The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore

Regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is crucial for those engaging in sexual activity, and ideally, it should be done monthly when time permits. Even if you are not currently sexually active, it’s advisable to undergo periodic testing, as some STDs can be transmitted through bodily fluids like saliva. Apart from offering protection, opting for the finest STD testing in Singapore ensures that individuals are aware of their status concerning prevalent STDs.

Always prioritize your safety by using protection and seeking guidance from clinics that excel in providing top-tier STD testing in Singapore. Our goal is to streamline your options by highlighting only the most reputable clinics offering the best STD testing in Singapore. With numerous clinics available, we aim to narrow down the list to those that truly stand out. Explore our curated list below to discover how these testing clinics can contribute to your overall well-being!

Disclaimer: The companies listed in this article are presented in random order and are not ranked based on any criteria. The inclusion of a company in this article does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the author. The information provided is for general informational purposes only, and readers are advised to conduct their own research and due diligence before engaging with any of the companies listed.

Best STD Testing Clinics in Singapore


The Health Advisory Clinic

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
The Health Advisory Clinic – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesSTD Testing
Operating HoursMon – Fri : 0900 – 1800
Saturday: 0900 – 1400
Sunday & PH: Closed
Contact Details+65 6226 6442
+65 9886 6442
Address1 Raffles Place #04-49 Singapore, 048616

The purpose of the Health Advisory Clinic is to provide services that can treat a wide variety of medical conditions. The majority of their treatments are geared toward men’s health, women’s health, sexual health, and preventative medicine.

Their skilled and qualified medical professionals use only the best-needed services, such as laboratory tests and imaging. Any medical problem you may have can be easily handled and resolved with their assistance.


  • Provides comprehensive services to meet a wide range of medical needs
  • Gives privacy for laboratory testing and imaging needs
  • Individualized healthcare
Customer Reviews

There’s a very friendly and positive vibe here when you enter the clinic. The doctors and nurses here are very friendly and approach patients in a very positive manner! – Lawrence Tan


Kensington Family Clinic

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
Kensington Family Clinic – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesSTD Testing
Operating HoursDay: 08:30 to 15:00 (Mon-Sat)
Night: 18:00 to 21:30 (Tue, Thu & Sat)
CostConsultation: $30 – $60
Test package: From $60
Contact Details+65 6288 4882
Address14D Kensington Park Road, Singapore 557265

Kensington Family Clinic is a medical center that provides a variety of health screening and treatment services to individuals of all ages. STD testing is its key service, which locals commonly use.

A full-service general practice with a Kensington location is Kensington Family Clinic. Additionally, it offers top-notch medical care to groups and people of all ages, including babies, kids, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. It’s also Medisave and CHAS certified.


  • Medisave, CHAS, and PG accredited
  • Offers personalized test packages and individual tests for patients
  • Quick test results
Customer Reviews

Ever since the standard of the wei min clinic next door dropped severely, I have been visiting this place. Friendly ladies at the reception and a friendly doctor. The wait is short if you call ahead and make an appointment. Have recommended it to my friends who also agree. – BT


DSC Clinic

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
DSC Clinic – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesSTD Testing
Operating HoursMon-Fri: 08:00 to 11:00, 13:00 to 16:00
CostConsultation: $7.40 to $21
Tests: $6.70 to $75.20 each
Contact Details+65 6293 9648
Address31 Kelantan Lane #01-16, Singapore 200031

The DSC Facility is a specialty clinic that offers sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment (STD). The cost of receiving government-funded diagnostics, treatment, and medicine at this public hospital is quite low.

Patients are not required to take a screening package that contains many tests. Patients may choose their own doctor, and the DSC clinic offers women’s clinics to accommodate females who require seclusion.


  • Offers financial assistance plan
  • Subsidized pharmacy 
  • Offers various treatments for various types of sexually transmitted diseases
Customer Reviews

My entire experience from start to end was positive: the counter staff was courteous and warned me gently that it was going to be a wait; the nurse was caring and informative; the doctor was kind and knowledgeable, and the pharmacist patiently provided a comprehensive overview of the drug’s side effects. Thank you, DSC! – Tan Chee Yong


Cross Street Medical Clinic

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
Cross Street Medical Clinic – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesSTD Testing, Medisave, and CHAS accredited
Operating HoursMon-Fri: 09:00 to 17:00
Sat: 09:00 to 12:00
Thursday night: 18:00 to 20:00
CostPackages from $60
Contact Details+65 6535 0608
Address531 Upper Cross Street, #01-35, Singapore 050531

Long Street Medical Clinic in Long Island City is a medical institution that offers a wide range of STD testing and treatment options. Dr. Reginald Tang, the clinic’s director, has over 30 years of knowledge in giving health care. Female doctors are also on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Medisave and CHAS accredited
  • Female doctors are available by appointment
  • Offers 10 different packages 
Customer Reviews

