Top 5 Noisiest Neighborhood in Singapore

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Do you know that the noisiest Neighborhood in Singapore is not Orchard? In a study conducted by an NUS audiologist in 2017, the average reading during the day was 69.4 dB, which is higher than NEA’s recommended 67dB. There are a total of 18,768 sound measurements recorded over a span period of 2.5months. The noisiest neighbourhood turns out to be Serangoon (73.1dB), followed by Orchard and Outram (both 72.8dB), Bukit Timah (72.6dB) and lastly Clementi (71.8). The 9th ranking was at Yishun (70.8dB).

Even wondered how loud is considered too loud? A human ear’s threshold is at 120-130dB but a maximum of 85dB constantly over a period of time can do irreversible damage to the ears. So putting this information into context for better understanding in our daily lives, we experience traffic noise at an average of 80dB, a having a conversation at 60dB, a library environment of 40dB, and normal breathing in an isolated quiet room at 10dB.

Top 5 Noisiest Neighborhood in Singapore

It is not possible to attain 100% soundproof, as breathing also incurs 10dB. In most content, Soundproofing can be measured in STC (Sound Transmission Class). STC is a general term to give rating to how much a system’s performance reduces noise in a controlled setting. However, an STC rating does not equate to how much db (Decibel) can be reduced. For instance, a typical traditional Aluminum single glazed window STC rating is at STC 15-20 while a typical upgraded Aluminium Double Glazed is at STC 25-30.

Commercial Acoustic Windows can go up to STC 65. The trick to achieving a better performance STC rating would be a bigger air space (between the glass panels) and a thicker glass. Thus, it is not realistic to have commercial-grade Acoustic Windows in a residential area as the wall is going to be thinner than the Acoustic Frame System. For instance, a typical HDB Pharapet wall façade thickness is 125mm to accommodate both the windows and the grille.

The Accoustic Commercial Grade Glass can take up to 320mm (Fixed Panels) with an average of 125mm air space in between the glass panes. Therefore this is not realistic to fabricate due to the high cost and impracticality. Not to mention that the same set of precise measurement glasses may not suit your next place of accommodation when you are shifting your residency.

Fortuna Soundproof Windows Pte Ltd is a local SME company, that prides itself to bring acoustic windows to the residential sector, specifically the HDB neighbourhood area where the residential living is very clustered and traffic noise is very common.

Not to mention resumed construction works and renovation works are on tight schedules to completion, both in residential and commercial works. These noises are long term noises that will take years to complete.

Why Fortuna’s Windows are so Soundproof?

  • Frame Profile – Fortuna’s starred profile is UPVC frame, also known as Thermo-Plastic. Which provides more acoustic and thermal insulation performance over Aluminium and Timber Windows. The multi chambers containing air space are excellent insulators for both noise and heat. UPVC materials are also resistant to sunlight, oxidation, fire, frost, electricity, and acoustic properties.
  • Glass Glazing – Fortuna’s starred Triple Laminated Glass are one of a kind, bringing the acoustic glass to a compressed minimized thickness to achieve a good quality STC rating, thus able to provide quality acoustic windows and doors in the Residential market. The thick laminated glass can also be safety glass, which has a lot of advantages over the traditional float and tempered glass. I.e. Safety, Security, Acoustic, Blast resistance, UV reduction and Fire resistance. P.S Quad-glazed is even possible too, for Home Recording Studios.
  • Double Compression System – The air compression system truly makes the difference in achieving the final elimination of noise reduction. The triple locking system compressed the opening casement panels to be tucked as tightly to the main frame, providing air tightness, water tightness, security and acoustic performance.

Hearing is believing. In the context of acoustic, we strive to achieve a library environment for every household. Visit our showroom to understand and have a feel of these acoustic windows and have a permanent solution to your sleepless nights and look forwards to greater performance in your daily lives.

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Top 5 Noisiest Neighborhood in Singapore
Top 5 Noisiest Neighborhood in Singapore

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