The Finest TCM Clinics in Singapore

The Finest TCM Clinics in Singapore

With a history spanning over 3500 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stands as an ancient medical practice rooted in China. Diverging from the Western medicine approach of addressing the root cause of diseases, TCM places emphasis on enhancing overall well-being. Patients often turn to TCM for a spectrum of health concerns, including insomnia, fertility issues, stress management, digestive disorders, muscle pain, and various chronic or acute health conditions.

Types of TCM Treatment

Chinese Herbal MedicineChinese herbal medicines are prescribed medicines containing herbs in the form of either tablets, powder, paste, or locations. These medicines are mainly plant-based but some may contain animal products and minerals. The type and quantity of the herbs prescribed depend on the patient’s Yin and Yang current state and the affected organs’ elements.

As per the TCM philosophy, Yin and Yang are opposing forces of energy, Qi, that flows through any living being and if not balanced cause illness and pains. These herbs are divided into five tastes – sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and pungent each corresponding to the five elements – water, earth, fire, wood, and metal that form the organs of the body.
AcupunctureAcupuncture is a form of treatment where TCM practitioners insert very thin needles at strategic places on the body through the skin. It is generally given along with other TCM treatments. Acupuncture is most commonly given to treat aches and pains but some people also get this treatment done for general wellness.
Tui Na TherapyTui Na is very similar to acupuncture and is done mainly to treat pain. Tui Na can be referred to more as a massage. Instead of using needles, the TCM practitioner massages and puts pressure on the acupoints to stimulate them and treat the underlying problem. Popular techniques that form a part of Tui Na are acupressure, reflexology, and myofascial release.
CuppingCupping is a healing therapy used to relieve pain in various parts of the body by placing heated cups on the desired area, creating a suction force that pulls the skin up as the cups cool. This, in turn, draws fluids into the treated area, increasing blood circulation, and relieving tension in the muscles, and is also believed to trigger a natural healing process in the area. Cupping could be dry cupping, involving only suction created by cups, or wet cupping, whereby therapeutic bleeding is also combined.
MoxibustionMoxibustion involves the burning of dried moxa (or mugwort) on areas of the body to be treated. The warmth generated from the process is believed to stimulate the flow of Qi in the treated area. It is used for relief from conditions such as arthritis, stiffness of muscles, migraines, digestive issues, ulcers, menstrual cramps, and flu.
Auricular TherapyAuricular therapy treats pains and conditions of the body by stimulating specific points on the auricle or external ear. Various pressure points on the auricle correspond to points on the whole body.
Stimulation of these pressure points produces a therapeutic effect in the corresponding area of the body. Physical as well as emotional areas are represented. Stimulation can be generated using acupuncture, acupressure, or other methods such as ear seeds.
Gua ShaGua Sha is a technique of scraping the skin in long or short massage strokes using a Gua Sha tool, usually a flat quartz stone. The application of pressure with massage strokes stimulates the circulation of blood. The technique is usually applied on the back, limbs, neck, and buttocks, and a milder version is on the face. Gua Sha helps in relieving pain in muscles and joints. Gua Sha is also believed to provide relief for colds and fevers.

In Singapore, all TCM physicians and acupuncturists must be registered and governed under the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act (Cap. 333A). Here is the list of the 15 best TCM clinics in Singapore.

Disclaimer: The companies listed in this article are presented in random order and are not ranked based on any criteria. The inclusion of a company in this article does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the author. The information provided is for general informational purposes only, and readers are advised to conduct their own research and due diligence before engaging with any of the companies listed.

Best TCM Clinics in Singapore


East Meet West TCM Clinic

EMW Physiotherapy & TCM – TCM Clinics Singapore
Services– TCM Acupuncture
– TCM Acupressure
– TCM Cupping
– TCM Herbal Medicine
– TCM Moxibustion
– TCM Scraping
– Pre-IVF management
– Pediatric wellness (acupressure)
– Aromatherapy
– Gut health management (IBS/GERD)
– Pain Management
Operating HoursMonday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 8pm
Wednesday: 9am – 6pm
Thursday: 9am – 8pm
Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Sunday/PH: Closed
Contact Details+65 6735 9458
Address9 Scotts Road Scotts Medical Centre @ #10-04 Singapore 228210

In East Meet West TCM Clinic, we are on a mission to redefine healthcare through the seamless integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with conventional medical practices. Our primary goal is to offer a personalized, holistic approach to patient care.

