The Finest Salons for Hair and Scalp Treatments in Singapore

The Finest Salons for Hair and Scalp Treatments in Singapore

Embark on a journey of luxurious care and rejuvenation as we unveil the realm of Salons for Hair and Scalp Treatments in Singapore. Beyond the ordinary, these salons are sanctuaries of expertise, offering a fusion of tailored hair and scalp treatments designed to elevate your tresses to new heights. Whether you seek therapeutic scalp solutions or desire a transformative hair treatment, our guide brings you to the forefront of Singapore’s finest establishments. Immerse yourself in a world where indulgence meets innovation, where skilled professionals craft personalized experiences for the health and beauty of your hair and scalp. Welcome to a haven where every strand receives the attention it deserves.

Best Salons for Hair and Scalp Treatments in Singapore


Bio Organicare



Follow by :
-Male / Female Pattern Hair Loss , Post Natal , Menopause
-Hair Thinning / Ageing Scalp / Greying Hair
-Oily / Dry Scalp / Dandruff Scalp Treatment
-Alopecia Areata / Kenogen Stage
-Sensitive / Eszema / Itchiness
-Hair Growth Treatment / Hair Loss Control
-Androgenetic Alopecia Male / Female
-Fruits and Plants Hair Color (Safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding )
-Enzymes Frizz Free / Aqua Meso Collagen ( High Technology Hair Treatment )
Price RangeStarts from $68-$388
Contact Details+65 66550081
Address371 Beach Road #B1-39,40,41 City Gate Singapore 199597

They are equipped with the latest technology in their range of equipment, coupled with their very own in-house formulation for their customers to see visible hair growth, grey hair to black and hair fall control in shortest time.

Their products are free from all chemical additives – NO sulfate , alcohol, parabens, PEG-PPG-BG , GMOs , EDTA, petrolatum, artificial colorants or fragrance.


Bee Choo Origin

To provide natural and effective hair and scalp solution for everyone
ServicesHerbal Hair and Scalp Treatment
Price Range$34 – $70
Contact Details+65 6742 3033

Founded and established (In year 2000) in Singapore by Madam Cheah Bee Chew, who was determined to find an affordable 100% natural remedy for hair loss and scalp related issues. With guidance and mentorship from TCM physicians, she started to learn, experiment, and concoct various remedies till she came up with what is known today as “Bee Choo Origin Herbal Cream.”

Our specially formulated soothing herbal hair and scalp treatment is made with 16 herbal ingredients including premium Chinese herbs and herbal leaves extract which helps to unclog pores, effectively removing residues on the scalp. It provides abundance of nutrients to tackle these issues while promoting blood circulation so that our hair can grow in a nutrient-filled environment.

Stay naturally confident with Bee Choo Origin.


Vesure Hair Therapy

Where healthy scalp thrives
ServicesHair and Scalp Treatment, QXTL Head Reflexology, Scalp Detox and Treatment, Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment, Premature Grey Hair Prevention and Treatment, Aroma Rose Hair Spa
Price RangeQXTL Head Reflexology: $58
Dandruff/Oily/Itchy Scalp Treatment: $67-$97
Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment: $97-$157
Premature Grey Hair Prevention and Treatment: $97-$157
Damaged Hair Repair Collagen Mask: $60-$97
Aroma Rose Hair Spa: $87-$127
Contact Details 6259 0977
AddressBlk 714 Ang Mo Kio Central Ave 6 #01-4012 Singapore 560714 (Behind Ang Mo Kio Central KFC)

VESURE is a biotechnology company backed by 30 years of research in Trichology. Building on its strong foothold in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), its solution is designed to address the root cause of hair and scalp issues for a lasting improvement.
Natural plant and herbal extracts, aided by modern trichology machines and traditional techniques are central to its personalised treatment regime.

VESURE QXTL Head Reflexology is its distinctive wellness program that harmonizes head massage with Traditional Scalp Gua Sha to provide a wholesome relaxation moment. The targeted pressure points stimulation relieves tension headaches and migraines, increases concentration and stimulates micro-circulation, which is beneficial to scalp health and hair growth.

Their Promise:

  • Quality Service
  • Reasonable Price
  • Pleasant Environment.

Hair Salon Covo

ServicesHair cut, Hair coloring, Hair and scalp treatment, Perm etc Full service menu.
Price RangeLadies hair cut from $68
Hair treatment from $55
Contact Details+65-6221-4585
Address43 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089147

In Italian, COVO means “a hiding place.” When you come to COVO located on ground floor of a shophouse, you will experience a private and relaxing space. The hair stylists have more than 10 year experience on average and they will attend you from shampoo till the very end of hair service.

