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Human technology has evolved from the dawn of our species to the present day. Arguably, the dominant form of material remains stone-made just like the pivotal Stonehenge rests in the development of archaeology. A wonder of the world in its own right.

The stars of today though can be seen in the kitchen of our humble homes. From the timeless natural appeal of granite countertops to the glossy look of marble, and from the seamless solid surface to the ostentatious glitz of quartz, countertops of these time and age produces atemporal beauty — the envy of many and adored by plenty.

One does not need to buy the most expensive granite to achieve a stunning kitchen; neither should they replace the countertops as a desperate attempt at reviving their kitchen. If you would like to know more on countertops, how much they will set you back, and tips for cutting costs, then look no further than Stone Amperor.

Whether you’re looking for traditional marble, solid surface, quartz or granite, Stone Amperor covers all the bases in giving unbiased advice to homeowners in choosing their perfect countertop.


Stone Amperor was established in 2014 by the current Managing Director, Jasmine Tan. She has amassed a wealth of experience having started in a marble and granite supplier company in 2003. She noticed that the kitchen countertop industry is a very confusing market and the setting up of Stone Amperor attempts to draw away homeowners from this confusion to instead focus on what matters.

There are many factors to consider in choosing a perfect countertop. For example; choosing quartz might be ideal as it is maintenance free and usually comes with a lifetime warranty. On the other hand, quartz can be costly due to its thickness and brand.

According to Jasmine, the most critical criteria will be the quality of the selected countertop. Material such as marble and granite offers multiple edge profiles, and customers will be spoilt for choice while solid surface and concrete come in a variety of colours which can be eye-catching to some.

Customised Solutions

Over the years, Stone Amperor has developed to be a one-stop multi-brand countertop supplier that offers transparent pricing and unbiased advice. Their friendly staff are always ready to guide any interested customer through the whole process of choosing that perfect countertop.

[Let’s briefly take an example of the household favourite – the granite countertop. This material ranges in the tunes of thousands. Prices are quoted per foot run, which usually includes labour, delivery, installation and a simple finish to the edges.

Other products and services like decorative edge treatments, cutouts for sinks and removing and disposing of old counters — may cost extra. Granites are priced according to their grade, and the grades reflect, among others, the stone’s availability, its colour, and its distinctiveness.

The price of granite countertops might seem pricier compared to other materials, but it is the best return on your kitchen investment. Practically, granite does not need maintenance, so it is more affordable than wood or steel. Read on to know why.

Granite has a unique yet with a pleasant visual appeal. It features excellently in the most critical area of your home. It is durable, will not go out of style and gives any kitchen a personality.

Durability is something you need in the kitchen especially as granite is known for its ability to withstand heat, pressure, water, angry-toddlers which makes it an almost perfect choice for a countertop. So, please do not worry about your kids jumping, scratching, drawing on it.

Granite can get its real shine with basic cleaning methods – soap and water! Options are endless in varying sizes and designs and different qualities too. Oh, and did you know that granite is one of the most common rocks naturally available in the environment? Go Green! Go Granite!]

Offering a vast array of famous brands such as Dekton, Sensa, Lapitec, Caesarstone, Silestone, Arkstone, Aurastone, Corian, and many more, Stone Amperor has built a reputation as a reputable company.

Stone Amperor prides over the services they are providing for customers. Other than the supplying and installing of an array of countertop materials, Stone Amperor accepts requests for custom made marble, granite, quartz, and solid surface countertops.

Customers have the luxury to draw out their ideal countertops, tabletops and vanity tops and merely present this drawing to Stone Amperor. Customers can also plan out a full customisation, and can even request for a marble floor polishing service. Another of Stone Amperor’s service includes the supply and installation of customizable aluminum kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

It is not an easy task to answer all customers’ demands and to make it worse; customers are often shortchanged and are offered dubious alternatives to their requests. Unfortunately, these can sometimes be misleading and costly.

Stone Amperor strives in providing excellent customer service by acceding to requests and will provide appropriate solutions for differing purposes and needs to suit each unique demands.

Ahead of Competition

In an industry where competition is rife, businesses have taken steps to ensure that they remain ahead of the rest by continuously maintaining a high standard of performance. For Stone Amperor’s case, this can be seen from the congratulatory messages it has received on RenoTalk.

To have a friendly sales staff telling you more about what Stone Amperor can offer for your kitchen countertop needs, please head down to their office located at 21 Woodlands Close #02-06, Primz Bizhub or visit their Facebook page. You can also Whatsapp them here.    

Stone Amperor – House of Countertops
Stone Amperor – House of Countertops

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