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TheMeetUpSG is a youthful, creative events management company based in Singapore with a client-centric focus to create ever-lasting memories. Founded in 2017 by Rosini Naidu, a youth entrepreneur, who began her career by planning a birthday picnic for her friend. With the inception of picnics, the organisation has since integrated into the set-up of dessert tables, executing corporate events and sales of bouquets as well. The company has worked with well-known brands such as Hilton Group for their Dinner & Dance and an out-of-the-box Christmas Tree crates structure for DBS for their “Giving Tree” initiative.

(Hilton’s Dinner & Dance, TheMeetUpSG)
(DBS The Giving Tree, TheMeetUpSG)

The idea behind the establishment of TheMeetUpSG was developed due to the founder’s passion for events that started from a young age. Rosini is a self-motivated and enterprising individual who seeks to thrive in an environment which challenges her while allowing to contribute to society. She began her entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 18 years old when she saw a potential in the outdoor picnic industry.

“I noticed that the overseas picnic market is blooming with many different themes being incorporated. So, I went to do some research and found out that there were not many picnic companies in Singapore. This gave me the idea of creating outdoor picnics with themes that are affordable yet classy” expressed Rosini, Founder of TheMeetUpSG.

(Classy Chic Themed Picnic, TheMeetUpSG)

TheMeetUpSG’s priority has always been their clients and to ensure the latter’s needs are met and catered to. The company’s aim is to plan the most important events in their clients’ lives to be as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Through strategic partnerships formed over the years, the organisation’s versatility has created unique and distinctive events.

From themes, decorations, food catering, photography to videography, the team takes on all responsibilities to deliver the best results. This translates to TheMeetUpSG’s motto of – You name it, We do it!

Reflecting on the past three years, TheMeetUpSG acknowledges their struggles of raising a firm from scratch especially being a team of youths. Despite things having changed from then, their purpose and mission has always remained the same which is to empower and stimulate youths to address their passion & achieve their goals.

“Being a youth myself, I understand the anxiety and courage it takes to pursue our dreams at a young age.” says Rosini. “We might not have the support of everyone surrounding us. We might not have the time to work on our dreams. We might not have the grit to follow our goals. This is why I would like to give back to the youth community to ensure them that they are not alone in this.”

As part of their initiative to empower youths, they have created a Telegram group named Business Bundle which is a community that encourages young individuals to pursue their passion and empower others. The group consists of tips, business development assistance and networking opportunities. The idea was developed during the company’s 1st Youth Networking Event held in 2019. The event featured keynote speakers, performances, and networking opportunities for individuals across various industries to converse.

(Youth Networking Event 2019, TheMeetUpSG)

TheMeetUpSG is looking forward to capturing more clients and expanding their horizons to overseas markets. As a team encompassed by young endeavouring entrepreneurs, they have recently launched their sister company named JustMarketing Co. It is a marketing agency cum consultancy which specialises in workshop training and digital marketing. The company’s aim is to engage the audience and turn them into potential customers with the right strategy. It believes in helping to grow companies from ground – up by improving and establishing their brand identity.

Has this piqued your interest to hire TheMeetUpSG for your family, friends or even your company events? Fret not! You can browse through their website at or drop them an email at to learn more about their services.


Service Offerings

  • Picnics
    • Vintage, Classy Chic, Lush Garden
  • Dessert Table
    • Gender Reveal, Wonder Woman, Jungle Safari etc
  • Bouquet
    • Graduation Bouquets, Rose Bouquet, Bride Bouquet
  • Photobooth, Photography, Videography
  • Corporate Events
    • Dinner & Dance, Team Bonding, Seminars
  • Corporate Gifts
    • Gift Hampers, Door Gifts
  • Engagement & Wedding Planning
    • Proposal, Car Decoration, Solemnization
  • Installation
    • Exhibition Booths, Structural Set-Up

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TheMeetUpSG – A Youth Empowered Creative Events Management Company
TheMeetUpSG – A Youth Empowered Creative Events Management Company

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