They strive to offer Japan’s top-class technique and service here in Singapore as well. At salon, carbonated spring water is used for customers. The carbonated water removes sebum and excess oil accumulated on the hair and scalp, ensuring your hair returns to its natural beauty. Come to experience Japanese technique and service at COVO!


Project Hair

Discover the difference
Project Hair – Discover The Difference

Project Hair – Discover The Difference

Project Hair’s beginning was a little less conventional. It started out as a project (pun intended) to allow a …
ServicesHaircut, Hair colouring (single tone, highlights, bleaching etc), Kerasilk treatment, Hair and scalp treatment, Rebonding, Digital perm, Wash and blow, Kid’s haircut
Price RangeFull service menu and prices, view here.
Contact DetailsKATONG: (65) 6344 1636 | (65) 9626 9138

JURONG: (65) 6250 9522 | (65) 8123 0989
AddressKATONG: 138 East Coast Road Singapore 428828

JURONG: 2 Venture Drive #02-36 Vision Exchange Singapore 608526​

At Project Hair Katong and Project Hair Jurong, they treat your hair like the crowning glory that it is. Their goal is to go above and beyond to make you feel that you have come to the right place for your hair and scalp care needs. Their stylists boast at least 5 years of experience in the industry with a loyal clientele to match. They are current on the trends of hair styling but also never forsaking the classics. While waiting for your hair to be done, indulge in their complimentary tea service with a selection of premium tea choices along with 100% homemade cookies baked by their salon’s founder.

Finest Hair and Scalp Treatments in Singapore


Hair rejuvenation and scalp services
ServicesHair and scalp treatments
Price Range$68 -$488
Contact Details
AddressMultiple location island wide

SKYE ORGANIC HAIR SPA Singapore is a total naturally solutionhair care centre. SKYE ORGANIC HAIR SPA incorporates products made of high quality Western &Japanese Botanicals natural ingredients with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health into each step of every treatment.

Skye Organic hair spa provides solutions for everyone from all ages, young and old, hair greying issues with our Award-Winning Signature Hair Treatment, Absolutte Hair Masque. All treatments are administered by Certified Specialists and professional therapists, and include high quality western Botanicals natural ingredients such as organic plant extract, lavender, chamomile, peppermint. These natural, safe and effective ingredients have properties that promote hair growth and scalp. They are extremely gentle on the follicles, helping to treat and improve hair health in the safest way possible.


Shirley Wong Salon

We take care of your hair and beauty
ServicesHair and scalp treatments
Price Range1st Trial Scalp Treatment$39
Express Hair Treatment$35 Onwards
Hair Spa Treatment$75 Onwards
Address492 Jurong West Street 41, #01-66 Singapore 640492

Shirley Wong has always been one of the more popular hair and beauty salons in the Jurong West heartland, and had since been a trusted and reliable salon for more than two decades. It has become an iconic salon and is thriving to provide professional hair services, hair treatments and beauty spa services to all our existing and new customers to their utmost satisfaction.

With an overwhelming growth and continued support from our existing and new customers, the new team of Shirley Wong had revamped and fully renovated the salon to provide a spacious and conducive environment for all our customers who find us for our specialised hair services, scalp treatments or beauty therapy. The salon is opened daily to the convenience of all customers.


Vintage Studio

Trusted Hair Treatment Salon in Singapore
ServicesPre-Chemical Hair and Scalp Treatment, Classic Hair Treatment, Advance Hair Treatment, Intense Hair Treatment, Restructure Hair Treatment, Keratin Hair Treatment
Price RangePre-Chemical Hair Treatment from $38
Classic Hair Treatment from $68
Advance Hair Treatment from $88
Intense Hair Treatment from $108
Restructure Hair Treatment from $148
Keratin Hair Treatment from $350
AddressMultiple locations island wide

Tired of living with dry, brittle, and dull hair? It’s high time that you give your hair the stunning look you’ve always wanted. At Vintage Studio, we understand how important it is to take care of your hair and treat it like royalty. We also offer hair loss treatment for women.

And to get started on which hair treatment to try, take a look at our list of keratin hair treatment services for smoother and frizz-free hair.


Two Herbs

A Natural Way To Solve Your Scalp Problem
ServicesHair and Scalp treatments, Hair loss treatments, Grey hair treatments
Price RangeMale and short length $34
Female shoulder length $38
Armpit length $48
Mid Back length $58
+10 below waist
Contact Details+65 6235 6825 or +65 6242 7895 or +65 6250 0855
AddressMultiple location island wide

Two Herbs herbal-formulated scalp paste is the only Chinese and Ayurvedic made treatment paste in Singapore. It is formed from hours of being cooked and brewed – Our transparent pricing means customers can do the treatment at ease without being worried about hardselling of packages.

A herbal paste that is natural and meant to help you solve your scalp problem and combat hair loss and grey hair with ease.


Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Pte Ltd

ServicesHair Loss Treatment, Hair Regro Treatment, Signature Meridian Hair and Scalp Treatment, Hair Revival Treatment, Oily Scalp Treatment, Anti-Hair Aging Treatment
Price Range1st Trial Price from $40nett onwards
Contact Details6-5588-101
Address1)      Bedok Mall, #B1-55
2)      Causeway Point, #05-02A
3)      Century Square, #04-03
4)      Funan, #B1-08
5)      JCUBE, #B1-05
6)      Nex, #04-08
7)      Northpoint City, North Wing, #03-27

A Complete Experience
Most Effective Hair Treatment – Beijing 101 Hair Consultants with 45 years of experience and winner of many international awards, specialized in the treatment of male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, oily scalp, sensitive scalp, etc. BEIJING 101 take care of not only hair & scalp health but also the overall holistic well-being through certified TCM physicians.

Combining technical ability with a refined, service-oriented ambience and genuine eagerness to help clients navigate the path to true beauty, people and values represent the latest evolution in the hair care industry.


Topp Care

Best Signature Hair Treatment
ServicesSignature Absolutte Masque Hair and Scalp Treatment, Hair Loss, Prevention Hair Treatment, Detoxdren Hair and Scalp Treatment, Energising Scalp Treatment. Regenerating Scalp Treatment, Hair Spa Treatment
Price RangeFirst Time Trial Treatment: From $40 onwards
Contact Details6645-3020
AddressEastpoint Mall #03-24, Singapore 528833

Topp Care is certified by US Trichology Institute (USTI) & a Member of British Herbal Medicine Association. Topp Care incorporates products made of high quality Western Botanicals natural ingredients with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health into each step of every treatment.

Topp Care provides solutions for everyone from all ages, young and old, hair greying issues with our Award-Winning Signature Hair and Scalp Treatment, Absolutte Hair Masque. All treatments are administered by Topp Care’s USTI Certified Specialists and professional therapists, and include high quality western Botanicals natural ingredients such as thymus serpillum, horse chestnuts and almond oil. These natural, safe and effective ingredients have properties that promote hair growth and scalp. They are extremely gentle on the follicles, helping to treat and improve hair health in the safest way possible.

In conclusion, the tapestry of Salons for Hair and Scalp Treatments in Singapore is a testament to the commitment to beauty, health, and individualized care. As we conclude this exploration, envision a landscape where expertise intertwines with innovation, offering a canvas for your hair and scalp to flourish. From rejuvenating scalp therapies to transformative hair treatments, these salons stand as beacons of excellence in nurturing every strand. Your journey to vibrant and healthy hair finds its culmination in the specialized care provided by Singapore’s top-tier salons. Step into a realm where beauty meets precision, and let your hair and scalp experience the pinnacle of indulgence.

Do check out our list of Barbershops and have time to try their services.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of hair and scalp treatment?

Scalp treatments unblock hair follicles, allowing natural conditioning oils to flow freely, reducing dryness and removing those pesky dry flakes off your shirt and pillow. They also increase blood flow in the head and neck area, allowing nutrients to reach the scalp and nurture your hair more effectively.

Are scalp treatments good for your hair?

Scalp treatments are an excellent approach to get rid of them and re-establish sebum levels. The ingredients used in a scalp treatment, together with mild exfoliation and scalp massage, will assist to unclog any accumulation in those hair follicles, allowing them to release their natural nourishing oils.

What is the proper way to clean your scalp?

Before applying shampoo, thoroughly rinse your hair.
To begin, dilute your shampoo with water.
For the initial rinse, use lukewarm water.
Concentrate on your scalp.
Be kind with yourself.
Only use conditioner on your ends.

What types of hair and scalp treatments do salons in Singapore commonly offer?

Explore the variety of hair and scalp treatments commonly provided by salons in Singapore, addressing both cosmetic and therapeutic needs.

How do specialized scalp treatments contribute to overall hair health, and are they suitable for different hair types?

Understand the benefits of specialized scalp treatments in enhancing overall hair health and discover their suitability for various hair types.

Are there hair and scalp treatments tailored for specific concerns such as hair loss, dandruff, or dry scalp?

Learn about customized treatments addressing specific concerns like hair loss, dandruff, or dry scalp, and how salons in Singapore tailor solutions for individual needs.

What role do professional consultations play in determining the most suitable hair and scalp treatments, and are they typically offered by salons?

Explore the significance of professional consultations in identifying suitable hair and scalp treatments and understand whether salons in Singapore provide this service.

How often should individuals consider undergoing hair and scalp treatments for optimal results, and what factors influence the recommended frequency?

Gain insights into the recommended frequency of hair and scalp treatments, considering factors such as hair type, specific concerns, and individual goals.

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