5 Mistakes SMEs in Singapore Make in SEO

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1. Not Focusing on Persuasive, Educative Content

Firstly, don’t make every single post or page about selling. Firstly, it dilutes your brand, and nobody likes to be constantly sold. You should also share useful and helpful information that your audience finds helpful. 

I started out specializing in SEO through outsourcing my content to writers that charged $4 per article. Needless to say, I had poor content on my site that nobody reads. In addition to that, Google has introduced an algorithm that devalues thin content.

2. Not Building Relationships with Other Sites and Publishing Outlets

I was so afraid of linking out to other sites and ‘losing page rank’. I wanted to keep all of that ‘link juice’ within my website. Needless to say, I also thought that other site owners did not want to link out on their website. Hence, I never bothered reaching out to other sites.

That’s a huge mistake because white hat backlinks determine the majority of SEO ranking factors. You can have the best piece of content in the world, but if nobody links to it, it’ll stay in the hidden recesses of Google search results.

The only way to get relevant links is to build relationships with other site owners through strategies such as guest blogging, expert pieces and ethical link building strategies.

3. Not Focusing on User Experience 

Think of an Apple product, when you purchase it, you know it’s going to work beautifully. You know it even before you open it. That is why Apple is known to be the most valuable brand in the world! They focus on user experience.

This should be so for your web design. It should work flawlessly.

There are a ton of websites out there that provide similar advice or content, why should someone choose your website over others? User experience could be a differentiating factor.

User experience is doing something that you yourself don’t want to experience when you’re visiting a website.

Imagine going to a website and having a bright yellow banner pop up while you’re reading a guide. You’re going to be pissed off. You’re also likely going to X that page if the annoying pop up stays there.

That’s a bad user experience.

Google is obsessed over user experience. It has made mobile friendliness, page speeds and HTTPs official ranking factors over the years. They want to provide users with the best web browsing experience, and so should you, if you want to do well on search engines.

4. Not Tracking Data 

How can you tell the success of an SEO campaign? How can you tell if your article writing efforts are paying off? That is to look at data, traffic and keyword rankings.

Search data is one of the highest importance when it comes to digital marketing, from simple metrics such as SEO rankings to bounce rates to user behavior.

It’s not about creating content around keywords, publishing them and hoping for the best. It’s not about publishing and praying. It’s about tracking, optimizing, re-publishing to see where you went wrong in that particular post or page.

If you want something done, get it measured.

5. Not Being Methodical and Deliberate

It’s not uncommon for SME business owners in Singapore to be busy with their company and ignore their SEO marketing efforts. Or they outsource it to SEO companies in Singapore and forget about it.

This outsource and forget strategy rarely works. Hence, by being methodical and deliberate you can turn your business into a revenue generating business.

The majority of us will never craft a viral post that brings in hundreds of traffic. True growth comes from deliberately creating a system to produce consistent flow of traffic to your website. 

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5 Mistakes SMEs in Singapore Make in SEO
5 Mistakes SMEs in Singapore Make in SEO

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