Friendly staff and the nice doctor just next to the exit f of Chinatown MRT. Dr. Tang Zhen Guo Reginald is friendly. – Jenifer Tan

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore

Atlas Pacific Medical

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
Atlas Pacific Medical – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesSTD Testing, Rapid HIV test results after 15 minutes
Operating HoursMon: 08:30 to 20:00 pm
Tue-Fri: 08:30 to 14:00, 17:00 to 20:00 pm
Sun: 17:00 to 20:00
CostPackage from $171.20
Contact Details+65 6386 9098
Address428 River Valley Road. 01-10 Loft@Nathan, Singapore 248327

Atlas Pacific Medical is a men’s and women’s health clinic. STD screening services are available in a variety of bundles beginning at $171.20. Male and female health care services provided by Atlas Pacific Medical include erectile dysfunction testing, penile discharge evaluation, irregular menstrual cycle diagnosis, and cervical cancer screening for both men and women.

The STDs panel detects HIV, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, human papillomavirus, yeast infections, genital warts, and a number of other disorders. Furthermore, all of their tests are both cost-effective and very opaque.


  • Rapid HIV test results after 15 minutes
  • 24-hour hotline
  • Specific screening packages for men and women
Customer Reviews

I’ve seen both doctors, Dr. Justin and Dr. Sim (on separate occasions) and I must say that they are excellent doctors. They are very professional, polite, and meticulous in their diagnosis. I took my kids for their flu jabs too and both kids were tear-free! I highly recommend their consultation services to patients who are looking for a good doctor. – Kim Hong


Dr. Tan & Partners

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
Dr. Tan & Partners – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesSTD Testing, STD Screening, Anal Pap smear, Genital Warts Treatment, HIV Testing, and HPV Vaccination
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6962 7144
Address20 Cecil St, #02-01 PLUS, Singapore 049705

Dr. Tan & Partners Clinic is one of the few completely accredited STD and HIV testing institutions on the island. It provides a variety of services such as screening, testing, treatment, and management. Unlike other clinics, Dr. Tan & Partners will ensure that patients are guided throughout the treatment. Its holistic approach to all medical issues, particularly chronic and acute medical conditions, distinguishes it as the best STD testing in Singapore.

Furthermore, because privacy is one of their top priorities for patients, their clinic is renowned for being extremely discreet and welcoming. We promise that you won’t feel uneasy at their clinic if this is your first time receiving an STD test. Lastly, Dr. Tan & Partners Clinic also offers anonymous HIV testing to those people who aren’t comfortable disclosing their private information to the clinic.


  • Discreet environment
  • Multiple branches
  • Experienced staff
  • Extremely private
  • Anonymous testing
Customer Reviews

No reviews yet as of this writing


Shim Clinic

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
Shim Clinic – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesSTD Testing, HIV Testing, HIV PEP, HPV Vaccines, and Contraceptive Pills
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Contact Details+65 6446 7446
+65 8668 7446
Address168 Bedok South Avenue 3 #01-473 Singapore 460168

Shim Clinics provides everyone on the island with comprehensive STD and HIV testing, consultation, treatment, and prevention. Doctors strongly advise getting tested even if no symptoms are present because some STDs are asymptomatic, which means they do not cause any symptoms.

Furthermore, they offer private and confidential consultations to patients who want to learn more about STD and HIV prevention. Shim Clinic’s doctors are known to go out of their way to educate patients and make sure that they’re safe at all times. Another reason we believe it is among the finest STD testing in Singapore is the confidentiality and speed of the testing. Results can be provided in as quickly as 20 minutes!


  • Consultation with doctors
  • Fast and confidential testing
Customer Reviews

Went there for a consultation yesterday. The doctor was very friendly and helpful throughout the consultation. He also recommended what was best for me and my partner. An excellent experience. – Shaz Shaz


Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesSTD Testing, HIV Testing, Anonymous Testing, Rapid Testing, HIV Prevention, Pre-marital Screenings, and Pregnancy Tests
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 08:30 PM
Contact Details+65 64433101
+65 96622880
Address1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-06, Singapore 082001

Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic is the clinic to go to if you’re looking for one that specializes in general health screening. It is a full-service family medical facility that offers everyone on the island access to top-notch healthcare at competitive prices. In terms of STD testing, Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic definitely doesn’t fall short. It has the complete list of tests for different types of STDs, including syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, chlamydia, and of course, HIV.

In addition to this, they also provide testing packages that come with a doctor’s appointment, a physical exam, and the test itself. Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic also provides vaccination against the hepatitis virus and human papillomavirus. Its dedicated group of doctors and staff who ensure that patients are educated about sexually transmitted diseases makes it one of the top clinics for the best STD testing in Singapore.