Our Mission: To integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with conventional healthcare to provide a personalised holistic approach for our patients. 

Our Vision: To be the leader in providing personalised evidence-based TCM integrative care across diverse medical domains in the region.

Our Approach: We firmly believe in the synergy of Eastern and Western medicines. Our expertise lies in key areas such as women’s health, fertility, gastrointestinal health, and paediatrics. Through our integrative approach, we strive to provide the highest quality care, blending the wisdom of ancient healing traditions with the advancements of modern medicine.


  • Best quality care
  • Seamless integration of Western and Eastern medical interventions
  • Integrative
  • Synergistic
Customer Review

A novel idea of mixing the knowledge of Western medicine with Eastern know-how. Seamless application of both treatments by experienced physiotherapists and TCM physicians. – Razmi Rahmat

Oriental Remedies - TCM Clinic Singapore
Oriental Remedies – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesFertility and gynaecological concerns, Cancer Support, Cardiovascular Diseases (including
Hypertension & Stroke), Autoimmune conditions (including Eczema, Topical Steroid
Withdrawal), Mental Wellness and Anxiety, Chronic Conditions and Pain Management
Price RangeFrom $30 onwards
Contact Details+65 8742 2163
AddressOriental Remedies Clinic (Orchard)
51 Cuppage Road. #05-07, Singapore 229469

Oriental Remedies Clinic (East Coast)
171 East Coast Road, #01-06, Singapore 428877

Oriental Remedies Clinic (Upper Thomson)
200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-10, Thomson Imperial Court, Singapore 574424

Oriental Remedies Clinic (Jurong East)
253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-227, Singapore 600253

Oriental Remedies Clinic (Orchard) is a leading patient-centred healthcare provider offering effective treatments grounded in TCM and enhanced with medical technology to help patients achieve optimal wellness. Their team of certified bilingual physicians have mostly graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and are well-equipped with knowledge in biomedical sciences and wisdom from traditional medicine. 

To effectively promote patient recovery, Oriental Remedies Clinic introduced wellness assessments such as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Biowell Meridian Scan and Tech-enhanced therapies such as Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) and Negative Ion Therapy which complement both TCM and western medical treatments effectively. Their team of physicians are knowledgeable in women’s health, fertility, cancer support, eczema and other chronic conditions. 

To ensure quality patient treatment is accessible to the general public, check out cost-saving packages at Oriental Remedies with their friendly consultants.


  • Chronic Conditions – TCM Cancer Support, Stroke Recovery, and Infertility
  • Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
  • Pediatric massage for children
Customer Review

Service has been great from day one. Appointments are on time and the treatments have helped tremendously. The staff here speaks good English too. – D George


YS Healthcare TCM Clinic

YS Healthcare - TCM Clinic Singapore
YS Healthcare – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesAcne treatment, Eczema Treatment, Shingles, Frozen Shoulder Treatment, Slimming Treatment, Child Massage, Tendon Inflammation, Gout Treatment, Cancer Patient Treatment, External Injury Treatment, Ankle Injury Treatment, Backache Treatment, Pigmentation Treatment
Price Range
Address1 Coleman Street #04-24 The Adelphi Singapore 179803

YS Healthcare TCM Clinic aims to enhance their client’s health and well-being through TCM which is a medical science and philosophy that have been tested and proven through generations. While providing cost-effective and efficient ways for health maintenance and illness prevention. In addition, to use natural products to enhance and improve public health. Furthermore, to create public awareness for healthcare improvement.

YS Healthcare TCM Clinic is a healthcare company providing comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) healthcare services.


