ST LEE TRANSPORT – The Leading Bus Charter and Transport Service in Singapore

ST Lee Transport Pte Ltd has been providing safe and reliable transportation service for over 22 years.  We started from our humble beginnings in 1997 and today our continued hard work and steadfastness has gained us the recognition as an SME 500 company.

ST Lee Transport Pte Ltd oversee a fleet of well-maintained buses that serve a wide range of industries.  We are also a regular transport provider to various national and community events.  We have had the privilege and honor to collaborate our expertise with other established transport companies by providing services for various national and community events:

  • The 28th SEA Games held at The Singapore Swimming Club
  • National Day Parade participants during rehearsals and actual show day for more than 10 years.
  • Chingay Parade participants during rehearsals and actual show day for more than 10 years

Our dedicated team of operational staffs and bus drivers work hand in hand to deliver reliable and timeliness services to our clients around the clock.

Our buses are well maintained and serviced by professional mechanics to ensure that safety standards are met and smooth operations throughout. This ensure minimum vehicle breakdown and thus, bringing great assurance to our clients when using our service.

Our Vision

ST LEE Transport Pte Ltd aims to evolve as a “go-to” brand in the transport industry. We strive to provide quality services to our clients by understanding the diverse range of customers, their needs, rights and expectations and how to provide excellent customer service that promotes the transport industry.

Our Mission

ST Lee Transport Pte Ltd strives to build and maintain long lasting relationships with our clients. We offer cost effective transportation solutions without compromising on efficiency and quality of service.


ST Lee Transport Pte Ltd offers various fleets of buses in different capacity to cater to all transportation needs in Singapore. We provide the following services:

  • School Bus Services
  • Shuttle Bus Services
  • School Excursions / Learning Journeys/Field Trips
  • Religious Functions
  • Day Care Centers
  • Wedding and Related Functions
  • Family Outings
  • Company Functions / Events
  • Open House visits
  • Showroom visits


ST Lee Transport Pte Ltd is comprehensively equipped with a wide range of well-maintained vehicles.  To ensure a high quality, efficient and prompt service, our vehicles are regularly serviced and strictly maintained.  A high level of driver training, skills and experience maintains the excellent standard of our fleet and drivers.


To ensure the continued high quality and prompt services, the following measures are in place:

  • Training and programs to support the skillsets upgrading of our drivers.

  • Regular check and maintenance to our vehicles by trusted service providers, e.g. JJE Auto Care Pte. Ltd., Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd.

  • For the safety of passengers, all buses are fitted with CCTV camera.

  • Driver performance is continually monitored using GPS fleet management system on all buses.

  • Equipping our vehicles with EZ Reload/EZ Pay accessories for accessibility to Parking Facilities and ERP uses.

  • Regular discussions with industry partners on possible upgrade on inventory and facilities.




ST Lee Transport Pte Ltd is comprehensively equipped with a wide range of well-maintained vehicles ranging from 20, 30, 40, 45 & 49 seaters.

Price ranges are based on time, location, and destination.

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