The Durian Story

The Durian Story

The Durian Story’s was established in 2017 with the need to provide consumers with top-notch quality Durians at competitive pricing. We are committed to change the misconception that Durian sellers are dishonest by offering 100% replacement policy.

The Durian Story

With this, consumers can purchase with a peace of mind. Quality is our hallmark and we take pride in providing quality Durians. In any circumstances, Durians are of poor quality, we will discard them on our end. We have been building good relationship with our plantation owners over the years. Our Durians are handpicked by our master and exported out to our store within 12 hours to ensure its freshness. This is to ensure we only provide top-notch quality Durians for all of our consumers. 

To keep up with time, we have also launched our website in 2019 to allow consumers to purchase online by just selecting the types of Durians without the need of coming down physically to our store. They have the option of self-collection or delivery. We have also seen a growth in our online sales over the years. 

With the aim of providing more choices, we offer a few types of Cultivars on top of the all-time favourite Mao Shan Wang (D197) We have Capri (Fig 1) and Blackthorn (Fig 2) from Penang. These are highly sought-after cultivars which are very rare in the market. 

Good Durian bring people at the table together. Over the years, we have successfully organised numerous corporate Durian events for our clients. (Fig 3-7) Seeing them enjoying throughout the event is what keep us going. Our team consists of experienced staffs who are able to select the types of Durians according to your taste profile. Be it sweet, bittersweet or bitter, we will pick them to our best ability. For us, we strongly believe the best Durian isn’t Mao Shan Wang (D197), it should be the Durian that suits your individual preference. 

As Malaysia Durian Season is 7-8 months a year, we followed closely on the Season. We do not operate when they are not in Season. During our off season, we have our 100% handcrafted Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream (Fig 8) up for sale and we only produce them once a year. Many have reviewed they are as good as eating the actual Durian itself. During Mid-Autumn Festival, we have our in house Raub Snowskin pure Mao Shan Wang mooncakes (Fig 9) produced locally.

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