  • Cost-effective and efficient ways for health maintenance and illness prevention
  • Use natural products to enhance and improve public health
  • Create public awareness for healthcare improvement
Customer Review

Recommended to all pregnant ladies looking to better take care of their health and babies during one of your important phases in life! Thank you, Physician Lim. – Huimin Huang



JOYRE TCMedi Spa - TCM Clinic Singapore
JOYRE TCMedi Spa – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServiceTCM Treatments, TCM Herbal Spa, Anti Aging Facial Treatment, TCM Moxibustion, TCM Tuina Massage
Price Range
Contact Details+65 9230 0355 / +65 9650 0108
AddressMultiple location island wide

JOYRE TCMedi Spa is a pioneer in integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern spa treatments and beauty aesthetics services to deliver personalized treatments that match everyone’s body constitution, and lifestyle to bring about a sense of balance and total wellness. Its’ mission, vision, and values are formulated based on these guiding principles: Introduce Chinese Traditional wellness; Promote better health; Care for the community; Realise employee’s full potential.


  • Introduce Chinese traditional wellness
  • Promote better health
  • Care for the community
  • Realize employees’ full potential
Customer Review

I really enjoyed Liza’s service. My go-to therapist whenever I go for a facial or massage. Very thorough cleaning and I think her skills are really good. I strongly recommend her if you’re coming here for the first time! – Chan Yi Xuan


TCM at Home Services

TCM at Home Services - TCM Clinic in Singapore
TCM at Home Services – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesGeneral Checkup, Acupuncture, Cupping, Tuina, Medicine
Price Range
Contact Details+65 8838 0063

They think that no one should ever neglect their health just because they find it inconvenient to go down to a TCM clinic to seek treatment. Physician Liau-Ex CEO of a public free clinic society has brought to our attention that TCM isn’t as accessible as it should have always been. Through interacting with his patients, physician Liau Vui Hon said that some of his patients have shared with him that it is difficult for them to seek traditional Chinese medicine treatment promptly.

It is definitely more taxing for some to travel, especially for the elderly or the physically handicapped. Whereas others, simply didn’t have the luxury of time with other commitments. Not everyone is able to go down to a TCM clinic to seek treatment. But it is very important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent the condition from deteriorating and to heal faster. By bringing TCM services to your homes, at your doorstep, they hope to make Traditional Chinese Medicine more accessible.


  • TCM Home Service
Customer Review

No reviews yet as of this writing


Great Wall Acupuncture Clinic

Great Wall Acupuncture Clinic - TCM Clinic in Singapore
Great Wall Acupuncture Clinic – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesFertility, Treatment for shingles, Pain Management Services, Weight management program, Tuina, Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Skin scraping (Guasha)
Price Range
Contact Details(65) 64740869
AddressBlk 75-D Redhill Road #01-106 & #01-114 Singapore 154075

Led by the founder, Chief TCM Physician Tay Kim Lik (郑心德主任医师), their team of MOH-registered TCM Physicians and Therapists are experienced in providing TCM medical consultation and treatments. Their TCM Clinic offers a variety of TCM Treatment packages that complement the needs and preferences of their patients. Some of their well-received services include TCM Fertility Treatment,  TCM treatment for Shingles, TCM Pain Management, TCM Tuina (TCM Massage) & TCM Cupping Therapy.


  • 5,000 years of practice in China
  • Comprehensive medical system
Customer Review

There is a physician by the name of Wei Ping. I highly recommend her. She doesn’t speak much English but the magic is in her hands. It’s amazing! – Khushi Tiwari


Macpherson TCM & Wellness

Paths to healthy living
Macpherson TCM & Wellness - TCM Clinic Singapore
Macpherson TCM & Wellness – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesPain management, Chronic Disease Management, Stress Management, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation Programme, Personalised TCM Programme, Fertility Support, Men’s and Women’s Health, Pregnancy Care, Labour Preparation, Labour Induction, Postnatal Care
Price Range
Contact Details6547 4550
AddressBlk 81 Macpherson Lane #01-33 Singapore 360081

MacPherson TCM & Wellness Clinic is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic set in a serene environment in Central East Singapore. They take a personalized, holistic approach to providing modernized TCM care including authentic Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and therapeutic tuina, and integrative services such as corrective exercise training and nutrition.

Espousing the values of integrity and discipline, they seek to bring reliable healthcare to you. Using well-researched traditional herbs as medicine, they dispel fears of undesirable side effects. At the same time, they pride themselves on the highest standards of safety and hygiene, evidenced by their white, clean setting. At Macpherson TCM & Wellness they are passionate about leading you to paths of healthy living.


