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In 2015, the birth of Twist Photography is to create visual stories that make long-lasting memories for our couples. Using photography, it is a collective documentary of how 2 has become 1 through challenges and stages of their journey. With the elements of emotions, moment design techniques, we create exclusive memories of theirs and giving them to reminisce even years of marriage.

The chief photographer, Jordan creates and design moments with music. With the fears of posing and standing in front of the lens, music calms and create a comfortable atmosphere and stay away from their internal struggles and feel the moment. This will enhance their experiences in the documentary process and producing candid and personalized visuals. 

With the experiences and techniques, our Chief Photographer, Jordan has also won award in the Sony Wedding Festival 2018 with this work. Couples that have been part of Twist Photography Journey have given many positive reviews about the amount of effort and time spent that Jordan have helped them through pre-wedding planning and making their wedding day a smooth and enjoyable day. In 2020, the APAC Insider has awarded Twist Photography as “The Singapore Wedding Photographer 2020” Award. 

As a wedding photographer, Jordan do not just participate in the event of the couples. He enjoys being participating in their wedding planning. Many couples might have no clue on how to start their planning, he will often be sitting down at café, bringing them through the entire details for the wedding day with them. Jordan call this “Coffee with Twist”. Spending time with couple essentially provides us with stories, characteristic of their relationship as well as get to open up more doors of our couples. From there, Jordan will be able to propose location and the theme of the prewedding shoot to the couple.

Many couples have come to us with a list of googled location for prewedding location in Singapore. However, the questions back to them, “Are this location close to your heart? Have you guys been there?” These questions ponder their thoughts. Subsequently they start to drift off from the list, listing more meaningful location that relatable to themselves. Jordan is a strong believer in creating exclusive and personalized moments for every couples. This process can be time-consuming, but it is meaningful and memorable to the couple. As this will be a gift from us to them visually and emotionally.

Many couples in 2020 have dilemma of how wedding scene have changed, planning have disrupted their original plans, the guest list have to be downsized due to policy changes. Wedding is a celebratory event of life; many will like to invite as many people to grace the event and witness this symbolic moment of theirs. Before the restriction, have of the couples have no numbers to take note as long is within their range of capacity that they have booked. As photographer, viewing the situation, it is actually blessings in disguise. Couples will have a great opportunity to make changes from a large-scale wedding celebration, to an intimate wedding celebration. With 50 pax in Phase 2, and the recent increase of number in October 2020, to 100 pax, couples can decide with an invitation to just family and close friends that have walked through their life stages. 

To enhance their experience, Twist Photography have also worked with various vendors that provides different wedding services that assists the couple with trusted and exclusive deals. With trusted partners, couples will stay ease of their mind through their planning. 

“Wedding is learning to enjoy, embrace, and experience. Through 3’Es you will be enjoying the process of wedding planning.” – Jordan, the founder of Twist Photography

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We are located at: Bukit Batok Singapore, Singapore 650313

Twist Photography
Twist Photography

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