  • Health screenings
  • Anonymous testing
  • Affordable healthcare services
  • Comprehensive screening packages
Customer Reviews

Dr. Kwek is very nice and understanding. It was new year’s eve and the clinic is supposed to close early. Though busy, I only waited for a few minutes. – Rafe


Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery

The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore
Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery – STD Testing Clinics Singapore
Key ServicesFamily Medicine, Travel Health, Minor Surgery, Health Screening, Men’s Health, Men’s Health
Operating HoursMon to Fri Day: 8:30 am to 1:30 pm Night: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Closed on Friday Night and Saturday from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Sunday closed Public Holidays – 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Contact Details+65 6802 7208
Address78B, Telok Blangah Street 32, #01-22, Singapore 102078

With a focus on infectious diseases and andrology (men’s health), Elyon Family Clinic & Surgery mostly provides family medicine services. In Singapore, the UK, and the Republic of Ireland, Dr. Vincent Chia received his clinical education and experience. Professor Johnny Bourke, author of two prominent dermatological textbooks, “Mosby’s Color Atlas And Textbook On Dermatology” and “Dermatology: Fundamentals of Practice,” tutored him during his dermatology residency.

He developed his expertise in delicate cryosurgery, genital dermatology, venereology, and associated dermatological methods and operations here as well. All in all, Dr Vincent Chia has more than 21 years of clinical experience under his belt. You may visit the clinic if you’re seeking a facility specializing in andrology (men’s health) and infectious diseases, or if you especially want to get an STD test. They promise to provide you with the greatest service possible.

Primary care is provided to patients of all ages, including infants, children, adults, and seniors. The staff also ensures that any information obtained from their patients is kept strictly secret.


  • Professional Doctors and Physicians
  • Full range services
  • Approachable Doctors
Customer Reviews

I had food poisoning when I last visited the clinic, and the counter staff professionally helped to prioritize me to see the doctor for treatment without upsetting the other patients who were waiting. They are considerate and kind when handling their patients, and much appreciate their excellent attitudes! Kudos! – Laura

Author’s Note: “The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore” is a subjective opinion. Individual experiences and preferences may vary. This claim does not guarantee superiority. Readers are advised to conduct their own research, consider personal preferences, and exercise discretion when choosing a driving instructor. The term “finest” does not imply an endorsement. The entity making this claim disclaims any responsibility for decisions based on this assertion.

Explore a selection of clinics in Singapore providing comprehensive STD testing services. The top STD testing clinics in Singapore ensure a blend of thorough services, utmost privacy, and swift results. Positive customer feedback highlights the excellence of both staff and service quality at these clinics. If you’re seeking a reliable place for STD testing, these six clinics emerge as your optimal choice. Discover unparalleled service and peace of mind with our recommended clinics in Singapore.

Do check out our list of breast screening centres and have time to visit for your annual check-up.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get tested for STDs Singapore?

Gynecology offices provide a wide variety of sexual health services, including Pap smear checks, family planning, and fertility evaluations. You can arrange an appointment for sexual health consultation at any public or private healthcare provider, such as KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

How common are STDs in Singapore?

According to the most recent statistics, 421 teenagers in Singapore between the ages of 10 and 19 developed a sexually transmitted illness in a single year. This is one of the highest figures recorded since the peak of infections in 2007. (there were 820 adolescents who came forward for STI testing and treatment during the year).

Can you go to Polyclinic for STD?

The National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) offers treatment for infectious diseases like STDs. To schedule an appointment, you must first obtain a referral from your general practitioner, family physician, or the polyclinic.

Why is STD testing important, and how often should I get tested?

Regular STD testing is crucial for maintaining sexual health, ideally on a monthly basis for sexually active individuals. Even if you’re not currently sexually active, periodic testing is recommended as some STDs can be transmitted through various means, including bodily fluids.

What services do STD testing clinics in Singapore typically offer?

STD testing clinics in Singapore usually provide a range of services, including comprehensive STD testing, counseling, and guidance on sexual health. They aim to offer privacy, quick results, and professional assistance to individuals seeking testing.

How do I choose the best STD testing clinic in Singapore?

Consider factors such as comprehensive services, privacy measures, and swift test results when choosing an STD testing clinic. Additionally, customer feedback regarding staff expertise and service quality can guide you in making an informed decision.

Are STD testing services confidential?

Yes, STD testing clinics prioritize confidentiality. They have stringent privacy measures in place to ensure that your personal information and test results remain confidential.

Can I get tested for specific STDs, or is it a general screening?

Most STD testing clinics in Singapore offer both general screenings for a range of common STDs and specific tests for individual infections. You can discuss your concerns with the healthcare professionals at the clinic to determine the most suitable testing option for your needs.

How long does it take to receive STD test results?

The turnaround time for STD test results varies depending on the type of tests conducted. However, many clinics in Singapore strive to provide quick results to minimize wait times and alleviate concerns.

Are these clinics affordable?

STD testing clinics in Singapore often strive to offer affordable options. Prices may vary depending on the type of tests conducted and the clinic’s specific services. It’s advisable to check with the clinic regarding their pricing structure.

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The Finest STD Testing Clinics in Singapore

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