  • Fertility Support
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Pain Management
Customer Review

Highly recommended and Dr. Kong is a really dedicated and skillful physician. He accurately diagnosed my shingles even though it’s just a small red dot on my back. He was very confident and told me I would recover within 7 days! Shingles take a very long time to recover when I read online but thanks to him, true to his words, I did recover in 7 days! Thank you, Dr. Kong! – Elena Teo

Finest TCM Clinics in Singapore

Tangs Clinical Centre TCM

Tangs Clinical Centre - TCM Clinic Singapore
Tangs Clinical Centre – TCM Clinics Singapore
Tangs Clinical – Herbal Medicine for Skin Diseases

Tangs Clinical – Herbal Medicine for Skin Diseases

A 64-year-old man with 15-year history of Prurigo Nodularis 64岁罹患结节性痒疹15年 Chronic pruritus (itch) is defined as …
ServicesPsoriasis, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6333 4066
Address470 North Bridge Road #05-01, Bugis Cube Singapore 188735

Tangs Clinical Centre TCM is a phytopharmaceutical research center that recognizes the formidable potency of herbs in managing skin disorders without compromising the body’s vital immune system. After many years of intense research and clinical trials and studies (conducted by qualified medical doctors and TCM physicians, and together with overseas herbal specialists) they have identified some very useful active plant compounds and formulated them into unique herbal products under the “Tangs” brand. Their exclusive range of herbal medicine will help the body to re-establish homeostasis, leveraging on a revitalized immune system to treat autoimmune skin disorders in a natural and safe way.


  • No Chemicals
  • No Steroids
  • No Immunosuppressants
  • No Poisonous Plants
  • No Animal Products
  • No Known Side Effect
Customer Review

I was seeking alternative treatment for my eczema until I found Dr. Tang, he explain ed the treatment will have a healing crisis and the anatomy of eczema. – Lala Lee


Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall

 Fujian Chinese Physician Hall - TCM Clinic Singapore
Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesConsultation, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Dermatology
Price RangeStarts from $85+
Contact Details+65 64405698
Address259 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427513

Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall is one of the longest-serving integrative medical clinics with more than 35 years of leading expertise. Their medical professionals specialize in a wide range of disorders. Through their bilateral knowledge of Medical and Chinese Medicine, they bring upon evidence-based practices to ensure patients are supported with optimal care and support.


  • Medical expertise to more than half a million people
  • Decades of practice
Customer Review

Despite being at NSC, I was not given a definitive diagnosis. I was told by Dr. Wong Lin Ho that I had a rare nerve condition called Harlequin syndrome. After a single treatment, I no longer suffer from the issue. High recommend! Thank you for treating me! – Wanyee Chye


Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health

Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health - TCM Clinic Singapore
Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesPrescribed herbal medication, Acupuncture, Cupping
Tuina, Needleless Acupuncture, Gua Sha
Price Range
AddressMultiple location island wide

Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health Pte Ltd is consist of highly experienced practitioners. Also, they have strategically located their clinics in heartland areas of Singapore ready to cater to a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.

On top of that, they focus on your well-being, including sub-health, weight management, pain management, and travel health for busy people.


  • Trusted brand celebrating its 141st anniversary.
  • They provide quality service as per the needs of every customer.
  • Experienced team of TCM physicians.
Customer Review

No reviews yet as of this writing


Pulse TCM

Pulse TCM - TCM Clinic Singapore
Pulse TCM – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesAcupuncture, Cupping, Scraping, Moxibustion, Tui Na, Plaster/ Bandage
Price RangeACUPUNCTURE $40 – $100 (per area/ailment)
CUPPING/SCRAPING $30 – $60 (per area)
MOXIBUSTION $30 – $60 (per moxi)
TUI NA THERAPY $30 – $80 (per area)
AddressMultiple locations island wide

PULSE Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic is a modernized clinic in Singapore. Most of their physicians are local and speak two languages as well as trained in Biomedical Sciences. Aside from that, they are all registered under TCMPB, a statutory board under the Ministry of Health. Therefore, rest assured that you will be in good hands.

This clinic offers a wide variety of TCM-related services in various locations islandwide.


