The Red Marker — Bringing The World To You Through a Virtual Tour

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Who Are We?

Since our inception in 2014, The Red Marker has been providing virtual tour services to businesses to elevate their physical spaces into a lucrative digital sales tool. Having started as a specialised Google Maps service provider, our Singapore-based virtual tour agency has aided hoteliers, restaurants, education providers and many others in their journey to market their venues through an interactive and immersive online experience. With our niche skills and expertise, we continue to serve both start-ups and notable brands around the Asia-pacific region including corporations from Malaysia to Australia.

What Do We Do?

We have since expanded from just Google Maps creation to a more diverse and varying portfolio of virtual tour services. We now create custom 360 virtual tours by shooting still panoramas and convert them into a fully interactive virtual tour. Matterport is a popular 3D platform that we have mastered to build a digital twin of any space. 360 and 3D virtual rendering is a unique technology we provide that can benefit real estate businesses as it visualises and brings to life a property that has yet to be developed or built. 

We aim to put companies on the online map, especially in our increasingly digital world and push their sales efforts further. The Red Marker customizes each tour to portray brands authentically and professionally to their audience. 

Why Do You Need a Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours have proven to improve search engine ranking, especially on Google, which is important for any marketing strategy. The higher you are ranked, your brand becomes more visible to a larger group of customers, bringing in more profits. Furthermore, in our online world, transparency is incredibly important to gain trust with clients. A virtual tour portrays your space just as it is and instills confidence in your brand compared to companies that remain anonymous online. Professional virtual tour agencies are able to add interactive features into custom tours such as audio guides, language toggles and “hotspot” boxes that can further explain your space through embedded images and videos. Catching customers’ attention has been increasingly difficult with attention spans dropping to just 8 seconds! With its captivating elements, having a virtual tour in Singapore can engage clients while promoting your venue at the same time. 

Especially during a worldwide pandemic, digitising your brand and physical space has become the new normal as we move away from physical foot traffic and advance towards digital footfall.

Who Can We Help?

We are dedicated to helping local businesses that have attractive physical spaces and aim to direct prospective customers to their venues. The Red Marker has created 360 tours for brands in the tourism, real estate, food and beverage, and retail industries. 

As hotels use their accommodations and amenities as selling points, virtual tours have proven to increase bookings by 16-67%. 80% of students who are applying to a new school have stated that a campus tour is an important element in decision making and a virtual tour is able to reach international students all around the world. These are just some statistics on the impact of 360 tours on various industries and the long-term benefits they provide.

Do You Want To Digitise Your Space? 

The Red Marker is a trusted agency that has been collaborating with local enterprises for the last 7 years. Not only are we confident in our skills and expertise, we also study each brand we partner with to create a unique and personalised marketing strategy that can benefit them in the long run.

For enquiries, please get in touch with us: 

We look forward to transforming and elevating your business virtually!

The Red Marker — Bringing The World To You Through a Virtual Tour
The Red Marker — Bringing The World To You Through a Virtual Tour

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