ServicesAgricultural production
Location8 Admiralty St, #04-04 Admirax, Singapore 757438
Contact+65 6681 6688

If you like green juices and salads, you’re probably already familiar with kinky kale, a popular vegetable that packs a nutritional punch. Sustenir is to blame for this happening. They are a locally based urban farming business in Singapore that uses controlled environment agriculture to grow non-native plants.


  • 100% clean
  • Pesticide-free
  • Harvested fresh daily
Customer Reviews

Poppin’ them like crisps out of a bag! They make greens so easy to eat, been buying them to accompany every meal. With other fresh fruits, I feel different and my complexion is glowing after 3 weeks! – Sanna Anjali

ServicesUrban Farm
Location22 N Canal Rd, Singapore 048834
Contact+65 6595 0659

VertiVegies, which was founded in 2015, has grown from a modest company to become the most well-known indoor farm in Singapore. Fresh and wholesome produce is the focus of the vertical farming business VertiVegies. VertiVegies is committed to protecting the environment by eliminating the use of pesticides, employing closed-loop water systems, solar electricity, and sustainable planting techniques to operate the farms.


  • Smart technology
  • Enables quality produce
  • Traceable food production
Customer Reviews

It is fantastic to see young farmers having a passion for growing edibles and contributing to our food sustainability and security. – Judy Fong


Bollywood Veggies

ServicesOrganic and Urban farm
Location100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026
Contact+65 6898 5001

Leave the town behind as you enter Bollywood Veggies in the rural northwest Kranji Countryside. Their remote location provides visitors with a new perspective on the island and enables them to unwind and rekindle their relationships while enjoying comfort food.

With the opening of Poison Ivy Bistro in 2004, the farm diversified into the food and beverage industry. The Kranji Countryside Association was then established to promote rural tourism. A cooking school and a museum were constructed there in 2009.


  • Discovery Harvest
  • Guided farm tour
  • Indoor Culinary Class
Customer Reviews

Loved the farm, freshly cooked vegan food, and even the route taken to the farm is breathtakingly beautiful. A very good place to visit. Can’t believe this farm is in Singapore. – Swati Shrivastava

Finest Urban Farming in Singapore


ServicesUrban Farm
Location15 Woodlands Loop, Singapore 738322

Every month first Saturday, the organic farm is open for free tours for anybody who want to learn more about urban farming. Fresh mint, basil, and lettuce from the farm are also available at Redmart and Fairprice Finest stores. The farm occasionally sells its savory pesto at different farmer’s markets or via their sporadic internet forms. The fact that their food is GMO-free, pesticide-free, and herbicide-free is the finest part.


  • Rooftop farming
  • Sustainable farming
  • Fresh and healthy produce
Customer Reviews

It was great learning how Comcrop does urban farming on the tour! So special to have people working hard to grow herbs without pesticides right here in Singapore. So worthy of support! – Chloe Li Muyun


Kin Yan Agrotech

ServicesUrban Farm
Location220 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718830
Contact+65 6794 8368

An urban farm in Hong Kong called Kin Yan Agrotech has been growing delicious vegetables for the past 20 years. They are the largest commercial wheatgrass and mushroom farm in Singapore, and they have expanded to grow leafy greens, edible cactus, black fungus, and pea sprouts. Everything is completely pesticide-free and organic, and they also reduce food waste by making their own organic compost from fallen greens. Visitors can take part in one of their informative farm tours, cooking demos, or seminars to learn more about what they do.


  • Mushroom Farm
  • Leafy Vegetable Farm
  • Wheatgrass Farm
Customer Reviews

Absolutely love the trip there! Went back with purchases of the fresh farm-produced aloe vera, black fungus, mushrooms, and lady’s fingers. The homemade mushroom soup was simple in taste yet tasty. Will definitely pop by again! – WY


Pacific Agro Farm

ServicesUrban Farm
Location14 Bah Soon Pah Road Singapore, Singapore 769961
Contact+65 6758 1026

The immensity of Pacific Agro Farm, which produces nearly every crop imaginable, from cherry tomatoes to eggplants to basil, will astound you. You can go to the vegetable farms at any time, completely explore the surroundings, and see what goes on behind the scenes.


  • All kinds of produce
  • Offers an exploration of the area
  • Teaches you a lot of stuff about building your own system

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