  • Weight Management
  • Digestive Issues
  • Women’s Health
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Food allergies/ Intolerances
Customer Review

Was in Singapore on the holiday. After walking around through all that Singapore had to offer, dropped in at Pulse TMC. It was the best foot massage I have ever had. I wish I could give you more stars. Thx team Pulse. – Roger Bonny


Grand Oak TCM Clinic

Grand Oak TCM Clinics - TCM Clinics Singapore
Grand Oak TCM Clinics – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesChronic Diseases Treatment, Pain Management, Neurological Conditions, Men’s and Women’s Health, Kid’s Ailments, Skin Conditions
Price RangeAcupuncture – $40
Bach Flower remedy – $80
Scalp Acupuncture – $60 -120
Auricular Acupuncture – $30 -60
Laser Acupuncture – $118
Facial Acupuncture – $98
Cupping – $30
Acupressure (local) – $35 onwards
MFR Therapy $55 – 70
Pediatric Massage $50
Contact Details+65 62868896
Address436A Joo Chiat Rd, Level 2, Singapore 427649

Grand Oak TCM Clinic focuses on a holistic approach to your health and wellness through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through an integrative healthcare system. On top of that, they have a thorough list of natural treatments available to target the root cause of your health conditions. All their treatments are diagnosed and prescribed only by fully certified physicians who are well-equipped with Western and Chinese medicine knowledge.


  • Effective Herbal Medicine
  • Effective Treatments
  • Scalp Acupuncture
Customer Review

Check out this TCM after seeing it online. Was having an on-off knee issue. Decided to try TCM. You definitely need a few sessions to see the effect and after the 3rd session, the knee felt much better via cupping. Dr. Gabriel is professional and also provided guidance on the type of exercise to strengthen the knee. – Crazewei


Si En Medicare+ Pte Ltd

Si En Medicare+ Pte Ltd - TCM Clinic Singapore
Si En Medicare+ Pte Ltd – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesTCM Treatment. Chronic Illness Management.
Price Range$40 or more depending on the treatment
Contact Details+6567766720
Address10 Sinaran Drive, #10-28, Novena Medical Center, Square 2, Singapore 307506

Healing patients since 1983. They provide holistic TCM treatment and chronic illness management to their patients and family. Established in 2007, served and healed over 50,000 patients. More Than 20 Years of Integrative Approach to Chinese Medicine & Health Rehabilitation


At Si En Medicare+, Their Integrative TCM approach alleviates problematic illness and symptoms; improves your health holistically, and helps to sustain a better quality of life. In addition, their treatments also aim at supporting and enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities.

At Si En Medicare+ they can help you deal with the stress, pain, and fatigue that may accompany a chronic illness. It is best to seek help early. Talk to them today.

Si En Medicare+:  Your trusted TCM health partner for complex chronic illness conditions:

√ Get an accurate diagnosis of your health symptoms
√ Improve immunity & boosting recovery
√ Rehabilitation & recovery after critical illness
√ Bounce back from illness faster
√ Build strength & reclaim fitness after illness

Consult with their experienced physicians for chronic illnesses and pain management

  • Eczema / 湿疹
  • Migraines & Headaches / 肩颈痛/偏头痛
  • Insomnia /失眠症
  • Infertility (Male/Female) 男女不孕症诊疗
  • Pain Management / Joint 关节膝盖疼痛
  • Stroke Rehab 中医中风康复诊疗


  • Making a positive difference in every life we touch
  • Creating a sanctuary known for the best physicians & clinicians
  • A one-of-a-kind experience that always puts patients first
Customer Review

Possibly one of the best TCM in Singapore. I had eczema and it flared up very badly. Thanks to Zhang Yi Si’s care and medication, my condition improved tremendously. Not only did my eczema get better, my digestion, sleep and period improved. The customer service is very good as well! – Alison C


Wong’s TCM Clinic

Wong's TCM Clinic - TCM Clinic Singapore
Wong’s TCM Clinic – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesConsultation, Pain management, Dermatology
Price RangeStarting from S$45+
Contact Details+65 69705689
AddressBlk 810 Chua Chu Kang Avenue 7, Keat Hong Colours, #01-06, Singapore 680810

Wong’s TCM Clinic aims to provide affordable TCM care for all. Phy. Wong is one of the only few local physicians who went through 5 years of full-fledged medical training at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). Their knowledge of Modern and Traditional Chinese Medicine makes patients in good hands.

As he does all consultations and treatments, there is no need to worry about being attended by an apprentice or junior physician, or having to see a different physician every time you visit the clinic. Consultation, treatment (acupuncture and cupping), and medication are priced well within S$100.


  • 5 years of training
Customer Review

I was there with my husband. The doctor was polite and knowledgeable. $60 for consultation, cupping, acupuncture, and medication. Pretty decent in my opinion. – Megal Gadox


Sin Kang TCM

Sin Kang TCM - TCM Clinic Singapore
Sin Kang TCM – TCM Clinics Singapore
ServicesAcupuncture, Pain Relief Services, Tuina, TCM Services, Fertility Treatment, Weight Loss, Lymphatic Drainage, Osteopathy
Price Range
Contact Details+65 6222 1331
Address60 Paya Lebar Rd, 01-19 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051 (Paya Lebar MRT Exit A/B)

For over 20 years, Sin Kang TCM Clinic has provided a holistic and comprehensive range of treatments for their patients to improve their quality of life through affordable healthcare, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wisdom and modern medical advances. Some of their treatments include signature NO-PAIN Acupuncture™, Tui Na, Cupping, Gua Sha, and many more.


  • A comprehensive range of treatments
  • Affordable healthcare
Customer Review

My therapist Amy puts in a lot of effort to straighten my spine. After roughly 7 sessions, there is a noticeable improvement in my posture and the pain in my neck is a lot lesser. I highly recommend Amy to anyone who is serious about wanting to treat their medical conditions with TCM. – Jann Tan

Author’s Note: “The Finest TCM Clinics in Singapore” is a subjective opinion. Individual experiences and preferences may vary. This claim does not guarantee superiority. Readers are advised to conduct their own research, consider personal preferences, and exercise discretion when choosing a driving instructor. The term “finest” does not imply an endorsement. The entity making this claim disclaims any responsibility for decisions based on this assertion.

Discover the ultimate destination for the finest Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Singapore. Streamline your shopping experience by conveniently exploring a comprehensive display of items and prices on a single page, saving you valuable time in comparisons. Have you had the pleasure of engaging with these TCM offerings? Share your firsthand experience by leaving a comment below, contributing to a community of individuals seeking the best TCM experiences in Singapore. Your insights are valuable in guiding others on their journey to optimal well-being.

We have curated a list of the best podiatry clinics in case you require their aid.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a TCM clinic?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinics are dedicated clinics that offer services like acupuncture, cupping, Tui Na, gua sha, moxibustion, and herbal medication to treat both mild to chronic ailments and pains as well as general wellbeing.

TCM practitioners design and suggest different treatments to people based on their symptoms. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the problem. Some clinics also offer TCM spas and facials.

Is TCM recognised in Singapore?

Yes, TCM is a recognized form of alternative medicine in Singapore. All the TCM practitioners need to be registered with the TCM Practitioners Board as per the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act, 2000. All the TCM medicines too are regulated by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and need to meet certain standards before being sold. Even the distributors of these medicines need to register and get licensed by HSA.

What is TCM good for?

TCM is good to treat several ailments like common cold and cough to a chronic one like cancer. The right mix of TCM treatments has proven to cure digestive problems, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure issues, migraine, muscle pain, skin problems as well as infertility.

Does TCM give medical certificates (MC)?

Yes, registered TCM practitioners can give medical certificates (MC) to their patients. Employees are eligible for paid sick leave if they have an MC from the TCM practitioners if stated in their company policy. While the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) encourages companies to recognize TCM MC it is totally at their discretion.

Can TCM clinics in Singapore help with stress management?

Yes, TCM clinics in Singapore often provide therapies and treatments to help manage stress, promoting balance and harmony within the body’s energy.

Are there specialized TCM clinics for specific health issues?

Yes, there are specialized TCM clinics in Singapore that focus on specific health issues such as fertility, musculoskeletal conditions, digestive disorders, and more.

Can I save time comparing TCM items and prices on one page?

Absolutely. Our guide streamlines your TCM shopping experience by presenting a comprehensive display of items and prices on a single page, saving you time and facilitating easy comparisons.

How can I share my experience with TCM clinics in Singapore?

Share your firsthand experience by leaving a comment below our guide. Your insights contribute to a community seeking the best TCM experiences in Singapore.

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